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By on 5th February 2018 at Rebellion Bar, Manchester, UK



Michale Graves UK Tour 18Tonight was just planned to be a night out in Manchester for the long awaited return of Michale Graves to the UK on his current Beginning of The End Tour, however a chance conversation in the smoking area outside the Rebellion Bar finds me unexpectedly catapulted into the backstage area and I find myself face to face with the fiend himself, Michale Graves, also in the cramped backstage area are his backing band, including former Blitzkid Argyle Goolsby, and the tour manager who has ushered me in here and introduced me to everyone, so totally unprepared and armed only with my new phone, that I’m not totally sure how to work, and the confidence borne of several pre gig pints I find myself interviewing the surprisingly softly spoken Michale Graves as he applies his trademark stage make up ready for tonight’s show. 

Hi, welcome, you don’t mind if i carry on doing my make up do you

Of course not, carry on, welcome back to Manchester, how’s the tour going

Graves Interview 10The tour is going… splendidly, it’s going really really well, this is my return to Europe after I guess eighteen years, I came over here with The Misfits and I was over here a couple of years ago with Marky Ramone and Blitzkrieg and flying the Ramones flag if you will, but this is my first time back under the banner of The Misfits, of my career and the things that I’ve done and so it’s a very victorious moment. We’ve just done the UK in the past couple of weeks and then we’re coming back in April to do the rest of Europe and we’ve just been embraced by the fans, young and old, I’m meeting a lot of people my age, I should say our age, and their children who are now listening to Michale Graves and listening to The Misfits so it’s been really great.

How’s the solo material been received on the tour?

My solo stuff is being well received, everybody loves it and it melds perfectly into what we are evoking with the classic Misfits songs, it’s got the same sort of ingredients, it’s just a lot of years later.  Not that it’s a big trick but I wrote most of the Misfits material that appeared on American Psycho and Famous Monsters so I kinda know the tricks of the trade if you will, I know what sort of things to do to cast the right spells.

Like Saturday Night, which is one of my all time favourite songs, which I hope we’re going to hear tonight

Thank you, absolutely, I wouldn’t get out of most of these places alive if I didn’t play that song

A lot of your solo material is now released DIY, it’s your own label, is that so you have control over the material?

Graves Interview backstage 2Yeah, it’s important for me to own, as an artist and as a creative person, to own everything that I do, in the past I’ve certainly worked with people and I’ve created for them things that they then own in perpetuity, FOREVER, and that’s not right, it’s not smart business and artistically it makes no sense. For many years now I have been creating and I own everything that I make and put out and I do it under my own company, my own businesses, I find, with my partners, innovative ways to use technology in the music and entertainment industry to capitalise the projects that I want to do and to raise money. I keep my costs low so that the people that come out with me and that rely on me are able to be taken care of and so I don’t need a record company, you know if one of the majors wants to come and make me an offer I can’t refuse well that’s a different story, but right now there’s no reason really to get into that situation. I know that I am, and hope to continue to be, a beacon for the DIY artist, you can do it, it’s completely possible to survive in that way in today’s day and age.

I think that’s reflected over here, everyone from TV Smith of The Adverts to most of the up and coming bands are nearly all going DIY now

Graves Interview 8If you want to be serious about it you almost have to be, it’s kinda sink or swim, because when I started I remember even in the 90’s the record companies were still flush with cash and so, not that it was easy, there was much more opportunity for people to strike a deal with a company and get the high advances and put out a record, go out on tour, promote it and then repeat the cycle, but it’s not like that anymore obviously. Once the record companies were everything, and I remember the bigger companies taking over the entertainment industry and the music industry, I was signed to Geffen Records when it happened, and then Geffen was sold and acquired, it’s amazing to watch the industry change, It’s much more suited now for the independent artists and much better suited for the DIY ethic and if you use your brain and your talent you can do it, not that I don’t want a huge advance with a giant record company (laughs)

We’d all like a lot more money, but what does the immediate future hold for Michale Graves

We’re playing Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands… on and on, before that I’m doing another American tour, an acoustic tour, and when we come back from Europe we’re working on South America, Japan, Australia, Canada, we’re just going to keep going.

World Turned Upside Down was your last release, that followed on from the original Backroads project with a full band reimagining of it, what’s next?

Graves Interview BackstageI have some music sort of on the backburner that’s in it’s infancy, I’ve really been focusing on live performance and raising the optics on me through the performance side of things. I’ve always been more than anything a very strong live performer and so I rededicated myself to it, I feel that it’s strategically important to do so because of what I can do and what I can evoke on the stage, both with my vocals and in a theatrical way, and I really just wanted to get all eyes on me in that kinda way, once I get that larger platform I can really begin to disseminate a lot of the music I’ve been making over the past fifteen, sixteen, seventeen years. I have a huge catalogue of solo material, stuff that’s not Misfits, and there’s just too much to even try and explain to people, there’s so much and it’s so scattered. I’m not really trying to get the Misfits stuff out of the way but I’m trying to work my way through and get myself back to a place where it can just be about the central core music which I believe is a record like Vagabond or Wanderer, and just the solo material and really get to that place, but before I get that place I’ve been working on, in conjunction with others, producing video and writing for more visual projects, be it movies or just short episodic videos.

