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Fat Wreck Chords
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Pears have been non-stop since their inception a year and a half ago, we talk with guitarist Brian Pretus to see what it feels like to be so loved so fast.

Shelby Monita: Are you looking forward to your upcoming tour with Teenage Bottle Rocket?

Brian Pretus: Absolutely, this is the second tour we’ve done with them. The first one was so much fun we decided we had to do the other side of the country too. And their new record is amazing too and they are some of the nicest dudes in the world, so we can’t wait to again with them.

SM: Everything happened so fast for you guys, you’ve only been a band for a year and a half and you’re already on Fat Wreck. Do you feel like you’re head is on backwards, like it’s a bit on a whirlwind?

BP: Yeah, absolutely, that’s exactly what it feels like. Everything happened way too fast. I mean not too fast, it’s pretty much a huge relief that it happened so fast because we were in another band before that pretty much didn’t do anything and so it’s nice to see some kind of love so quickly.

SM: Well it must be a huge compliment to be in such demand so quickly.

BP: Oh yeah absolutely, there’s a lot of people who actually like us and want to come see us. People drive hours sometimes to come see us and that’s really cool. We couldn’t ask for more than that.

SM: On Go To Prison you covered Judy Is A Punk, which is one of my favourite Ramones songs. What made you want to cover that one?

BP: Well really for our first show we didn’t have enough songs… and so we were just like we need one more song, so this one is like 3 notes. So it took us a long as it took to play it to figure it out. So when we were in the studio we thought this record is pretty short so why don’t we just do this cover too. And I think it worked out, we love playing it. It’s an awesome song. We’re lucky it’s really easy to play.

PearsSM: So you wrote and recorded an album in literally days, what advice do you have for bands struggling in the studio?

BP: The trick is just to not think about it too much and not dwell on it. If you got something that sounds like it could be finished and you’re just nit picking, just move onto the next thing. I think at a certain point bands will just sit in the studio and spin themselves in circles. But I think the best way to do it is just to record it as fast as you can, make it sound decent and move onto the next album or next batch of songs. If it’s not good it’s not good but that’s just how it is.

SM: What’s you’re favourite kind of pizza?

BP: It’s embarrassing but my favourite kind of pizza is the stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut or anything with crazy toppings I’ve never tried before. There’s this one pizza from this place called Mid City Pizza in New Orleans called the Fire Bird and it has asparagus and sausage and red pepper on it, it’s really good. Pizza Hut pizza will make you sick but I don’t care, it’s so good.

SM: What’s next for Pears?

BP: We got this tour with Bottle Rocket, then we got Fest, then a couple weeks with Lagwagon, and then we got short winter tour in the works that we can’t really talk about yet, but that will be in Canada, bunch of stops in Canada. We’ll be doing like 9 shows in Canada in December.

SM: Oh wow, why would you do that?

BP: I have no idea, we did the same thing last year. On Christmas day we drove up to Detroit in the snow and almost drove off a cliff. I mean it’s a terrible idea, but it’s going to be awesome, I can tell you that much. So we’re doing that and our album is coming out in February, that’s already finished and then we will probably tour until our brains fall out of our skulls. And then we’ll be dead. It’ll be fun! It’ll be fun though.

SM: Thanks for the interview!

BP: Awesome, no problem, thank you. See you soon.