One Up – Laid and Paid

One UpDetroit pop-punk band One Up has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Laid and Paid” and will appear on the band’s upcoming new album, which is set to drop later this year. 
Listen to the song below.

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Jouska Announced New LP; Streams First Track

JouskaAlbany, NY by Philly quartet Jouska has announced plans for their next album.  The disc will be titled from Elson to Emmett and is due out March 16, 2018 via Tiny Engines Records.  

Coinciding with the announcement the band has premiered the song “tummy/legs,” which can be heard below.

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Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans

Jingles Collection

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3.5/5




Oregon-based garage act Mean Jeans is known for its scrappy, fun loving Ramones-inspired pop-punk.  In the band’s first ten years of activity they released three full lengths and a handful of singles and EPs, and then signed on with Fat Wreck Chords for their third album, Tight New Dimension.  The album notably “tightened” the band’s musicianship, and allowed the band to enter their second decade on the top of their game.  How does a band on an upward trajectory follow up with their fourth full length?  With a twenty-three mico-song collection themed and inspired by American commercial and advertising culture entitled, Jingles.

If you’re like me, you might think Applebees, Pop-Rocks and Mountain Dew would not be the most intuitive topics around which to build an album, but hey, I guess that’s why I’m not a musician.  Heck, if They Might Be Giants can build a career around comedy and short-songed farce albums, then it’s really not out of the realm of possibility for Mean Jeans to do something similar as a one-off.

Despite the hefty track listing, the album clocks in at a slim twenty-one minutes, with each track ranging from a miniscule thirteen seconds, to a meatier minute forty-five.  The result is a collection of short, punchy hooks that stick around just long enough to lay down an ear-worm, and then it’s off to the next product.  Generally, the catchy little ditties come in one of two forms: short and to the point, or they use their 90 second runtime to build enthusiasm for the product.  Take “Rain-X Wiper Blades,” or “Totinos,” which cover little more than longing for a streak free windshield shine or a bubbling frozen party pizza cooking in the oven.  They’re both minimalist and extremely catchy while still making over the top promises for otherwise middling products.  

The same bodes true for the lengthier tracks, with those like “1-800-69-SHRED” totally selling me on where I’m heading the next time I need to dispose of office documents, or telling me the merits of spending my hard earned wages at a “Best Western.”  Meanwhile, “Kraft Mac & Cheese” drives home my already strong belief that there is no substitute for KD, while “Taco Bell” trumpets the merits of hitting up everyone’s favourite fast food hot spot during the wee hours of the night.  Stylistically, the tracks are fairly consistent in their simplicity, but “Dunkaroos” does a fine job of standing out from the pack with a purpose.  The now defunct snack ceased production in the USA back in 2012 due to changing child advertising laws, and only remains available in Canada.  The track takes an almost emo-esque feel to the tragic loss, and lays down an acoustic lament, reminiscing how the band “never had as much fun with food.”  On the other side of the spectrum there’s “The Footlong Song,” which throws in a little twang for good measure as the band sings of their love for an unspecified sandwich shop.

My only caution? be careful – listen to Jingles just once and you’re bound to get multiple products bouncing around in your head.  Much like the products they promote, the tracks are addictive.  Jingles isn’t likely the type of album you’ll be listening to in a year from now in regular rotation, but it will likely earn its place as a go to for something a little less serious.  It’s the type of album you can snicker about on your own, or have a good time annoying your friend with in the car.  Despite the trivial content, Mean Jeans’ musicianship makes Jingles a wholly enjoyable diversion.  

Three Man Cannon To Release New Album

Three Man CannonPhiladelphia based indie punk outfit Three Man Cannon has announced that they will be releasing their self titled full length on March 15, 2018 via Lame-O Records.  On the lead up to the release, the band will release a new 7″ single for the song “Building Broken Steps.” 

Listen to the song below and check out the track listing.

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Hungover – Three’s Company

HungoverSmartpunk Records band Hungover has premiered a brand new song.  The track is titled “Three’s Company” and can be found on the band’s forthcoming re-release of their latest EP WILT, which is set to drop on out March 30, 2018. The EP is  available for pre-order here.  Vocalist Marc Cortes comments:
‘Three’s Company’ is a song about being on the wrong end of a love triangle and getting yourself out of an awkward situation.”
Listen to the song below.

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Video: Waterparks – “Crybaby” & “Not Warriors”

WaterparksWaterparks has premiered a new music video featuring two songs from the band’s sophomore album.  The songs are “Crybaby” and “Not Warriors” and appear on the album Entertainment, which dropped back in January through Equal Vision Records. The album was produced by Benji Madden (All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer).

Watch the video below.

