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Super group Medictation are going on their first ever tour this summer across Ontario and Quebec. We caught up with lead singer, Hugo to talk touring rituals and why we wants to play baseball with you.


SM: Last time you interviewed with The Punk Site you were unsure if Medictation were going to record again, has that changed?

HM: No it’s the same. We’re not sure if we’re going to record again because of the passing of Dickie Hammond who was part of the band. So we’re going to do those shows and see what’s going on. It was always supposed to be just a side project thing, never a real band. I’m happy enough having this record out and playing those shows and we’ll how it goes after.

Medictation - Warm PlacesSM: You have an impressive background not just with Medictation, but with your other band The Sainte Catherines and your involvement with Pouzza Fest. How do you feel about the state of punk today? Do you have hope for the scene and genre or do you feel like it’s at a loss?

HM: The punk scene in general?

SM: Yeah, do you have any thoughts on it?

HM: well for me it’s, I mean it the type of music I’m more drawn to but it’s just another style of music, I like a bunch of other stuff. But punk is the one I maybe like the most because of the history and I like the individual aspects of the punk style. And I think it’s a very well written style of music and a very closed minded scene. I think it would need a lot of changes to become something more important than what it is now

SM: That’s a really interesting take on it. You’re about to go on tour for some Ontario and Quebec dates. Hitting up places like House of Targ in Ottawa and Smiling Buddha in Toronto. Do you have any touring rituals?

HM: Um they change from year to year depending on how comfortable I feel with myself. If it is a shitty time I would say drinking a lot of vodka before is usually a ritual and getting fucked up after. If I’m feeling good it’s more swimming before then watch Sports Central after at the hotel then waking up to do yoga and go swimming after and then read in the van. So that’s what I’m always aiming for.

SM: Yeah, taking care of yourself.

HM: Yeah then shit happens and I end up doing coke till 8 in the morning.

SM: (laughing) I think we’ve all been there

HM: (laughing) Yup.

SM: Do you have one essential thing you take on tour?

HM: Books and magazines is what I really bring on tour so I don’t go crazy. Perfume so I smell good.

SM: What books are you reading right now?

HM: Right now I am reading a book about the history of wrestling in Quebec and also I’m a subscriber to Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated. So there’s one every week so it’s a lot of reading and I throw in a new book every two or three weeks as I finish one.

SM: So this tour Greg Robson from Bear Trade will be filling the spot Dickie Hammond unfortunately left behind. How will it be preparing for this tour without him?

Sainte Catherines - Hugo MudieHM: Um, I mean it sucks. It would have been amazing to do it with him but at the same time we never played live with the band so the whole experience is going to be new. I did a tour with Greg before when we toured UK with Sainte Catherines, he was in a band that I can’t remember the name of, not the one you mentioned. So I know him, which is cool. The whole tour will be new, we never played those songs before. We rehearsed them a bit before we recorded them so it’s going to be interesting to revisit them. I’m very excited for it and I like to play new songs so it’s going to be cool.

And to hang out with Graeme from Leatherface again and Fred who I have been playing with since I was 18 years old and our drummer Carl who also played in other projects so it’s going to be a good time hanging out with people. There are no expectations at all when we do those things, it’s just like we’re not trying to make it in any way or get signed or get noticed. It’s really about great music and hanging out with people we like and also seeing people in cities that we’ve known for years of touring and get to see them.

SM: Like I mentioned before, this tour is in Ontario and Quebec. Is there any chance the rest of Canada will see you anytime soon?

HM: I mean there’s always a chance of anything happening. I don’t know. I have a lot of projects going on and I don’t plan that much in advance so we go with the flow and see what the projects are. Music is my job so I go with project that makes the most sense at the time and that I plan to do and I pay the bills with them. It always depends on the offers we get and timing and also the fun involved. I don’t do anything I don’t think is fun anymore. So if it’s fun then I’ll consider it.

SM: So what can fans expect from you on tour?

HM: we’ll play those songs (laughs)

SM: Fair enough.

HM: We’ll do covers that we already decided that we are going to do, like your classic punk songs I guess. I guess we’ll have fun. Like I said I want to hang out with people and maybe play sports, play golf and swim and barbeque and play baseball. So if anyone available during the day just get in touch and we’ll do none musical or none alcoholic induced activities

SM: That sounds good, I will put that out there for you.