Stranger Ranger (Formerly Sioux Falls) – Hydration Is Key

Stranger RangerMontana/Portland Indie-Rock/Post-Punk band Strange Ranger (fka Sioux Falls) has announced details for a brand new album.  The disc will be titled Daymoon and is set to drop on October 6, 2017 on Tiny Engines Records.  

Coinciding with the news, the band has premiered the song “Hydration Is Key,” which can be heard below.

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Broadside – I Love You, I Love you. It’s Disgusting

BroadsideBroadside has premiered a new music video for the song “I Love you, I Love you.  It’s Disgusting,” which is lifted from their new album, Paradise, available now on Victory Records.  

Listen to the full disc below.

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The Bronx – Two Birds

The BronxLos Angeles’ punk-rock party band The Bronx has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Two Birds” and will appear on the upcoming new disc, V, which is set to drop on September 22, 2017 via ATO Records.  The band released their last proper full length in 2013.

Listen to the new song below.

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Prawn Stream New Album In Full

PrawnPrawn has premiered a premiered a full stream of their new album, Run, which is set to drop on September 22, 2018 via Topshelf Records

Stream the full disc here courtesy Upset Magazine.

Video: Charlie Bit My Finger – Cow A Bunga

Charlie Bit My FingerBelgian melodic pop-punks Charlie Bit My Finger have premiered a song from their sophomore album, Third Time’s A Farm, which is scheduled for release on September 16, 2017 via Thousand Islands Records (North America) and Bearded Punk Records (Europe).

Watch the video for “Cow A Bunga” below.

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The Dreadnoughts Announce New Album; Stream First Track

The DreadnoughtsAfter seven years making up a modest recording hiatus, attending university, and only playing a handful of shows per year, Vancouver folk-punk outfit The Dreadnoughts has announced their long awaited fourth full length.

The disc will be titled Foreign Skies and finds the band taking on new material in the form of a World War I concept album.  The band explains:

“Well, here’s something that has never, to our knowledge, been attempted: a folk-punk concept album.  The genre has so many classics… the Pogues’  Rum, Sodomy and the Lash, Flogging Molly’s Drunken Lullabies, Gogol Bordello’s Gypsy Punks.  But none of these are concept albums.  So why not give it a go?

The result, dear old friends, is Foreign Skies, an album that commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the First World War.  It’s a challenging album.  Some people are going to hate how it opens.  Some people are going to hate some stuff in the middle.  Some people are going to wonder why we’re not singing about gin and poutine.”

Coinciding with the announcement, the band has premiered the song “The Black And White,” which can be heard below.  The album is expected to drop on November 10, 2017.  Pre-orders are live.

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ROAM – Alive

ROAMUK pop-punk outfit ROAM has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Alive” and is lifted from their upcoming album,Great Heights & Nosedives, which is set to drop on October 13, 2017 via Hopeless Records.  The album follows their full length debit, Backbone, released back in 2015.

Check out the song below.

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Plan 37 Streams New Album

PLan 37Ontario punk rock band Plan 37 has premiered a full stream of their latest full length, Say Goodbye, which dropped last week via My Fingers! My Brain! Records.

Stream the disc in full below.

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Back In The Jazz Coffin

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




If you had told me that folk-punk outfit AJJ was going to be a hugely successful underground staple over the past thirteen years, I may have laughed the suggestion off.  After all, how long could an acoustic band keep their edge writing social satire through silly themes like cannibalism, cigarette commercials, and the untimely demise of kittens?  Well, apparently quite a while.  Not only has the band gone through several significant stylistic shifts – from wiry acoustic champions to fuzzy garage punks – but they’ve managed to sustain their unmistakable wit through each incarnation.  

Their latest EP, Back In The Jazz Coffin, is an oddity in the AJJ world as the band actually takes a step back in time and revisits their former acoustic selves.  Opener “American Body Rentals” is a classic sub-minute opener in the tradition of those like “The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving” and “Cigarettes.”  In this case, the band generates a playful little jingle based around body image and expectation.  “You can get it on top, at American body rentals, anything you want, at American body rentals,” sings Sean Bonnette, elaborating on the benefits of enhanced popularity and friendships.  It’s a concise, surefire classic for AJJ fans and ideal entry for the EP.  

The band then jumps back into a simple take on their classic full band acoustic formula with “Blood, Hatred, Money and Rage 2.”  The song plods along with acoustic guitar, keyboard, and other subtleties as they detail the confrontational mentality that contemporary America hungers for in the metaphor, “that’s the food that I eat, the juicebox that I crave.”  The track loses a little steam mid-way in a heavily distorted guitar, but it does little to reduce the poignancy of such statements.  The remaining trio of songs meander through politically themes of border patrol saboteurs, employ lutching guitars with heavy distortion on “My Crooked Leg,” and conclude the EP by reverting back to a heartfelt acoustic less-than-apology to a lover once wronged.