So you’re looking to branch out into other media?

There’s so much audio and so many compositions that I’ve created and because I’m a very visual artist as well I need to start to tie some of the things that are in my head, the visual components of all this to the music and push it out that way. With all that said the trick for me really comes back to my children, I have three children, I have an eight year old, my daughter will be six tomorrow and I have a six month old, I love touring and I love being on stage but what I’m hoping for mostly is to get myself into a position where I can pivot and not have to rely on the touring aspect to pay my bills at the end of the month, so yeah, that’s where I’m at.

Thanks for taking time out to talk to The Punk Site

You’re welcome, thank you for being interested in talking to me, you’re part of the solution (laughs), you’re the first person I’ve spoken to on the European tour, probably even on the American tour unless it was told to them beforehand by someone in the room, who’s talked about my latest release, World Turned Upside Down, I appreciate that very very much.

Graves Interview 9And so I make my way out of the dressing room and find myself back out in the smoking area with a fresh pint wondering what the fuck just happened, During the stunning 90 minute set that followed I of course thought of a million questions that could have been asked but hindsight is a wonderful thing. On his current tour Michale Graves is delivering a career spanning set that covers his solo work and his tenure with The Misfits, and after the show the band does a meet and greet which the majority of the crowd queue up for, Michale Graves and his band members patiently sign everything that is thrust towards them, talk and mingle with the fans and pose for photos and you get the impression the band are not doing this because they have to, but because they want to.

Michale Graves official website is located here

World Turned Upside Down can be downloaded here


The Flatliners

Chris Cresswell, Paul Ramirez

Dine Alone Records / Rise Records
By on December 6th, 2017 at London Music Hall - London, Ontario



It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since The Flatliners have put out “The Great Awake,” the sophomore album that kicked off their careers and also laid the foundation for their friendship with Massachusetts melodic hardcore virtuosos A Wilhelm Scream.

To celebrate both these accomplishments, The Flatliners teamed up with Wilhelm to play four shows in Ontario and Quebec which will see the band playing “The Great Awake” in its entirety; and because the album shares its 10th anniversary with Wilhelm’s Career Suicide,” their pals will also do the same.

The mini tour began in London on December 6th at the Music Hall to a crowd of about 250. Before the show frontman Chris Cresswell and drummer Paul Ramirez sat down to discuss the significance of the anniversary.   Read More…

TV Smith Interview Sept 17

TV Smith

The Adverts, TV Smith's Cheap, TV Smith's Explorers, TV Smith

By on 15th September 2017 at Dulcimer, Manchester, UK



TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 6In the recent trend for interviewing people in unexpected places I find myself interviewing TV Smith on the fire escape outside Dulcimer, the venue he’s due to play tonight that lies in the suburbs of South Manchester. Despite both of us arriving late to the venue TV Smith kindly takes the time to sit outside and discuss punk, touring and what the future holds for the iconic singer and songwriter. After last year’s interview in Preston was sadly lost we find ourselves halfway up the fire escape outside Dulcimer in an attempt to stop history repeating itself as the noise levels in the venue, and it’s smoking area, are every bit as loud as you’d expect on a Friday night in Manchester.

Thanks for taking time out to talk to The Punk Site and welcome to Manchester, when were you last here?

You hit me with a difficult one…. it does seem like a long time, it think it was the last time I was here at the Dulcimer, which was at least a year ago.

TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 5We caught you at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool earlier this year, you seem to be an annual fixture there

I always have been, I’ve done every year since it started, we started off just doing The Adverts songs with the band. I’ve been touring with the Bored Teenagers a lot more in Europe and the Useless album seems to be popular over there, we played the whole useless album in Germany and then mixed it up for Rebellion.

We covered the set of your solo material at the Rebellion Festival

That was my favourite one I think, it’s good to do a set of the other songs as well.

Songs like My String Will Snap and Good Times Are Back seem to be more relevant than ever

That’s the terrible thing isn’t it, but I’m also writing a load of new stuff to keep moving it forward.

TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 4Does this mean we can expect a new album?

Whenever I get a chance between touring I’m recording the next album, I’m still out doing 130 gigs a year so the time I get to record is stretched over quite a long period in small sessions. I think I’ve got my best collection of songs ever for the next album, but I’m not going to rush it, it’s not like I’ve got a record company with a release schedule. I’m just doing it whenever I get a chance and when it’s ready I’ll put it out, I’m hoping it’ll be out in Spring next year.

