Fatal Crowbar Injury Release ‘Still Taste Blood’ EP

Fatal Crowbar Injury STBFatal Crowbar Injury have released their new EP, Still Taste Blood, and it is now available for streaming via Spotify and SoundCloud, and is also available to purchase through iTunes. The Still Taste Blood EP is a taster of what’s to come from Fatal Crowbar Injury as the band are currently focused on writing new material for their forthcoming full length that is set to be released next year.

Still Taste Blood can be streamed via SoundCloud here and Spotify here and the EP can be purchased via iTunes here

Fatal Crowbar Injury‘s Facebook page can be found here

Hotel Books Release ‘Celebration’ Video From Forthcoming LP

Hotel Books EquivalencyHotel Books new album, Equivalency, is due for release on October 27th via InVogue Records. The band have released a video for the albums lead single, Celebration, that is now available for stream via Spotify, Apple Music and all other digital retailers. Hotel Books will also be on tour in the US in support of the new album from September 30th and throughout October.

You can pre-order Equivalency via InVogue Records here

The video for Celebration, and Hotel Books tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

The Professionals Release ‘Rewind’ Video

Professionals WITWThe Professionals brand new album, What In The World, is still available for pre-order via Pledge Music. The album boasts ten new tracks and in addition to the core group of Paul Cook, Paul Myers and Tom Spencer it features a host of guests including Marco Pironni (Adam And The Ants), Billy Duffy (The Cult), Duff McKagan (Guns ‘N Roses), Mick Jones (The Clash) and of course Steve Jones. Rewind is the second track taken from The Professionals new album, and the band have released a video for Rewind, and the track is now available to those who pledged for the new album. You can pre-order What in The World via Pledge Music here

The lyric video Rewind can be viewed below Read More…

Hang Tight Grind

Hang Tight


Standby Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Jersey’s Hang Tight are set to release their debut EP, Grind, in a week’s time via Standby Records, as this is a band called Hang Tight with an EP called Grind you might expect there to be a strong skate punk influence on this five track release, well you’d be wrong,  as this is an infectious summery blast of pop punk. The decision to release this as the night’s start drawing in is a somewhat baffling one, but there’ll always be another summer so maybe they’re just planning ahead.

The Grind EP kicks things off with The Rents that boasts an hook laden riff that gives way to glorious harmony vocals, a combination that is reminiscent of a heavyweight Weezer. Forget About It continues the upbeat blast of the EP whilst Pretty In True Blue takes the EP in a poppier and distinctly lovelorn direction. Digital Age is easily the EP’s finest moment, a short sharp blast of punk rock that adds a shot of adrenaline to the EP, whilst Be Mine closes the EP with a return to the melodic pop punk that is the overriding influence and style that dominates Grind.

With their first EP Hang Tight have released an EP that is a mass of contradictions, the heavyweight riffs and driving bass lines are overlaid with poppy vocals, they are part pop punk, part grunge and part indie punk with a sound that sits somewhere between OK Go and The Wannadies and Weezer and Sum 41. The combination of driving guitars, sparkling keyboards, upbeat rhythms and the ever present harmony vocals are a pleasant mix, but I do find myself having a sense of deja vu throughout the record, there are so many elements mixed into Grind that I find it reminds me of a varied list of bands that populate the lighter end my playlist.

You can pre-order the Grind EP via Standby Records here

Hang Tight‘s Facebook page can be found here

Trampolene To Release New Single ‘The Boy That Life Forgot’

Trampolene TBTLFTrampolene will release a new single, The Boy That Life Forgot, on Friday 8th December, the single is taken from their debut album, Swansea To Hornsey, that is due to be released on October 27th. Trampolene will also be touring over the next few months, including shows with The Libertines, Liam Gallagher and Cabbage. You can pre-order Swansea To Hornsey via Pledge Music here

You can stream The Boy That Life Forgot here

Trampolene‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 18 Oct 17The Manchester Punk Festival will be returning next year between the 19th and 21st April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the first volume of the compilations that precede next year’s festival, the Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 features Mobina Galore, Drones, Natterers, Antillectual, Forever Unclean, Captain Hotknives, Incisions, Egos At The Door, Fresh, All Aboard, Darko, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Foxes Faux, The Lab Rats, Aerial Salad, Regret and Svetlanas, who are all appearing at the festival. Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 as a name your price download here