Overall, AJJ provide a pleasant little diversion and supplement to their existing catalogue and direction.  The band released the EP as a surprise without warning, somewhat framing the disc as non-canon, and justifying the band’s deviation from their aural chronology.  The disc isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but none of AJJ’s past EPs ever have been.  They’ve always been more of a repository for fans to uncover individual nuggets.  It’s been quite a while since the Phoenix, Arizona quartet has played around with something less formal, and the return is more than welcome.


Tours: D.O.A.

DOACanadian punk icons D.O.A. have announced that they will be heading back on tour for the “Fight Back” tour.  The band continues to support their recently released full length for their longtime label Sudden Death RecordsHard Rain Falling. In January 2018 the band will begin recording a new studio album with producer Cecil English (Jello Biafra & D.O.A. “Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors”/No Means No “Wrong”/D.O.A. “Murder”). The new album will be out in June 2018.

Tour dates are below.
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Counterparts – Haunt Me

COunterpartsCanadian rock band Counterparts has premiered a new song from their next full length.   The track is titled “Haunt Me” and will appear on the disc You’re Not You Anymore which is set to drop on September 22, 2017 via Pure Noise Records.  The album follows 2015’s Tragedy Will Find Us

Listen to the song below.

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Prawn – Greyhound

PrawnPrawn has premiered a new song from their recently announced new album.  The track is titled “Greyhound” and the disc goes by the name Run, which is set to drop on September 22, 2018 via Topshelf Records

Listen to the song below.

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Static Nerve Announce Debut Album; Stream First Track

Static NerveHardcore band Static Nerve has premiered a music video for a song sharing the band’s namesake.  The band consists of members from Swingin’ UttersNothingtonWestern Addiction and Cobra Skulls.  Their self titled debut album is set to drop on October 13, 2017 via Gunner Records.  Vocalist Chris Matulich comments on the video:

“I think the idea behind a song like this is just to set the pace and throw back to old punk, like when the Ramones would have a song with only a couple of lyrics.  A lot of people won’t get it, but that’s fine.”  

Watch the video below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Awaken I Am – Wolves

Awaken I AmAustralian Gold Coast quintet Awaken I Am have premiered a new song.  The song is titled “Wolves” and will appear on their next LP on Victory Records.  The disc will be titled Blind Love and is due out on September 29, 2017.

The song can be heard below.

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Go Great Guns Stream Self Titled LP

Go Great GunsMelodic skate-punk group Go Great Guns has released a full stream of the Montreal punks’ latest full length.  The disc serves as the band’s self titled effort and was released last week via Thousand Islands Records.  

Listen to the full disc below.

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Worriers – Gaslighter

WorriersPolitical pop-punk band Worriers – featuring members of The Measure [SA], Caves and The Ergs – has premiered a new song from their SideOneDummy Records debut.  The disc will be titled Survival Pop and is set to drop on September 29, 2018.  The album follows their 2015 full length album, Imaginary Life, available on Don Giovanni Records.  

Listen to the new song “Gaslighter” here.  Pre-orders are live.

The Story So Far – Out Of It

Story So FarBay Area pop-punk band The Story So Far has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Out Of It” and a portion of the  proceeds will be donated for mental health research by the band and their label, Pure Noise Records. The charity is The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

The song can be found below.

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Video: Enter Shikari – Rabble Rouser

Enter ShikariUK act Enter Shikari has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Rabble Rouser” from the The Spark which is set to drop on September 22, 2017.  

Watch the video fir the song.

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Architects UK Announce Tour; Release New Music Video

EpitaphBrighton, UK metalcore act Architects UK will be heading on tour in 2018.  The band continues to support their latest album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, available now via Epitaph Records.  

Tour dates are below along with the new tune “Doomsday.”

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The Creepshow

The Creepshow

Death At My Door

STOMP Records

Rating: 4/5




There’s little refuting that The Creepshow are one of Canada’s premiere psychobilly attractions.  They’ve maintained this reputation through numerous lineup changes, including three vocalists, as well as when branching out from what is typically recognized as a very limiting genre.  At this point, I think it’s safe to say that their style and allure transcends the typical psychobilly niche, and that fans think of the band first and foremost as The Creepshow.  Continuing this trend, The Creepshow’s fifth full length, Death At My Door, further demonstrates the band’s confidence and willingness to push themselves to new heights.

Death At My Door marks vocalist Kendra Legaspi’s second full length, and while her first album, Life After Death, played it safe (likely to comfort fans during the transition) the band now seems comfortable and confident enough to give their latest outing a very distinct personae.  The Creepshow open the disc with a familiar punk-a-billy inspired title track featuring The Revered McGinty’s unmistakable organ keys and plenty of full bodied backing “woahs.”  This is the classic Creepshow that has weathered the storm, and it still sounds every bit as gripping today as it did twelve years ago.  While Sean McNab’s big upright double bass has never been as pronounced as with many of their peers, it still underlies some of the album’s top mid-tempo thumpers.  Take, “Til Death Do Us Apart” and “Tomorrow May Never Come,” which reinforces the band’s reputation for some of the best and biggest sing along psychobilly choruses.  The songs’ romping bass balances Kendra’s smooth, smokey presence, a chorus of anthemic gang vocals, and Sean McNab’s forceful riffs.  Simply put, the band hits the mark repeatedly.