There’s a big shift to the DIY movement at the moment, you’ve been doing this for a long time and seem to have laid some of the groundwork for this movement

I came back to DIY that’s the thing, The Adverts wasn’t that DIY as we were with proper labels, but after being out of the music business for a long period in the eighties and nineties I came back to my DIY roots. It was the only way forward, apart from the fact it’s very satisfying to do it all yourself, you’ve got assume you aren’t going to get any support from the music business so you have to do it yourself, and it’s a good and honest way to do it.

TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 3You’re still pulling crowds, the sets I saw at Rebellion were packed out

Yeah it’s great, Rebellion is full of all the people you see out in the little club shows throughout the year, it’s the moment they all come together in a dirty great big crowd and it’s a special occasion. I always think Rebellion is like the thank you for all the little club shows.

Are there more trips into Europe planned?

Yeah always, I’m on a sort of never ending tour, I’ll play a few dates round Britain and then go out to Germany for a few days, that’s the way my touring goes, it’s not one huge block of six weeks and then stay at home, I just constantly go out for a few days here and there.

TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 1Is your popularity in Germany enhanced by the link with Die Toten Hosen?

That was the link that started it off and where people first heard about me, they covered Gary Gilmore’s Eyes, well they covered a whole load of UK punk bands, that was an entry into Germany to play a few small shows and get used to the way it is there, and they really took to me in a way they weren’t taking to me in Britain at the time. I went over there a lot and built up a good audience out there, it’s probably my best country really.

Are you still working with Die Toten Hosen?

Little bits now and then, nothing to speak of really, I co-wrote a song on their last album and did some lyrics on one of their songs but I’m not at liberty to tell you which one! I co wrote Pushed Again on a previous album, they’d already registered the song but they realised they didn’t have any lyrics for it and they came to me as they decided they wanted English lyrics, I love the song so I wrote the lyrics with Campino the lead singer. As it was already registered I didn’t get my name on it but they made a present of recording the Useless album for me instead which was a fair deal.

TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 2I think the Useless album is the best introduction to your back catalogue

Yeah, over the years my stuff has been recorded in cheap studios and different studios and with different line ups, the idea behind it was to make a solid album with the best songs, with the same band in a good studio so it had a really consistent sound, it’s different to the way I usually work but it was nice thing to do.

As one of the people who was in at year zero of the punk scene how does t feel looking at it now

It’s an underground scene, I don’t really know what the punk scene is but for me it’s characterised by the live scene, it’s all about bands playing in small pubs and clubs to whoever they can find, the way people get together, the fact the audiences are similar and the feeling in the crowd. When I was a kid that was always what a gig was about, it was meeting your mates and that was a big part of it and I think that is happening again now, and when you go to something like Rebellion you see just how many of you there are, it’s not a bad little movement really.

TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 7Are there any bands at the moment from tours or festivals you’ve played that have caught your imagination?

I still see a lot of bands that I like, it’s a tough question off the top of my head because I see a lot of stuff out there, but in Edinburgh last night for example I was supported by Billy Liar who’s a great Scottish singer songwriter with really high energy, and before he played there was a duo called Paper Rifles who were also really great in the Scottish singer songwriter idiom and I’d never heard of them before, and that’s just one night out with two great bands on the same bill as me. I also love Harvey’s Rabbit who are playing tonight.

Can we expect any new material in the set tonight?

Yeah, I’m road testing the new songs on the tour, as I many as I can slip in without anyone minding! actually I’ve got to say the new songs are being received just as well, if not better, than the old ones which is good to know.

Thanks for taking time out to talk to The Punk Site

TV Smith Interview 2 Sept 17The Punk Site review of TV Smith live at the Dulcimer can be read here

TV Smith‘s website can be found here and his online store is here 

TV Smith‘s Bandcamp can be found here 

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here 

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Culture Abuse

Culture Abuse

David Kelling

By on 23rd August 2017 at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK



Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse Aug 17

I meet with Culture Abuse in the downstairs bar area of The Deaf Institute where the band are gathered ahead of their debut appearance in Manchester, as we end up conducting the interview outside the venue at the band’s request so they can enjoy a smoke it’s impossible to tell who’s answering the question when other members of the band chip in due to traffic and background noise, but the majority of the responses were from vocalist David Kelling, so in the inauspicious surroundings of the alley at the back of The Deaf Institute I find myself interviewing Culture Abuse

Thanks for taking time out to talk to The Punk Site, how’s the tour going so far?

we’ve been gone for almost three months now, it’s been good, it’s been rough, it’s been fun, there have been ups and downs you know, but it’s been good

You’ve been on the road for a while now, where have you been before you hit the UK?

