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Fat Wreck Chords
By on August 5th, 2015 at Bovine Sex Club - Toronto, Ontario



This summer Fat Wreck Chords are celebrating 25 years of bringing punk fans some of the best albums in our record collections. To show their love they are taking the label on the road with a career spading roster of bands to 10 different cities across North America. Their first stop was Toronto where we got to chat with some of the bands on tour. First on the list, Blue Intruder from Masked Intruder.


Shelby Monita: The past 25 years of Fat Wreck are there any albums that stand out to you?

Blue Intruder: Yes I would say that there are a lot of albums that stand out to me. That sounds weird to say stand out, that means the ones you really like. I like a lot of them. Fat Wreck was such an important part of punk rock in the 90s, you know? It was basically you had Epitaph, you had Look Out and you had Fat. And I mean The Longest Line, that was one of my favourite NOFX records for a long time and that was a FAT release. And I mean for me Hi-Standard was always really important, love that band and that record Growing Up was so important to me. And I mean I pretty love every single Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s records and I mean you know when I first heard Strung Out I couldn’t even believe how good it was and actually the first records I heard of their was Twisted by Design, which I really love that record. And No Use For a Name, I mean they had so many terrific records, for me I think Making Friends would have been my favourite. There’s a lot more. I could go on for a lot longer

SM: How does it feel being on Fat Wreck now?

Masked IntruderBI: It’s unbelievable; it was like complete and total fulfillment of a dream. Basically something I would of never imagined

SM: And now you’re touring with so many of those bands. How’s that going?

BI: Well we haven’t started the tour yet, but we have toured with so many of these bands before and it’s great. The first time we went touring with NOFX it was really cool, that tour was awesome. We’ve never had a chance to tour with Lagwagon before but we have toured with some of their members and we’re met some of the members so you know, they’re great guys. I mean the Strung Out guys are great guys, the toyGuitar guys are great guys, Bad Cop Bad Cop that’s a great group of ladies right there. It’s really like a family to be very honest. FAT is very much more like a family I think than you’re average record label

SM: I’ve been reading a lot about that, Fat Mike has talked a lot about that as well.

BI: That’s their philosophy, Fat Mike and Erin Burkett, the label is like their baby and I think that they look at themselves as surrogate parents to everybody on the label

SM: Can you sum up your experience with Fat Wreck in one word?

BI: Cool

SM: Any advice to bands who are looking to be on Fat Wreck, who want to be on Fat Wreck one day?

BI: It was be the same advice I would give to any band really; that would be to just like figure out what you do and what you can do, which basically means what you think is cool and then get good at it, and focus on it, put yourself out there and then you know maybe it will happen

SM: What is your favourite kind of pizza?

BI: I like a lot of different kinds of pizza, it’s very hard for me to pick a particular favourite. You know I can’t even necessarily pick a favourite style of pizza. I really like Chicago style pizza and I really like Neapolitan and I really like New York style pizza. Basically the best pizza is a stolen pizza I figure because it’s free, you know what I mean? And it’s exhilarating. There’s something really special about that exhilaration of stealing a pizza then you’re eating it while you’re running away. It’s actually difficult but it’s good.

SM: What’s the worse crime you’ve ever committed?  

BI: I’ve never actually committed any crimes that I was convicted of, allegedly. It was all that I was framed. But if I was to commit a crime then it would never be anything that would actually be bad, you know. It would just be something like stealing or whatever. Which is a victimless crime, because if you think about it if you steal something, like yeah they lost some stuff, okay yeah that sucks for them. But guess what before that, your whole life you didn’t have it, alright so they already had it that whole time. So now you’re just switching the tables a little bit and so now you get it, so that’s -1 and +1…

SM: Do you remember your first celebrity crush?

BI: Probably, I don’t know. You know, do you remember that show “You Can’t Do That on Television”?

Maskedintruder1SM: No.

BI: Well it was a Canadian show, but probably you’re too young for it. But it was on Nickelodeon alright and there was a girl on there, she has brown hair and she was really pretty. I don’t remember what her name was but I remember looking at the TV and feeling my heart drop out of my body. But then after that I would have to say the biggest one that I would remember as a kid was you know in Adventure of Babysitting, the girl from Adventures in Babysitting you know, Elizabeth Shue. She was dancing around and there was like uh “and then he kissed me” you know omg that was amazing and it made me feel like  I was in love you know as a little kid.

SM: What 3 records are you listening to right now on repeat?

BI: That’s interesting, I have a Spotify subscription and I like to listen to a lot of different stuff you know. And I try to stay away from consuming too much punk rock because I make punk rock so I don’t want to take other peoples ideas away from them. Although I do listen, um but I listen to a lot of weird stuff actually. There’s Speedy West who is an old country guitarist like he played slide guitar, you know that weird lap guitar steel thing that sounds all Hawaiian or whatever. So he also did some of those Looney Tunes sounds effects where it went “whoooooooo”. You know what I mean? So he’s a record I’ve been listening to, I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s really good. And then in punk rock there’s that new Radio Activity record is really cool. And then uh I don’t know what the number three record that I could recommend…you know if I’m being very honest I think I’ve been listening to a lot of Beethoven recently. I know it sounds like pretentious bullshit but it’s actually true, its actually pretty good stuff.

SM: Why do you listen to that?

BI: It’s just beautiful and I think that artistic beauty and musical beauty is very interesting. I like to see beautiful things and hear beautiful stuff

SM: Yeah I get that. I like going to the symphony or seeing Italian films.

BI: Yeah it’s amazing. It’s good to take in art and enrich yourself. it’s an important part of life you know you can’t just… sit around and drink toilet wine all day. I mean you have to, if you’re in prison but if you’re not then you can get out there and see the whole big world

Masked IntruderSM: Yeah, nice! And what is next for Masked Intruder?

BI: Well I mean we take things one day at a time but we work a lot. We have this tour right now, the Fat Wreck tour. The next tour we have booked is in October so that will be our next one and that’s around the Fest in Gainsville, which is a really fun place to go. And uh so we’re really excited about that. We’re taking the Copyrights and Not Scientists from France for that tour and that’s going to be really cool, those bands are both great. I mean Copyrights are just awesome, they’re really cool dudes. And the guys from Not Scientists are probably cool too. We’ve met a lot of nice people in France…

SM: Alright, well thank you so much!

BI: Thank you too, you’re cool.