But what has always made The Creepshow so much more than a Horrorpops clone is their ability to infuse so many slight stylistic diversions into their frame, without ever losing sight of their psychobilly identity.  Take the buzzing rock n’ roll attitude of “A.O.T.B.H.”, complete with distortion drenched riffs and killer guitar hooks, or the vibrant twang underpinning the rockabilly-gone-country stomper “Another Way Out.”  Yet each of those pale in comparison to the swanky little brass number, “New Kings.”  Opening with a swath of gravelly male vocals, the band turns out a ritzy 50’s dancehall crasher that wouldn’t feel out of place on The Kings Of Nuthin’ album.  It’s wholly unexpected, but the payoff is undeniable.  

Meanwhile, “My Soul To Keep” delves deeply into the opposite side of the spectrum, stripping down to a foundation of Legaspi’s raspy siren call and simple guitar accompaniment for the album’s final few sorrowful moments.  While certainly a radical change of pace, the dank atmosphere and minimalist execution fits the scene.  Long time fans may even draw some parallels with former front woman Sarah Blackwood’s early solo work.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t prophesize Kendra’s eventual departure.

There’s little to say about The Creepshow that hasn’t already been lauded, and Death At My Door further justifies all prior praise.  The Burlington, Ontario quintet continues to thrive in light of a career worth of change, and Legaspi now feels every bit at home with The Creepshow as with all past alumni.  The Creepshow are right where they want to be, and Death At My Door further pushes The Creepshow’s creative and stylistic boundaries. It goes without saying, but Death At My Door exhibits all the markings of a band clearly embracing its prime.

Video: Seaway – Lula On the Beach


Pop punk band Seaway has premiered a new song from their upcoming new album.  the song is titled “Lula On the Beach” and will appear on the Vacation, which is due out on September 15, 2017 via Pure Noise Records. The album follows 2015’s Colour Blind.
Listen to the song below.

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The Creepshow Stream New Album In Full

The CreepshowCanadian psychobilly punks The Creepshow have premiered a full stream of their upcoming album, Death At My Door.  The album drops drop on September 15, 2017 via Stomp Records (CAN) and Concrete Jungle Records (EU).  The Album follows 2013’s Life After The Death.

Listen to the album here and watch for our full review later this week.

Take This To Heart Records Fall 2017 Label Sampler

Take This To Heart RecordsTake This To Heart Records have released their free 2017 Fall Sampler.  The sampler includes songs from Western DaughterSwordfishFossil Youth and many more.

Download and stream the disc here.

The Mahones Announce New Album

MahonesCeltic punk band The Mahones have announced details for their next studio album.  The disc will be titled Love – Death – Redemption and is set to drop on January 12, 2018 via Whiskey Devil Records.

The band last released The Hunger & The Fight (Part 2) in 2015.

Video: Spur – Out Of View

jake clarke spur split 17Willkes-Barre dream-punk band Spur have released a new music video for the song “Out Of View.”  The song is taken from their split with Jake Clarke, formerly of Superheaven and is available now via Disposition Collective.


Watch the video below.

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Fables – Cadence

FablesUK political punk band Fables has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Cadenc” and sits as a stand alone single.

Listen to the song below.

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Such Gold Stream New EP

Such GoldRochester, NY based punk band Such Gold have released a full stream of their new EP.  The disc is titled Deep In A Hole and is set to drops today via Bird Attack Records.

Listen to the disc here courtesy Substream Magazine.

Strange Relations Stream New LP In Full

Strange RelationsMinneapolis, MN’s Strange Relations has premiered a full stream of their upcoming new LP, Editorial You, which is set to drop September 8, 2017 via Tiny Engines Records.

Check out the full EP here courtesy Noisey.

Blitzentrapper Announce New Album

Blitzen TrapperIndie Act Blitzen Trapper have announced that they will be releasing their new album, Wild & Reckless, on November 3, 2017.  

A music video for the song “Rebel” can be viewed below.

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Video: Manchester Orchestra – The Grocery

Manchester OrchestraManchester Orchestra has premiered a new music video from their recently released new album.  The video features the song “The Grocery” and the album is titled A Black Mile to the Surface, which was released back on July 28th via Loma Vista Recordings.

Watch the video below.

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Prawn – Rooftops

PrawnPrawn has premiered a new song from their recently announced new album.  The track is titled “Rooftops” and the disc goes by the name Run, which is set to drop on September 22, 2018 via Topshelf Records

Listen to the song below.