We went to Hawaii and started with a couple of shows there then we flew to New York and did an East Coast tour then it was over the UK to play Hyde Park with Green Day, then we headed over to Italy and stayed there for a couple of weeks and played music before we went to Amsterdam and stayed there for three weeks. Now we’re back here after doing a few festivals such as Lowlands and Pukkelpop, finally it’s this tour with Tigers Jaw and it ends at Reading and Leeds, then we’re going to chill for a few days before heading back home

How do you feel about playing the Reading and Leeds Festivals?

We’re on about 5.30 and … (at this point we’re politely ushered away from the venue by security as Culture Abuse’s smoke cloud was creeping into the venue)

I can take that out if you want

No man, leave it in, fuck it

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 2 Aug 17Right now we’ve moved away from the venue, where are you all from and how did Culture Abuse come together?

We’re a west coast band, California from Bay Area, we’ve all been in other bands in the Bay Area music scene. We’re all kinda like the underdogs and outcasts so we all just grouped together and started this band

How long has it been since Culture Abuse got together?

it’s been going three or four years, when we first started the drummer that we had didn’t want to tour and I just wanted to play music, so I didn’t care, I mean like of course I want to be touring, this is what I want to be doing, but for the first couple of years we could barely even play outside of the Bay Area as our drummer just didn’t want to, and then we basically just had to get a new drummer and start hitting the road

Peach came out last year, which for me was one of the best album’s of 2016

Yeah, we were told we had to make that record, we didn’t even have a drummer at the time, so we got our friend in to do it, practiced four times and went into the studio to do it

I think that really comes across as Peach has a real live feel, what were the influences on the writing of the album?

Ramones, The Clash big time, Weezer, The Beatles, I mean we wanted to make a record that you could just put on regardless of the mood you were in, if you were like really happy or if you were fucking pissed, or if you were anything, we just wanted to make one of those records that you could you just put on in any situation

And now you’ve signed to Epitaph, which is a big deal

Yeah, Brett face timed me today just to talk about mixes of some songs we’re doing, it’s just crazy that the people we get to collaborate with and the people that are around us now are all so talented and insane in their own way, it’s so cool to think about where the future’s going to go. The person that we have to talk to about mixes, even when it’s oh fuck I’ve got to make a phone call, is Brett from Epitaph and Bad Religion, who also owns the fucking label, and he’s helped write, produce and engineer some of my all time favourite records, so yeah Epitaph, yeah it’s cool

Is there a new album or EP in the future?Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 3 Aug 17

We’re going into the studio at the end of September, we get back from this and we’re home for like ten days, then we fly to Riot Fest to play on the Jawbreaker day, we’re home for a little bit and then we go to LA and we start making the new record

Will you be coming back to the UK to play to tour or play any other festivals?

Yeah, We’ll be coming back to play Glastonbury for sure, if it doesn’t happen next year it’ll be happening the year after, maybe Rebellion next year then Glastonbury and then we’d like to come back and do Leeds and Reading again on the mainstage, then maybe Wimbledon and Wembley, yeah we’re playing Winbledon (chorus of laughter from the band)

Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Punk Site

Yeah, punk rock forever

Culture AbuseYou can read the live review of Culture Abuse at The Deaf Institute here

The Punk Site‘s review of Peach can be read here

Culture Abuse‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Live photography from The Deaf Institute by Dean Unsworth

Dean’s Instagram account is located here

Philippe Marcade

Philippe Marcade

Author of Punk Avenue: Inside the New York City Underground, 1972-1982

By on April 22nd, 2017 at New York City



There’s a chance you may have never heard of Philippe Marcade but he was present for and an active participant in the stuff of legend. The Ramones played their first ever gig at a “Welcome to NYC” party for him and a friend. He helped Debbie Harry translate Blondie lyrics into French (his native tongue), witnessed Johnny Thunders and Richard Hell’s band breaking showdown and convinced Nancy Spungen that she’d have a better shot at finding a boyfriend in England (he was right, she met a fellow named Sid Vicious…).

Phil also had musical success of his own with The Senders. Putting out 5 records and performing over 2000 gigs, the band would ultimately be named “Best Bar Band” in 2001 by the New York Press. Philippe’s uncanny ability of being in the right place at the right time makes him the perfect source for a killer memoir. Punk Avenue: Inside the New York City Underground, 1972-1982 is now available and a must-read for all Punk Rock fans and those looking to be entertained while getting a personal look at the birth of the NYC punk movement.

We caught up with Philippe who is in New York City to promote (and celebrate!) the books release.

Photo by Kat Georges.

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Pouzza Fest

Pouzza Fest: Direct HIt, The Old Wives, Fire In The Radio

Nick Woods, Dix, The Whole Band

By on May 5th, 2017 at



On May 19th, dirty punks will make their annual pilgrimage to downtown Montreal for the 7th annual Pouzza Fest. Three days of fatty foods, cheap beers, friends, adventures and music spread across numerous venues – the festival is not to be missed.

