Live Concert Review

Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Flatliners

Live (Aug. 23rd, 2010)

The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA




The Mighty Mighty Bosstones made their return to Philadelphia after an eight-year absence on Monday, August 23rd. They were to play the prestigious Trocadero, right in the heart of Philly.

The Troc, as it is referred to by many, is an old theatre converted into a concert venue. It’s a small room with a balcony level, and two big points to complain about-the stage is way too high and the barricade is too far out from the stage. Sadly, this made it impossible for Dicky Barrett, the Bosstones’ vocalist, to pass the microphone out to the crowd during their songs.

The first band to hit the stage was the Flatliners, from Toronto. They played an energetic set of uptempo ska-punk. In their 35 minutes, they managed to vary their set up a lot. They included many new songs from Cavalcade, their 2010 release on Fat Wreck Chords. But they didn’t leave out their older material, also playing songs off their first full length, Destroy to Create. This reviewer, while not overly familiar with their material, really enjoyed their high-energy set. The Flatliners are definitely a band to look out for in the future.

Next up was another Fat Wreck band, Teenage Bottlerocket. If you’re a Ramones fan, this band is definitely for you. If you’re not[like this reviewer], they’re not. They’re very nice guys, but they sounded like a carbon copy of the Ramones, with a little more technical instrumentation. I did enjoy their first song, “Skate or Die,” which came from their Fat Wreck debut album, They Came From the Shadows, which was released in 2009. The highlight of their set was definitely when they called Chris from the Flatliners up to play guitar on a song, which their drummer sang. The song, apparently a cover, was about burritos. Brandon, their drummer, made an excellent front man, jumping all around the stage for his minute and a half to shine.

After a 40 minute set from Teenage Bottlerocket, the band got their gear off stage and the crew for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones started to set up. At 9:30PM, the lights went down and the band’s entrance music went on.

When the lights flared on, the band excitedly ran onto the stage to rousing cheers and applause, with Barrett getting the audience to scream before Joe Gittleman yelled “What are these noises!?” and the band kicked into their classic Dr. D from “More Noise & Other Distrubances.”

The Bosstones assaulted Philly with hit after hit, mixing new and old, classics and b-sides. Philly was treated to a few new songs off the band’s 2009 release, “Pin Points & Gin Joints”, such as Graffiti Worth Readingand Too Many Stars. The fans also got treated to cuts from deeper in the Bosstonescatalogue, such as Pictures to Prove It from 1994’s “Question the Answers” and Nevermind Me from their landmark 1997 “Let’s Face It”.

The band was in top form, with Barrett growling and belting out his lyrics with emotion unrivaled in the world of vocalists. The fans screamed back the words with that same fiery passion, especially on classic songs like Holy Smokeand Someday I Suppose. Ben Carr, the Bosstone, was all over the stage, dancing up a storm, sometimes with Barrett joining him in dancing. Trombonist Chris Rhodes was an entertaining figure to watch, as always, especially on You Gotta Go!,where he belted out the bridge in fine form, wailing and yelling in a style very different from the recorded version.

The band closed their main set with their hit The Impression That I Get, going right into their traditional end of show cover of Lights Out, originally by the Angry Samoans.
After a minute of the crowd enthusiastically chanting MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSS-TONES, the band took the stage for an encore, opening with A Pretty Sad Excuse, a 6 minute song found on the end of their most recent 2009 release. They followed it up with Devil’s Night Outthe title track off of their 1990 debut full-length, capping an epic return to Philly for the plaid boys of Boston, leaving the crowd wishing they’d come back and do one more.

Dr. D
Graffiti Worth Reading
Rascal King
You Gotta Go
Pictures to Prove It
Desmond Dekker
Nevermind Me
Someday I Suppose
Wasted Summers
Another Drinking Song
Sugar Free
The One With The Woes
Sad Silence
Royal Oil
Too Many Stars
Allow Them
Hell of a Hat
Na Na Na Na
Holy Smoke
Lights Out
A Pretty Sad Excuse
Devil’s Night Out

Far From Finished - FOrgetable

Far From Finished


Old Shoe Records

Rating: 3/5




Boston’s Far From Finished will be officially releasing their new album, Forgettable on July 27 on Old Shoe Records. But it’s also available all summer long on The Vans Warped Tour.

Fans of Far From Finished will be familiar with the band’s tendency to change styles from record to record. Their first effort, Nuthin’ But Class was their attempt at an old school Oi! Record, East Side of Nowhere being a standard Boston punk record, and then the most recent transition to a poppier, but still aggressive sound on Living in the Fallout.

Forgettable furthers that poppy progression tenfold, to something that could be considered lacking in energy in comparison to previous efforts. It could even be considered radio friendly, as vocalist Steve Neary’s voice has evolved with the band. He’s gone from “a bear,” as he refers to himself on Nuthin’ But Class, to a very clean, straightforward style that was polished up a ton in the studio. Along with cleaning up his vocal delivery, he’s cleaned up his lyrics. Over the span of Forgettable, it’s as if he says “fuck” about as many times as he does in the song Disasteroff of Living in the Fallout.

