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The Atom Age

Asian Man Records
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Oakland’s surf-punk act The Atom Age are currently criss-crossing the States in support of their new Asian Man Records album, Hot Shame. We caught up with them while they had a few minutes of down time in Minneapolis to ask them a few questions over email about the album, the tour, and Star Wars versus Star Trek.

Your North American tour just started, are you excited?

Yeah we love touring, great to be out with the new record.

Hot Shame, your latest album was just released this summer on Asian Man Records. Was it as fun to record as it sounds?

It took a while to record actually. Over the past year and a half we worked on refining the sound of the band quite a bit. We added transistor organ to the fold and spent a ton of time writing and demoing. There was a lot of trial and error with the new tunes, but we ended up with a record that we are really happy with.

What city on this tour do you think has the best pizza?

NYC of course.

Do aliens exist?

Yes, they just found water on Mars so even life as we know it is possible on other planets, nevermind all the life forms we can’t even imagine.

The Atom AgeOn Hot Shame, you have a track titled “Too Much Fun”. What kind of night would you describe as being “Too Much Fun”?

I was pretty sure it would be a night that would end up being hard to remember. For us it always ends with something lost or broken. Keys lost, phone dropped in a fire….the list goes on.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars because it’s a trap.

What bands are you listening to right now?

Some of this years favorites are The Sonics new record. Swami John Reis and The Blind Shake. We always have Murder City Devils, The Bronx, and Hot Snakes spinning in the van as well.