Last week we caught up with The Real McKenzies and Worst Days Down to discuss the upcoming festivities and we continue our coverage for the festival by chatting with three more bands playing this year.

Read on below to hear what Direct Hit, The Old Wives and Fire In The Radio have to say about Pouzza Fest.

And don’t forget to pick up tickets to the festival here.

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Pouzza Fest 7: Real McKenzies and Worst Days Down

Paul McKenzie and Ben Sir

Pouzza Fest
By on April 26, 2017 at Email



For the seventh year in a row, downtown Montreal is preparing to be overtaken by punks from all over the world as Pouzza Fest rolls into town. With over 150 bands from Lagwagon and The Flatliners  to The Bombpops, Iron Chic, and The Homeless Gospel Choir alongside Rvivr and Red City Radio – there’s a little bit of something for everyone there.

Leading up to the festivities on May 19th, we will be releasing a series of interviews with bands playing the festival. Each band will be tackling ten questions about the festival, giving advice to new attendees, retelling their favourite stories and generally just getting excited for the three day extravaganza!!

We kick off the series featuring interviews with Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies and Ben Sir of Worst Days Down.

Without further ado, we bass the baton over to Paul McKenzie to lead the way.

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Worst Days Down

Worst Days Down

Ben Sir

Gunner Records
By on April 7, 2017 at Email



Worst Days Down are no stranger to the road.  The band, which features current and former members of The Old Sins, Audio Rocketry, Fire Next Time and many more, has cut their chops touring across the cold winter backdrop of Western Canada.

Now, just as their sophomore album, Elsewhere, became available – the band took their live show further abroad and joined label mates and fellow Edmontonians Owl By Nature for a European tour to support the album.

We caught up with founding member Ben Sir to ask about the tour, the ever growing Edmonton punk scene and, of course, his obsession with manatees.  Read More…

Hard Core Logo

Hard Core Logo

Al Nolan

By on March 9th, 2017 at A Random Taco Bell in Toronto



En route to a Taco Bell minutes from a rehearsal space in Toronto, Al Nolan describes the hecticness and chaos that has only recently become his life. A month ago the 47 year old punk rocker landed a gig playing the notorious Joe Dick in a theatre production of Hard Core Logo.

“It’s like being on tour. I’m eating like shit. Destroying myself to live, it’s awesome,” he laughed. “I’m loving every second of it though.”

After ordering himself a “slayer,” a seven-layer burrito, Nolan took time out of his busy schedule to explain how he landed himself in this incredible opportunity.

“Honestly I can’t even believe I’m talking to you about this,” Nolan began. “I was sitting around at home trying to figure out where I was going to get my next meal, figuring out where I was going to get my next bag of weed and now I’m here working, recreating this role that I have supposedly been method acting for about twenty five years.”

Adapted from the Canadian film based on the novel of the same name, the plot follows the Hard Core Logo band on their last epic tour in the name of a good deed – fundraising for the legendary Bucky Haight.

Hard Core Logo DVDDespite the production set to open March 9, Nolan hastily accepted the lead role in a handoff from musician Ben Rispin, who had to back out to be involved with a film commitment. Nolan was a shoe-in according to Rispin, with director Ron Jenkins and the rest of the performers wanting him to do it.

“So I was like fuck ok, I’ll give it a shot,” he said.

Nolan is well known in the Canadian punk scene for being the lead singer of alternative legends An Almighty Trigger Happy. Originally playing under the name “Trigger Happy” the group started making waves in the scene in the early 90s. He was a theatre nerd as a teen, he explained, but hasn’t been exercising his acting skills. In order to learn the lines rapidly, Nolan watches the movie twice before bed, reads the comic book, reads his script, and was working his way through the novel by Michael Turner, who also wrote lyrics to new songs written by Joey Shithead of D.O.A..

“I go to sleep saying the lines and I wake up singing the songs,” said Nolan. In between rehearsing almost twelve hours a day, he’s jamming with An Almighty Trigger Happy.

“It’s kind of like doing eight shows in one day” he explained, his voice gritty and hoarse from practise.

Nolan says the other performers have been incredibly patient and kind since he’s started. After throwing a tantrum brought on by stress and a mic stand that wouldn’t stay in place, the punk rocker-turned-actor had a funny revelation after his apology. The other actors reminded him they’re acting – but he’s a punk rocker.

“Which is really kind of funny hearing someone say that, because where I am from is well even if you act like a punk rocker you could be considered a loser, or if you act like a rock star you can still be a loser as well.”

After spending a few weeks living and breathing Hard Core Logo, Nolan has begun to question whether art imitates life, or life imitates art.

“I’ve had to pull myself away sometimes just because things got a little too familiar and it kind of freaked me out a bit, but it was kind of cool though,” he said.

Eventually in the play it’s revealed Joe Dick put together the Hard Core Logo tour under false pretenses for one last shot at glory.