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The Fullers

The Fullers

Kingdom By The Sea

Ghetto Punk Records

Rating: 3.5/5/5




Up and coming New Jersey punk rock act The Fullers have become a popular live staple in a relatively short period of time.  Having built a reputation on their lively stage presence and political mindedness, the band tries their hand at channeling their energy for the studio in their debut full length, Kingdom by the Sea.  Composed of eleven high energy tracks, The Fullers put their best foot forward in translating their DIY sound for a broader audience.  The clear passion for their craft make for an album that is strong willed and spirited.

Kingdom by the Sea is largely its own beast, but between the loose vocal style and unpredictable tempos, fans of Cobra Skulls and lesser known horror punkers The Epidemic will find plenty of similarities therein.  Born of scratchy frayed vocals and a vicious drumbeat, opener “Tomorrow” sets an unhinged tone that highlights The Fullers’ knack for riding the rails as recklessly as possible without jumping the tracks.  “Haymarket” pushes these limits perhaps even further in complicating the vocals by closing out passages with somewhat of a retro 50’s waiver on the tail end of each line’s final word.  Combined with somewhat of a boot stomping tempo built against images of black flags and “woah-oh-oh” choruses, the song is made just that much more interesting.  That fast and furious tempo maintains itself across various other songs, like “1000 Horses” and “The Devil is My DJ.” For instance, the former embraces its feverish pace while offering balance through moments of consolidation in minor segments of minimalist guitars.

The Fullers further define themselves as a political minded force, funnelling their frustration into damning commentary of a polarizing system.  For instance, in “Change in the Wind” the band isn’t afraid to point fingers at republicans and democrats alike in lines like “change is blowing in the wind, but someone forgot to tell the politicians.”  Other songs like the extremely catchy “By the Grace of God” challenges citizens to “take the country back,” employing a backdrop of alienation to describe the experience of well intending immigrants chasing the American dream.

My only hesitancy or hint of reserve with Kingdom by the Sea resides in the album production.  I’m not quite sure of what to make of the band’s decision to go for a scrappy DIY style, but in considering substance, it’s not unlike that of many of the bands that serve as The Fullers’ early influence.  The tracks are well composed and mixed, but resemble albums on Epitaph from the early 90’s before they received the remastering treatment.  This shouldn’t be a sticking point, but will likely take a song or two to adjust to considering what the industry has made us accustomed to.

Overall, The Fullers have released a fine example of scrappy, fast-paced punk rock with attitude.  Kingdom by the Sea is an easy and insightful listen that will appeal to most punk rock preferences.  The band’s reputation for live energetic performances translates well for their first full length, and bodes well for future endeavours.

Captain We’re Sinking Calls It Quits

Captain Were Sinking TKONMScranton punks Captain We’re Sinking are calling it quits.  The band comments:
Hulloh, friends! I guess we gotta do this here and now. We are no longer a band. Bum Out City, USA. We had a great time, doh! We are still the best of friends and we aim to keep it that way. Probably about half the reason why we are no longer going to continue with this band. We can’t thank YOU ALL enough for the support, kind words, shows, conversations, floors to sleep on, food to eat and general shenanigans! We are all continuing with music with each other and without. We’re very happy with what we’ve done with these 10 plus years as Captain, We’re Sinking, but it’s time to stop.
The band last released The King Of No Man on Run For Cover Records on June 23, 2017. 

Video: Dave Hause – Burry Me In Philly

dave-hauseDave Hause has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “Burry Me in Philly,” which comes from his latest solo effort, Burry Me in Philly, which was released back in February 2017 via Rise Records.

Watch the video below.

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Video: Four Year Strong – Nice To Know

Four Year StrongNew England punk outfit Four Year Strong has premiered a new video for a song from their rarities album.  The album is titled Some Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won’t, and dropped on September 8, 2017 via Pure Noise Records. The album includes rarities, unheard originals, unplugged classics and reimagined favorites. 

Watch the video below for the song “Nice To Know.”

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Video: The Shell Corporation – Rooftops

Shell CorporationCalifornia’s skate punk act The Shell Corporation has premiered a new music video for the song “Rooftops.”  The album is due out on March 2, 2018 through La Escalera Records (U.S.) and Gunner Records (Europe). You can pre-order the record here.   The album follows their Paper + Plastick Records sophomore album, Mandrake, released back in 2014.

Pre-orders can be made here.  Listen to the song below.

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Epitaph Records

The FrightsEpitaph Records has welcomed San Diego-based surf-punk band The Frights to their family. Coinciding with the announcement, the band has premiered the song “Valentine’s Sux.”  The band comments:

“‘Valentine’s Sux’ was really fun to write mainly because I was in the middle of writing our next record…I’d been on that every day for a long time, so it was a good break to write something funny. Is this what is feels like to be Weird Al? Just constantly happy? So sick.”