Is this an attempt at going commercial? Certainly some will think so. It’s definitely an understandable take after hearing all the studio effects [choruses, violins, etc] and the beats to the songs themselves. It’s definitely something many fans of Far From Finished aren’t going to like-but it’s a record that definitely grows on the listener the more spins the disc is given.

Forgettable starts off with Outerspacea song that kicks off with Steve doing vocals over piano. When the band kicks in around two minutes, it sounds almost like stadium rock with the effects in the background. The band’s rhythm section, led by Oscar Capps on rhythm guitar and Pesky on bass[Marc Canatta and Adam Porris have been replaced since the recording of this record], kicks in with a bang on a song that will have Far From Finished fans wondering what the fuck happened.

I Just Wanna Play is a very poppy song, but the intro guitar riff is one of the most aggressive pieces of music on the record. It’s definitely a song that old fans could potentially get into, if not immediately, then over time. Give it a chance. Following I Just Wanna Play is Arthur Avenue, another song that this reviewer doubts many old fans will be able to get behind. It’s a killer piece of music, however, and it’s easy to feel Neary’s emotion behind the lyrics, even without that edge that has been with his voice for so long.

Having seen the next track, State O Maine, live, this reviewer can say it’s the highlight of the record, at the very least in a live setting. Live, Steve gets all his emotion and edge behind the song[That being said, see this band live if you haven’t already. They’re incredible], and it translates live on record. On the record, the song seems to lack some of the passion heard in the live version, but it still comes off as the highlight of Forgettable.

Marigoldis another highlight of the record, a 5+ minute song that speaks volumes to the listener. It’s a lyrically strong song that is without doubt about a relationship, with lyrics like: “You give an inch/I’ll take a mile/You look so sad/I’ll just smile”

Forgettable is an all-around change of pace for Far From Finished. The songs are longer[multiple over 5 minutes], they’re a lot poppier, and even the feel and direction of the band has changed. It’s definitely not something that will have been expected by many listeners, and will probably turn many of their old fans away from the band, though if you got into them through Living in the Fallout there’s a decent chance you’ll like this. That said, it’s definitely something older fans can get into, especially after seeing the songs live.

It’s recommended that this record be given a few spins and given a fair chance. This reviewer didn’t like it at first, but it’s since become something that is listened to on a daily basis. Even if you don’t give it one, still go see them live. It’ll be well worth the door price, and they’re not going to let you down.

Scott Klopfenstein leaves Reel Big Fish

On Monday night, third-wave ska band Reel Big Fish announced that long-time guitarist, trumpet player, and back-up vocalist Scott Klopfenstein would be leaving the band for personal reasons. They released the following statement:

We have some bittersweet news to officially announce that some have already known or figured out regarding Scott Klopfenstein, trumpet player and background vocalist of Reel Big Fish. He and his wife are expecting their first child and he has decided to retire from touring to dedicate his life to raising a family. Out of respect, to allow a solid decision we felt it was best to hold off on sharing the news until Scott was ready to give a full statement. We all wish him and his family happiness and continued success.

No announcement has been made as to who will replace him on their upcoming tour.


Slapstick to reunite for Asian Man Records 15th Anniversary!

Earlier tonight via the Asian Man Records Facebook, Mike Park announced that early Brendan Kelly project Slapstick would be reuniting for the Asian Man Records 15th Anniversary Party, which will take place in San Francisco, CA in June 2011.

Slapstick joins a list of confirmed acts including Mu330, The Lawrence Arms, Slow Gherkin, and many more!

Screeching Weasel Plan 25th Anniversary Weekend in Chicago

Chicago, IL’s pop-punk legends Screeching Weasel are planning a 3-night 25th Anniversary Weekend to take place in late May in Chicago. The Riverdales will play one of the three nights, with Screeching Weasel playing the other two. Frontman Ben Weasel released the following statement:

We’re still working on our 2011 show schedule, but I wanted to let you guys know about this one now because it’s too good to wait.

2011 marks Screeching Weasel’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, we’re playing Reggie’s in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, and we’re pulling out all the stops on this one, my friends. Screeching Weasel will be playing Friday, May 27th and Sunday the 29th (a different set each night), with the Riverdales playing our only North American show of the year on Saturday the 28th. Tickets will be on sale this Saturday, Dec. 18th at noon CST HERE. Right now we’re only selling tickets at the package price for the whole weekend – single day tickets will go on sale January 1st. In the meantime, check out the line-up!

Vapid and I will be doing a DJ set one of the evenings in the lounge after the show, and people from some of the other bands will be doing them the other nights. See ya there!

The full lineup can be seen below.

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Less Than Jake To Play Entirety Of "Losing Streak" At Riot Fest

In a press release today, Riot Fest announced that at the band’s October 9, 2010 appearance, Gainesville, FL’s Less Than Jake will play their entire Losing Streak album.

Less Than Jake recently announced their television theme song album, TV/EP, which is due out October 12, 2010 via their own Sleep it Off Records.