“As dumb as this sounds, it’s a story about a family. It’s a story about people’s purpose being either taken away, or false purposes, or hiding behind certain things that they thought would protect them for the longest time. It’s about getting passed on things, it’s about outgrowing people. Which I find kind of interesting. I can’t help but apply my own situation to it.”

It’s not exactly An Almighty Trigger Happy‘s story, but Joe Dick’s character has become too close for comfort at times for Nolan.

“We had gotten back together a few times,” Nolan said of Trigger Happy. “But some people’s habits got in the way, mine included, other people’s included. We never got to successfully get the right kick at the can that we wanted.”

Following a hiatus in 1999, the band has taken stabs at getting back together throughout the millennium. However the passing of guitar player Mark Gibson in 2013 when there had been talk of getting back together again made things more complex for the band. Since performing again, Almighty Trigger Happy has done so in Gibson’s honour.

“I’ve done some real super soul-searching with regards to this role and then going through the play myself,” said Nolan. “Sometimes I end up drifting off and being reminded of how much of a dick I’ve been and how much of a dick someone else has been and how you could have resolved it instead of just being so – you’re just young and you’re kids and you’re in an explosive kind of music that really doesn’t allow compromise or discussion – it’s fuck you or fuck off – and there’s no compromise about it.”

Described as “half play- half punk show,” the blood, sweat and tears of Nolan and the rest of the theatre group promises a unique experience.

Previously performed in Vancouver and Edmonton by other actors, Nolan mentioned that perhaps if it’s that good of a run, there might be a chance to take Hard Core Logo Live on the road. For now audiences only have until March 26 to catch a new way to experience this cult favourite at The Cave above Lee’s Palace.



Jay Northington, Chris Matulich

Red Scare Industries
By on February 22, 2017 at Antwerp, Belgium



Nothington just released their first album in 5 years.

That’s right – five years

That’s a mighty long time to go without an album, but the wait was worth it as the eleven songs that make up In The End will definitely please both fans and critics alike. It features all the qualities the band is known and loved for while still sounding renewed, intricate and fresh. In short, In The End is arguably the bands best work to date.

There’s no better time than the present was our thinking, so we had to make an interview with Nothington songwriters Jay Northington and Chris Matulich happen. During their Europe tour the band took some time to answer our questions about the past, present and future of the band that is Nothington.

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Jean-Philippe Lamonde

Bird Attack Records
By on November 7th, 2016 at JH Sojo, Kesse-Lo (Leuven, Belgium)



With Remember Death, MUTE released one of the most anticipated skate punk records of the year. Lead single Fill The Void quickly became a fan favourite and it wouldn’t surprise us if the album reached a few end of year lists come December. Just like you’ve come to expect from the Québec four piece, Remember Death is a fast record with melodic songs that are packed with guitar solos. During MUTE’s European tour, we had the chance to sit down with lead singer and bassist Jean-Philippe Lamonde and talk about the band’s first release in 5 years.

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Useless ID

Useless ID

Ishay Berger

Fat Wreck Chords
By on November 4th, 2016 at Email



After over twenty years together, Useless ID are no stranger to the road. Hailing all the way from Haifa, Israel, the band has grown to become one of the most successful Middle Eastern punk bands ever. They never let that success get to their head though and instead stay focused on delivering solid music that actually means something to them. They carried on their tradition with State of Burning – the band’s eighth studio album that came out this past July.

Wanting to waste no time promoting it, the band instantly jumped back on the road and soon saw themselves playing through Canada with labelmates Pears and NOFX. We emailed them just before to learn more about the album, the tour, and their musical ideologies.  Read More…



InVogue Records
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Since making the change from metalcore to alternative-rock in 2015, Swedish four-piece Normandie have been enjoying a wealth of new experiences. Back in March this year the band released Inguz, their first full-length album with their new sound and recently, in support of the album, the band landed in the UK to play their first ever headlining tour on the island. We had a chat with the band at their show in Nuneaton to find out more about their change in style, the reaction to the new record and the band’s future plans.

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Trophy Lungs

Trophy Lungs

Kelly, Kevin, David and Brendan

Bearded Punk Records
By on August 16th, 2016 at Brakrock Ecofest, Belgium


Trophy Lungs, a Boston based pop punk act, released one of the most exciting debut albums of 2015. The band sadly played their final show last week. We didn’t know this at the time of the interview during Brakrock Ecofest in Belgium, so we’ll publish our talk with the band as our way to give these Boston punk rockers the goodbye they deserve.

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Public Animal

Public Animal

Ian Blurton

Yeah Right! Records
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Toronto rockers, Public Animal are releasing their sophomore album, Palace Arms on October 28th. We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Ian Blurton via email to find out what to expect from the new album.