Knuckle Puck Release Video For ‘Gone’ Ahead Of US Tour

Knuckle Puck SSChicago pop punkers Knuckle Puck have spoofed Blink-182‘s Rock Show in their new video for the track, Gone, which is taken from from Knuckle Puck‘s newly released sophomore album, Shapeshifter. The band are also undertaking a fall headlining tour in support of the album with support from Movements, With Confidence and Homesafe.
Shapeshifter can be purchased via Rise Records here
The video for Gone, and Knuckle Puck‘s tour dates, can be viewed below

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Wicked Bears Tuning Out

Wicked Bears

Tuning Out

Hidden Home Records

Rating: 4/5




Hidden Home Records released Wicked Bears sophomore album, Tuning Out, on October 13th, the band’s latest full length follows on from last year’s self titled release, and once more the Utah pop punk quartet are doing what they do best, producing energetic and fun punk rock that has the charm that you’d expect from pop punk, but they do it with all the rough edges intact with the punk element firmly at the forefront of their sound. The end result is that Tuning Out is one of the best pop punk albums I’ve heard in the last few years, and further evidence that Hidden Home Records is one of best grass roots labels out there.

The album starts in 2049, an energetic two and a half minutes of frenetic pop punk with all the harmony choruses and enthusiasm you could wish for, the album’s title track carries the bounce of early Green Day and Bowling For Soup, whereas No Vacancy channels Nerf Herder and Blink-182, and on it goes, each track carries the hallmarks of pop punk, but at the same time managing to sound fresh and energetic. More importantly it carries the other element that made pop punk so popular, whilst some of the tracks make valid social points this is an album that is fun and has a sense of humour, something that has sadly been forgotten by a lot of the recent pop punk releases.

There seem to be two approaches to creating a pop punk album, to take it and try to blend it’s trademark elements with other styles and make it your own, or to do just do it well and carry the energy and enthusiasm that made pop punk such a worldwide phenomenon, Wicked Bears are very much in the latter camp. They take all the best elements from those that came before them and blend them to create a gloriously anthemic and upbeat album. If you thought pop punk had nothing left in the tank Wicked Bears are living and breathing proof that this is a scene that is still alive and kicking.

Tuning Out can be ordered on CD and cassette via Hidden Home Records here

You can stream and download Tuning Out via Bandcamp here

Wicked Bears Facebook page can be found here

Hodera Release Full Stream Of ‘First Things First’ Album

Hodera FSFYou can finally stream Hodera‘s latest album, First Things First, in its entirety, the album is one that is personal, honest, confessional and flows in and out and your veins. First Things First will be released October 20th on vinyl, CD and digital formats via Take This To Heart Records. You can stream First Things First via The Vinyl District here

First Things First can be pre-ordered via Take This To Heart Records here

Hodera‘s US tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Belmont Launch Pre-Orders For New Seven Inch Vinyl Single

Belmont Oct 17Chicago pop punks Belmont are releasing a new seven inch vinyl single via Mutant League Records and the Chicago five piece’s latest release is now available for pre-order. The single consists of two fan favourite singles, Water Weight and Step Aside, which were debuted by the band in 2017, the first vinyl pressing is limited to only 500 copies across two unique colour variants.

The limited edition single can be pre-ordered here

The video for Step Aside can be viewed below Read More…

Dissociates To Release Debut Album ‘A Capital Idea’

Dissociates Oct 17London punk rock powerhouse Dissociates are set to release their debut album, A Capital Idea, on 10th November 2017 via Safety Second Records. The album contains five brand new songs and five tracks from their previous EP, After Hours At The Violet Club. To celebrate the release of their first full length the band have shared a brand new music video for their new track Useless Wooden Toys that is taken from the forthcoming album. The release will be supported by UK and European touring including a free entry London album release show with support from River Jumpers, Sweet Empire and Harker at The Finsbury on November 11th.