Watch a video for the track below.

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Runaway Brother – Bully

Gold Flake PaintCleveland, Ohio’s Runaway Brother has premiered a new song from their upcoming album.  The song is titled “Bully” and the disc will be titled New Pocket and drop on February 16, 2018 via Tiny Engines Records. The album follows their debut, Mother.  

The song can be heard below.

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Tours: Portugal. The Man

Portugal The manPortugal. The Man will be heading on tour in support of their latest album, Woodstock, which dropped back in June 2017.

Full tour listings are below.

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Red City Radio Announces New EP

skytigers coverOklahoma City’s Red City Radio has announced their first new material since 2015.  The disc will take the form of a EP entitled Sky Tigers, and is due out on March 9, 2018 via Red Scare Industries.  Front man Garrett Dale comments:

“SkyTigers is a level of consciousness, obtainable when one with mind, body, and spirt and to be able to spread love and truth thru positivity. To be the absolute best version of yourself that you can be. That’s what being a SkyTiger is. To be great and do great. Because you are great.”

“The message with “SkyTigers” is a message of acceptance and love. Accepting control over your own universe and taking a stand against hate, fear, and confusion and facing them confidently with peace, love, and understanding. We hope that these songs make our listeners feel like there is someone who feels the same as them. Because there is. We are not alone when we have each other. And with the power of Rock & Roll, we are together. We welcome you. Though “SkyTigers” is a small collection of songs, it’s the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot in store for our fans and we welcome everyone to join us on this wonderful sonic journey as we evolve, mature, and grow together as a band, a people, and as friends.”

Pre-orders are live.

The Last Gang

The Last Gang

Sing For Your Supper

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3.5/5




When Fat Wreck Chords announced the signing of Orange County’s The Last Gang, label staff expressed excitement with inking a deal with what was one of their favourite rising punk acts.  Clearly the label wanted to share their enthusiasm with the loyal Fat Wreck Chords fanbase because a few months later and the band released a two track teaser.  Named for the title track, “Sing For Your Supper,” the double sided single features one song from their upcoming full length, and a second specific to the release.  And honestly after a quick listen, it isn’t hard to understand Fat’s eager attitude.

“Sing For Your Supper” showcases a range of hard nosed punk rock styles that combine classics like Rancid and The Distillers with a modern twist.  Brenna Red’s vocals are raw but seasoned, and highly expressive to the point of conviction.  With choruses bolstered by backing woah-oah vocals and rumbling bass, the song’s message of self sufficiency and resistance stands strong.  Flipping over to the b-side, “Turn the Record Over” is a fast moving, rumbling rocker that adeptly balances propulsive speed with jangly, stick in your head pop-punk melody.  The b-side is exclusive to this little sneak peak, so it’s well worth the investment on the road to the band’s much anticipated next full length.

Sing For Your Supper does its job of drumming up excitement for The Last Gang’s impending album, and framing the band with all the excitement inherent in the original signing announcement.  Now we wait.

Only Strangers Stream New LP In Full

Only Strangers STStoke, UK’s Only Strangers are a band with a sound reminiscent of Hot Water MusicLawrence ArmsHummer and Iron Chic and their self titled debut LP promises to be a powerful punk classic in the making. Fare Thee Well is another example of the band’s melodic gruff punk style, and a further example of why their fast paced sawing guitar tones makes them such a perfect fit in Horn & Hoof Records current roster. 

Only Strangers self titled debut dropped last week and is available to stream below.

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This Obsession Sign With Wiretap Records; Announces New LP

This ObsessionChicago pop-punk trio This Obsession has joined the Wiretap Records family.  The album will be titled A Confrontational Effort and is set to drop on March 16, 2018.

Coinciding with the announcement, the band is streaming the new song “Deep Water.”  Listen to the song below.

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Senses Fail – “New Jersey Makes, The World Takes”

Senses FailLong running emo act Senses Fail has premiered a new song from their next full length.  The disc will be titled If There Is Light, It Will Find You, and is set to drop on February 16, 2018 via Pure Noise Records.  

The song “New Jersey Makes, The World Takes” can be heard below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Tours: Antillectual (Europe)

Antillectual 2017Dutch based punks Antillectual will be heading on tour in the Spring.  Antillectual continues to support their latest release, is Engage!, which dropped back in 2016.

Upcoming tour dates and are below.

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Dead To Me – Fear is the New Bliss

Dead To MeDead To Me has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Fear is the New Bliss” and is a precursor to the band’s follow up to their 2016 EP, I Wanna Die In Los Angeles, which is available now via Fat Wreck Chords.

