punks in vegasPunksInVegas and SquidHat Records has released a free Punk Rock Bowling compilation focusing on the Vegas locals playing at this year’s event. Band sinclude Mercy MusicEliza BattleBattle BornSounds OF ThreatFalse Vision, and Anti-Visionf

Check out the full disc here.  Track listing is below.

1. “It’s A Choice” by Mercy Music
2. “Painless” by Mercy Music
3. “Fadin’ the White Line” by Eliza Battle
4. “Cheers To That” by Eliza Battle
5. “Five Finger Death Punch” by Battle Born
6. “The Killers” by Battle Born
7. “Fight Back” by Sounds Of Threat
8. “I Don’t Give A Fuck” by Sounds Of Threat
9. “Fish Hook” by False Cause
10. “Watch It Burn” by False Cause
11. “Iraq” by Anti-Vision
12. “Morality To Mortality” by Anti-Vision

Sounds of Threat – May 23 on the mainstage with Rancid
Mercy Music – May 23 at The Bunkhouse with Frank Turner and May 24 at the Plaza Pool with 88 Fingers Louie
Eliza Battle – May 24 on the mainstage with Refused
False Cause – May 24 at the Fremont Country Club with Cheap Sex
Anti-Vision – May 24 at Backstage Bar with Surprise Guests
Battle Born – May 25 on the mainstage with Dropkick Murphys