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By on August 5th, 2016 at Nuneaton, UK



Since making the change from metalcore to alternative-rock in 2015, Swedish four-piece Normandie have been enjoying a wealth of new experiences. Back in March this year the band released Inguz, their first full-length album with their new sound and recently, in support of the album, the band landed in the UK to play their first ever headlining tour on the island. We had a chat with the band at their show in Nuneaton to find out more about their change in style, the reaction to the new record and the band’s future plans.

ThePunkSite: How has your first experience of touring the UK been?

Normandie: Mind blowing. So good. We didn’t expect much since this was our first ever UK tour and we’ve heard that it can be a hard place to tour, but every show was absolutely amazing in its own way. I did a tour with another band a few years back, and to be honest the crowds were pretty lame. But this tour proved that the UK rock scene is very much alive and breathing.

ThePunkSite: It’s been a few months since you released Inguz, how’s the reaction been from your perspective?

Normandie: It’s been great. We did expect a lot but to have so many reviews that gave us 9/10 and 10/10 was something that we did NOT expect. And the response from fans and radio stations has also been fantastic.


ThePunkSite: Having gone through a change in line-up and sound for the album, are you happy that you’ve got your sound now or are you still on a journey to finding your perfect sound?

Normandie: We are very proud over the sound that we’ve got on Inguz, but we still want to progress and experiment more with our sound and that’s something we’ll never stop doing. We’re not going to write the same album twice.

ThePunkSite: You still have a heavy foundation running through your music underneath all the melody. Was that done to make the transition into something more melodic easier for your existing fans, or is that heaviness something you’re really passionate about always retaining in your music?

Normandie: We’ve all grown up listening to heavy music and I think there will always be elements of heaviness in our sound. Though we’re growing apart from the old Normandie and trying out new sounds there will always be a touch of heaviness in our music.

ThePunkSite: What bands influenced you when you changed style? Did you have an idea in mind about what you wanted to sound like or was it a more natural progression?

Normandie: Just an insane amount of different music. We all have similar favourite bands like The 1975 and Don Broco, but they’re not bands that we consciously try to sound like but I guess a lot of inspiration comes from them since we listen to them a lot.


ThePunkSite: What’s it been like working with InVogue records? Has being signed to the label changed your life as a band at all?

Normandie: InVogue has been so great to us. It actually doesn’t feel like a label, more like some really good friends helping and pushing our band forward. We have nothing bad to say about them.

ThePunkSite: What was it about that label that made you want to work with them?

Normandie: That we can work so close to them (not literally of course!), but they are very easy to talk to and they always give us a quick answer. They just feel like an honest and good label.

ThePunkSite: What’s the scene like back in Sweden? Are there any home bands that we should be checking out?

Normandie: The scene is not too good to be fair, many of our personal favourite bands have thrown in the towel. But Adept are great guys and they still keep pumping out records, also Ember Island are a really cool band and good friends of ours.


ThePunkSite: I’ve seen several internationally based bands move to either the UK or the US to try and maximise their exposure. Do you think you’ll feel any pressure to do something like that in the future or are you happy that you can achieve everything you need from home?

Normandie: We kind of like that we’re from Sweden, it’s an easy country to be a musician in and it’s very nice to come home here after a tour. But if/when the band gets huge it wouldn’t surprise me if some of us would head over to the States.

ThePunkSite: I know you’re touring to support Inguz at the moment but have you started thinking the next release yet? If so, what can we expect?

Normandie: Yes, we have. We don’t want say too much, but album number two is right now being produced and will be released next year.