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The Proletariat

Richard Brown / Peter Bevilacqua / Don Sanders

SS Records
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proletariat-tour-16-riAfter more than three decades in the wilderness, the legendary Boston punk band The Proletariat have finally reunited. Original members Richard Brown, Peter Bevilacqua and Tom McKnight will be joined by guitarist Don Sanders (from the Idle Rich) and will reunite for a series of shows later this year. The reunion coincides with the reissue of the bands debut album from 1983, Soma HolidayThe Proletariat also appeared on the legendary, and highly influential, compilation This is Boston Not LA in 1982 and released their second and final album, Indifference, in 1985. They will be playing a handful of shows towards the end of the year and they are planning further shows and festival appearances in 2017. Richard Brown, Peter Bevilacqua and Don Sanders took some time out from the preparations for their upcoming reunion shows to talk to The Punk Site Read More…

Apologies, I Have None

Apologies, I Have None

Josh Mckenzie

Uncle M Music
By on September 21st, 2016 at Antwerp, Belgium


London’s Apologies I Have None have just released their highly anticipated and already acclaimed sophomore record Pharmacie. Josh Mckenzie, songwriter and only remaining founding member took the time for a chat as the band was about to kick off their European tour in Antwerp, Belgium. We talked about London references on Pharmacie, the secrets to the Apologies, I Have None wall of sound and expectations from the new album.

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SikTh released their iconic debut album The Trees are Dead and Dried Out, Wait for Something Wild in 2003 to an audience that wasn’t quite ready for what it heard. Combining mesmerisingly complex and technical musicianship with a double whammy of vocal powerhouses, SikTh helped contribute to the birth of a tech-metal uprising in the UK alternative scene. The band’s second album Death of a Dead Day was equally impressive, turning up the heaviness while maintaining the complex arrangements, but it wasn’t enough to hold the six-piece together and in 2007, SikTh pressed pause on the band.

In 2014, the band reunited to play a show at the UK’s Download Festival and having rekindled the creative flame, soon announced a reunion, followed by the released of new EP Opacities – the band’s first piece of new music since 2006. Prior to the band’s headlining slot at Y Not Festival, we caught up with vocalist Mikee Goodman, bass player James Leach and drummer Dan Fjoord to discuss the circumstances leading up to the reunion and the future of the band.

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Willem Heijmans, Riekus van Montfort, Toon van Kouteren

Bird Attack Records, Redfield Records, Fusa Records, Waterslide Records
By on August 16th, 2016 at Brakrock Ecofest, Belgium


Antillectual are one of the torchbearer bands for political punk in Europe. Their most recent effort Engage! is only a couple of weeks old, and is their sixth album already. One of the good things about Engage! is that it’s packed with fresh ideas and songs about hot issues, thus avoiding a pitfall of the genre: hitting the same nail over and over again. We had a talk with the Dutch punk rockers on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Brakrock ecofest. There really couldn’t have been a more fitting moment for a chat about Engage! and the songs on it, about European politics and about taking the stage at Punk Rock Holiday for a second time.

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Scott McCullough

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Toronto’s famed Bovine Sex Club is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year and all year long they’re doing the Bovine’s 25th Anniversary Series. September 16th will see them host the legendary Rusty as they prepare for a new album this year. Joining them will be An Almighty Trigger Happy, Pink Wine, Blackdog Ballroom and Killer Virgins. Tickets are $15 at the door, 19+ to get in. 

We caught up with guitarist Scott McCullough to see what he remembers most about Canada’s most infamous underground punk venue. Read More…


Louise Distras

Louise Distras

DIY - Self Released
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It is little surprise that Louise Distras is already garnering comparisons to charged songstresses Brody Dalle and Courtney Love, but this British indie songstress is already a woman in a league of her own. Taking inspiration from Nirvana, Queen and The Beatles, Louise Distras channelled her anger, hopes and fears into anthems of love and fury for yet another let down generation with the release of her critically acclaimed debut Dreams from the Factory Floor. Louise agreed to talk to The Punk Site ahead of the release of her new single, Aileen, which is due for release on the 30 September 2016

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Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls

Lucinda Livingstone & Conor Dawson

Wiretap Records & Bearded Punk Records
By on August, 16th 2016 at Brakrock Ecofest, Belgium


Kamikaze Girls is a UK based two piece who play a unique blend of punk with ingredients from all kinds of genres. The songs often have poppy choruses but they’re emotional, raw and noisy in their own way. The love singer/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone has for fuzzy noises and guitar pedals is no stranger to this sound. Their debut EP Sad is one to watch out for and will be released through Wiretap Records (North America) and Bearded Punk Records (Europe) in September. Thematically it tackles issues of mental health the band has struggled with in the past: “We wrote it when we weren’t having a very nice time and every time we play it we feel better about it” says Livingstone. We had a chat with Kamikaze Girls’ Lucinda Livingstone and Conor Dawson about their upcoming release, Riot Grrrl and how it was like to play the Fest for the first time.

