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Public Animal

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Toronto rockers, Public Animal are releasing their sophomore album, Palace Arms on October 28th. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Ian Blurton via email to find out what to expect from the new album.

Shelby Monita: Your new album, Palace Arms was recorded at Tragically Hip’s studio in four days. Did you find it challenging to record a full album in a short time period?

Public AnimalIan Blurton: We did the bed tracks, most of the keyboards and a couple of vocals in 4 days. We were pretty well rehearsed so it wasn’t hard to pull off and we didn’t want to labour over them for too long either. We try to stay away from the trappings of modern recordings and tend not to fix much after the bed track is down and engineer Nyles Spencer had great ideas and kept the work flowing.

SM: What can fans expect from the new album?

IB: A hard rock record with influences ranging from drone, pop and psych to noise freakouts and acoustic guitar and piano interludes. In other words…the kitchen sink. 

SM: Public Animal was formed a few years ago by members of notable bands such as, Bella Clava, Tricky Woo and C’mon who I remember seeing as a teenager. Why do you and the other band members feel it is important to continue on as Public Animal after so much previous creative success?

IB: It’s a different beast than those other bands and they had or possibly might have run their creative course. Writing songs is still exciting to us so we like to see where the muse will take us.

SM: For your album release on October 28th at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern you are doing a set of music from the album followed by a set covering the Dazed and Confused soundtrack with special guests. You did the same cover set last Halloween weekend at the Bovine. Is this becoming a tradition?

IB: We had so much fun doing it last year that we thought it would be cool to combine the record release show, which can be stressful, with a set that is just flat out good times. We also love a lot of the Dazed and Confused songs and it’s always good to get inside other songs and see what makes them tick. If we do it again next year then it’ll be a tradition.

Public Animal - Palace ArmsSM: Palace Arms is being released on Yeah Right! Records from London, ON. This is far from your first release with them. Can you speak about your relationship with them?

IB: Tony, who runs the label, is an old friend and it’s just very simple and easy working with him. We try and do right by each other and he never makes suggestions that are not in our best interest. Also, he can’t get fired from his own label so we know he will be around. 

SM: You have some show dates coming up around Southern Ontario and Montreal until early December, any plans after that?

IB: We will be doing another round of shows in February and will have 2 new singles out in that time with videos and non-LP b sides.