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Invasives are a long running Vancouver group who exemplify DIY ideals in regards to their music. Vocalist Byron Slack recently spoke with us about the group’s End of Summer Bummer Tour, which travels throughout Western Canada alongside War Baby. 

Photos by Martin Messner.

 Hi guys. Can you introduce the band to readers who may be unfamiliar? Just a quick rundown of what each of you bring to the band. 

Hello Readers, we are Invasives. To answer this “who is your Daddy and what does he do” question I will list each member and a brief description. Adam Slack sings and plays bass. When he’s had too much to drink he beats the crap out of Hans and I for kicks. Recently he through a dead rat over my fence. Hans Anus plays the drums. If we’ve been on the road for a few weeks he starts to have disturbing conversations with himself in the back of the van. This is usually when we consider the idea of shorter tours. Im Byron (Adam’s brother) I play guitar and sing. I like long walks on the beach at night, I burn easy.

You self-described yourselves as a rock and roll band. We all know how vague that term has become, covering everything from Chubby Checker to Nirvana to Nickelback. If someone had not yet checked out your Bandcamp page, how would you persuade them to listen? 

Invasives’s philosophy is punk, however our music doesn’t really fit into the classic punk rock holdings. We follow our own vision, play the music we want to play and it is often weird, hooky, fast, and loud. Sometimes we call it “rock & roll” to keep it vague and people from assuming we are some shlocky punk band. I don’t think any musician or artist has enjoyed categorizing their art. Calling ourselves a rock & roll band was a means of bypassing a specific label. We sound like Invasives.

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InvasivesYou worked with David Ogilvie on your new release, Robot Stink. How was that experience?

Dave is one heck of a guy. It’s actually the third record of ours he has mixed, his process is  basically hanging out having a couple beers and watching Ancient Aliens, then he hands the finished product over, and it sounds amazing. It was one of the last records to get mixed at Vancouver’s Mushroom Studio’s before it closed.

You’ve toured Canada extensively, naturally focusing most of your time in the west, but I see that you’ve also toured overseas with NoMeansNo/ The Hanson Brothers. How were those experiences? Would you like to tour more outside of Canada? 

We would love to tour more outside of Canada and are in fact planning our 5th European tour for spring 2015. We’ve played a couple tours with Nomeansno through Europe, those guys help us a lot with getting to know people and helping us create an audience over there. Can’t wait to go back. As for Canada, you’re wonderful, but your city’s are so freaking’ far apart!

You are gearing up for a short stint through western Canada (mostly BC & AB). Are you excited for these shows? I noticed that you are playing a show at Siksika, which is really cool. I imagine they don’t get a lot of shows out there. How did that one come about?

We are always excited to play shows, it’s basically the driving force behind us soldering on. The one at Siksika has been in the works for a while. The guy who does the shows there has been in contact with us for a year or so, this time out the dates happily lined up. It’s great to play to new people and places, should be excellent. 

These shows are presumably in support of Robot Stink. How has the album been received so far?

Yep, we is hitting’ the road pushin’ the new record and the live set will reflect that. So far I believe the record has been received well. We’re proud of it and looking forward to bringing it to fresh ears.