Listen to the new song and find upcoming tour dates below.

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Video: Story of the Year – Praying For Rain

Story Of The YEarStory of the Year has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “Praying For Rain” from their new disc, Wolves, which dropped last week through the band’s Pledge Music campaign.  Orders can be made here.

Watch the video here.

The Lawrence Arms Announce Greatest Hits Album

Lawrence ArmsThe Lawrence Arms are planning to release a greatest hits package on March 30, 2018 via Fat Wreck Chords.  The disc features five new song taken from the band’s Oh Calcutta! studio sessions.  The disc will be titled We Are The Champions of the World.

Check out the track listing and an announcement trailer below.  The band plans to tour in support of the disc in April and May.  Pre-orders are live.

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Queen of Jeans – More to Love

Queen of JeansPhiladelphia’s Queen of Jeans has announced plans for their debut album.  The disc will be titled Dig Yourself and is set to drop on March 30, 2018 via Topshelf Records.  

Coinciding with the announcement, the band has premiered the song “More to Love,” which can be heard here courtesy The Alternative.

Video: You Vandal – Collapse

You VandalYou Vandal has premiered a new music video from their Jump Start Records debut, I Just Want to Go Back to Hell, which dropped back in November 2017. 

The video features the song “Collapse” and can be viewed below.

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Harker No Discordance


No Discordance

Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Brighton, UK band Harker hasn’t been kicking around for more than a few years, but through a string of steady EPs has made a name for themselves as an energetic upstart with plenty of potential.  That promise is finally being explored at greater length in the band’s debut full length, No Discordance.  The album features ten tracks of infectious pop-punk tunes with teeth.

A natural stylistic comparison would be none other than that of infectious, fast-paced anthems that defined the now dormant Smoke or Fire.  Front man Mark Boniface exudes an energetic confidence that doesn’t stray too far from melody, matching his comparatively higher landing tone.  As much as I love weathered gravelly vocalists, Boniface’s clean pitch is a well executed alternative that naturally fits the style.  Serving as album opener, “Station Approach” takes a guitar heavy approach that feels more like a match for a mid-tempo midwestern style punk act than those typically implied by Harker’s European geography.  There’s probably room for a Beach Slang comparison here somewhere.  Other songs, like “Black Dog” and “300 Cigarettes” build from No Discordance’s initial momentum, weaving layers of emotional vocal harmonies and angst-driven gang vocals across subtly interjecting choruses and verses.  

The band communicates a catchy and alluring style without necessarily relying on turning each track into an anthem for appeal.  The album’s flow feels natural, although at times perhaps a little uniform.  “Endless Night” bucks trends and closes the album under a grungy little number that crawls at a slightly reduced pace.  Rather than exploding into fire and fury, the band retreats to the expansive and ambient during instrumental bridges.  It’s a curious direction that hints at future possibilities from Harker.

Overall, No Discordance formalizes Harker’s entry to the scene as a punk act worth keeping an eye on.  The band’s steady style makes a fine jump from EPs and singles to the realm of the full length, and is sure to drum up excitement from prospective fans.

Ducking Punches – Distant Shadows

Ducking PunchesNorwich, UK folk-punk act Ducking Punches will  bereleasing their next album, Alamort, on February 16, 2018 via Xtra Mile Recordings.  The band is now streaming the new track “Distant Shadows.”

Listen to the song below.

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Frank Turner – 1933

Frank TurnerFrank Turner has announced details for this next full length.  The disc will be titled Be More Kind, and is set to drop on May 4, 2018 via Xtra Mile Recordings. an animated video for “1933”, taken from his upcoming album “Be More Kind”.

Coinciding with the announcement, Turner has premiered a music video for the song “1933.”  Check out the video below along with upcoming tour dates and track listing.

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Brian Fallon – My Name Is The Night (Color Me Black)

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.47.10 AMGaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon has premiered a new song entitled “My Name Is The Night (Color Me Black).”  The track will appear on Fallon’s upcoming solo album, Sleepwalkers, which is due out on February 9, 2018.  

Listen to the song below.

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Secrets Announce Next Full Length

SecretsSan Diego-based band, Secrets has announced details for their next full length.  The disc will serve as their self titled album and is set to drop on February 23 2018 via Made in the Shade Records..  Stream the song below. 

Track list is below.

The band last released Everything That Got Us Here in 2015 via Velocity/Rise Records.

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Tours: Jukebox The Ghost

Jukebox The GhostPiano-pop trio Jukebox The Ghost has announced that they will be heading on tour in support of their next full length.  The disc will be titled Off to the Races and is set to drop on March 30, 2018.

Tour dates are below.

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