Less Than Jake To Play Entirety Of “Losing Streak” At Riot Fest

In a press release today, Riot Fest announced that at the band’s October 9, 2010 appearance, Gainesville, FL’s Less Than Jake will play their entire Losing Streak album.

Less Than Jake recently announced their television theme song album, TV/EP, which is due out October 12, 2010 via their own Sleep it Off Records.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones Announce Summer Tour

Boston, MA ska-core pioneers the Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced their summer tour dates today:

“Hey everyone – we’re really excited to hit the road again! We’re hitting some places that we haven’t been to in a very long time. We have a fantastic show planned with some great support bands joining us. Tickets go onsale Saturday, June 26. See you later this summer!”

Check out the list of current tour dates below.

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Blood For Blood Announce Reunion

Boston, MA’s Blood For Blood have announced that they will be reuniting and doing a European tour with Sick of it All this winter.  In a press release, the band said:

“First off, we would like to thank all our fans for hanging in there over the last six long years. As of December 2010, Blood for Blood will embark on our first tour since 2004. Blood for Blood has agreed to join the Persistence Tour in Europe sharing a stage with long time friends Sick Of It All as well as other acts soon to be announced.”

The reunion won’t be a full one, as guitarist/vocalist White Trash Rob[Rob Lind] will not be joining the band. Instead, filling in will be Billy from Biohazard. Check below for the full lineup.

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Ashers Announce Summer Tour Dates, Album Release Date

AshersAshers, the side project of Mark Civitarese from The Unseen and ex-members of Crash & Burn, have announced dates for their summer tour, as well as information on their upcoming full-length album, Kill Your Master

The album will be released on July 13 on Thorp Records, and you can currently listen to the album, which is streaming on their Myspace Page. Civitarese talked about the project saying:

“I’m pumped on this album. We recorded it at The Outpost, the same place where many great bands recorded: Blood for Blood, Dropkick Murphys, Slapshot – along with mine and Billy’s other bands – The Unseen and Crash and Burn. The album sounds killer but is not overproduced – we wanted it to be very raw.”

The band also announced their U.S. summer tour dates with Disaster Strikes, which can be found below. Read More…

Mad Sin to release “Burn & Rise” in North America

Germany’s Mad Sin is gearing up to release their latest studio album, Burn & Rise in North America through Century Media. The album was released in Europe in April on People Like You. It will be released on July 13.
This is Mad Sin‘s first full length album since 2006’s Dead Moon’s Calling, which was released on Sailor’s Grave Records.

Mad Sin to release "Burn & Rise" in North America

Germany’s Mad Sin is gearing up to release their latest studio album, Burn & Rise in North America through Century Media. The album was released in Europe in April on People Like You. It will be released on July 13.
This is Mad Sin‘s first full length album since 2006’s Dead Moon’s Calling, which was released on Sailor’s Grave Records.

Gaslight Anthem live at Bonnaroo

NPR is streaming The Gaslight Anthem‘s set from the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

You can listen here.

Burning Streets "Kiss the World Goodbye Tour 2010"

Boston, MA’s Burning Streets started their Kiss the World Goodbye 2010 summer tour last night in Raleigh, North Carolina. The tour will continue through August 2, with the band hitting almost all of the United States. All the dates can be found here

The band last released Is It In Black & White? on Sailor’s Grave Records in the fall of 2009

3rd Annual Punk Island in New York City

Punk IslandOn June 20th, the third annual Punk Island event will happen at Governor’s Island in New York City. Bands playing include Canada’s D.O.A., Detroit’s Negative Approach,and more. In addition to the bands, the festival will include a performance from Hellcat Girls Burlesque.

The full lineup can be viewed here

The festival will run from 10AM-5PM and is free to the general public.

The Methadones [1993-2010]

Dan Vapid recently announced in an interview that the Methadones would soon be calling it quits.

The Methadones have played consistently for 10 years, which is more than any band/project I’ve been a part of. We had our share of problems but were always intent on working past them. For the last 5 years every member has gone through a period of giving a shit and not giving a shit, all at different times. It got to the point where I felt like we were just going through the motions and forcing it.

The band, one of Vapid’s side projects from Screeching Weasel, will play two final shows in 2010. They will play Insubordination Fest, and are planning on one final show at the end of the year in Chicago.

Vapid stated that,

My goal is to play a last show and move on. I hope to have a great band experience for these last two shows. I think the other guys would agree. I’ll continue playing with Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, and Noise By Numbers.

Vapid also confirmed that the band would put out one last release, a collection of B-Sides, outtakes, and some new songs.

Nekromantix Announce Summer Tour Dates

NekromantixCalifornian psychobillies Nekromantix have announced the tour dates for their summer tour.

The dates have been posted on their Myspace , or below.

No openers have been announced at this time Read More…


CT Ska Legends Sgt. Scagnetti to Reunite

Sgt. Scagnetti, a 3rd wave ska band from Seymour, Connecticut has announced a reunion. No dates are finalized, but the band has opened a Facebook page here.

The band last released DE:TO:NA:TE in 1999.