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Beki Straughn 1

Chaos 8, Hi-Fi Spitfires, Loaded 44 & UK Subs

Beki And Steve Straughan

Angelic Upstarts, Chaos 8, Hi-Fi Spitfires, Loaded 44, UK Subs, Holy Racket, Symbient, The Last Gang
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Beki and Stephen Straughan are possibly the hardest working couple in punk rock at the moment, Beki is active in Chaos 8, Stephen, also known as Steve Racket, is active in Hi Fi Spitfires and the Angelic Upstarts, and has recently become the guitarist for the UK Subs, as if that wasn’t enough both of them are in Loaded 44. I managed to catch them in a rare quiet moment to get an insight into what the future has in store for us from this industrious couple.

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Hugo Mudie

Paper + Plastick Records
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Super group Medictation are going on their first ever tour this summer across Ontario and Quebec. We caught up with lead singer, Hugo to talk touring rituals and why we wants to play baseball with you.

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Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans

Billy Jeans

Fat Wreck Chords
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 The Mean Jeans are no strangers to partying. In fact, the Portland three piece never stop and now with Tight New Dimension hitting the airwaves – I doubt they ever will.

We caught up with guitarist and vocalist Billy Jeans to discuss their unique way of approacing Fat Wreck Chords, the new album and the importance of having fun. Read More…

Alex Martel - Amnesia Rockfest

Amnesia Rockfest

Alex Martel

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Eleven years ago, Alex Martel wanted more bands to come through his small town of 900 people in Northern Quebec. What started with a handful of bands and five hundred attendees, has grown into one of the biggest rock festivals in the world.

From June 23rd to 26th this year, Montebello, Quebec will once again be hosting the annual Amnesia Rockfest with the likes of Blink 182, The Used, Limp Bizkit, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Rise Against, Korn, Ice Cube, A Day To Remember,Twisted Sister, Lamb Of God and NOFX among countless others. 

We recently caught up with the ambitious founder, Alex Martel, to see how far the festival has come over the years. Read More…

Wasted Potential

Wasted Potential

Danny Kidd

Get Party!
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London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential are playing Montreal’s 6th annual Pouzza Fest later this month. I talked to lead singer Danny Kidd (who is quickly becoming one of my favourite people) to talk about what the fest means to the band.

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Steve Rawles

BirdAttack (US), Effervescence (FR), Funtime (BE), No Reason, and Lockjaw Records (UK).
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Belvedere were one of the biggest Canadian bands to come out of the 90’s skate punk scene. They toured extensively, not only across the country, but into far reaching international territories. They showed up on Warped Tour when it was largely based on Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph skate punk bands, released four albums, built a strong following and then suddenly disappeared. After a quiet return to live shows a few years ago, including the large Groezrock festival in Belgium, the band is back with a new album and plenty of live dates to showcase their new songs and lineup. After a recent hometown show playing with Propagandhi, I had the opportunity to speak with Steve Rawles about their triumphant return to the stage and studio.

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The Copyrights

The Copyrights

Adam, Luke and Brett

Red Scare Industries
By on March 18th, 2016 at Dordrecht, The Netherlands



After almost 15 years of being on the road, we probably should start calling the Copyrights pop punk veterans. Without a big label behind them – although Red Scare is a quality mark in it’s own – they’ve only put out good records. The latest full length Report (2014) is amongst the best things pop punk has to offer, so there’s more than enough we could talk about.

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Graeme Philliskirk and Hugo Mudie

Paper + Plastick Records
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Several years in the making, Medictation are a unique Trans-Atlantic project born from the ashes of Montreal’s The Sainte Catherines and Sunderland’s Leatherface. While both projects were laid to rest in 2012, the seeds of this musical combination began to sprout. Now, just over three years later, the fruits of that labour is finally available for general consumption through the fine folks at Paper + Plastick Records in the form of Warm Places.

We had a quick little conversation with Graeme Philliskirk and Hugo Mudie to discuss how this odd-ball collection of musicians formed Medictation.

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Reel Big Fish

Reel Big FIsh

Aaron Barrett

Rock Ridge Music
By on November 13th, 2015 at Het Depot - Leuven, Belgium



Reel Big Fish is one of those bands that appeal to large audiences, both within and outside of the punk rock community. They’re loved by die-hard fans, ska kids and punk rockers. Hell, you could play their songs in preschool and get the toddlers skanking.

The band got “mainstream big” with a few solid hits during the 90’s and early 00’s. That’s when I, and probably most of you reading this, got to know Reel Big Fish. These days the band releases their material independently, “Candy Coated Fury” (2012) being the last studio album to have come out.

So when I got the chance to sit down with Aaron Barrett, the face and only remaining founding member of the band, I finally got to ask him about being Sell Out‘s on MTV and about his favourite Beer. I even asked for some fashion advice.

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