You can view the video for the track Useless Wooden Toys, and Dissociates tour dates, below Read More…

Messer Chups - Taste The Blood of Guitaracula

Messer Chups

Taste The Blood Of Guitaracula

MuSick Recordings

Rating: 3/5




Russia’s Messer Chups emerged in St. Petersburg over a decade ago, since then they’ve amassed an loyal army of followers through a commitment to touring, with their explosive live shows played against a video collage backdrop of mid century trashy cult and horror movie clips , and a steady stream of releases. Taste The Blood Of Guitaracula is Messer Chups first release outside of their homeland and they’ll be supporting the release of their new album on their upcoming Halloween Howling Tour, which kicks off at Detroit’s annual Halloween masquerade staged at the Masonic Temple’s Theatre Bizarre and concludes on October 28th in San Francisco

Whilst I couldn’t get this posted in time for Friday 13th we’re well in time for Halloween, and believe me this is an album that was just made to be added to your party soundtrack for that darkest of nights. From the kitsch creepy opening of Midnight Call this is a trip into a world haunted by the ghost’s of 60s garage bands and 50’s b-movies, and it appears that surf is up on horror beach, as Taste The Blood Of Guitaracula is sixteen cuts of kitsch horror themed surf that is more Munsters than monsters.

Taste The Blood Of Guitaracula is a largely instrumental album that carries the spirit for The Cramps, 50’s B-Movies and The Mummies, and pretty much everything else that was inspired by that gloriously trashy era. The album is heavy on the surf style, and whether you are a fan of 60s surf bands will largely dictate whether Messer Chups latest album will be to your taste, but Taste The Blood Of Guitaracula will also appeal to those who have a love for The Misfits lounge album, The Horrorpops and the more unhinged garage bands from the last six decades.

Messer Chups website can be found here

Sad Blood Release Final Single ‘Little Love Letters’

Sad Blood LLLUK emo band Sad Blood have released their final ever single, a fittingly anthemic ode called Little Love Letters. The band are to play their final show on the 19th October at Birthdays, Dalston, London, with support from brand new garage punk band Pretty Pistol, as well as Guillotine and Gender Roles. The track is the band’s last hurrah but expect exciting news of future developments very shortly.

Little Love Letters can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here

You can view the video for Little Love Letters below Read More…

Screaming Females To Release Seventh Album ‘All At Once’

Screaming Females AAONew Jersey DIY-punk luminaries Screaming Females have announced they are set to release their seventh studio album, All At Once, on February 23rd 2018 via Don Giovanni Records. Ahead of the album’s release Screaming Females have released a video for a new track, Glass House, that is taken from the forthcoming album. The expectations that surround being in a band have changed a lot since Screaming Females started up in 2005, All At Once is a reminder there’s a hopeful and joyful energy to underground music-making, patience, perseverance, and long term dedication still work. All At Once can be pre-ordered via Don Giovanni Records here

You can view the video for Glass House below Read More…

Dodgeball Records Release Benefit Compilation For Santa Rosa

For Santa RosaDodgeball Records have released the charity compilation, For Santa Rosa, to aid the victims of the fires in Santa Rosa, CA, the compilation is now available via Bandcamp and all money raised will go to benefit the community of Santa Rosa, CA. The album features forty familiar, new, live, acoustic and rare tracks from bands such as 88 Fingers Louie, The Dopamines, Smoking Popes, Direct Hit!, Avenues, Showoff, Off With Their Heads, Horace Pinker, Decent Criminal, Sciatic Nerve, Odd Robot, Turnspit, Dan Vapid And The Cheats, Western Settings, AM Taxi, The Dollyrots, Off With Their Heads, Amuse and many more.

For Santa Rosa can be purchased for $5 via Bandcamp here

Siberian Meat Grinder - MBS

Siberian Meat Grinder

Metal Bear Stomp

Destiny Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Russia’s Siberian Meat Grinder released their new album, Metal Bear Stomp, a few days ago, their latest release is a brutal crossover album that blends elements of thrash metal and hardcore, that are mixed with machine gun raps and touches of black metal, unsurprisingly the result is a truly individual and aggressive soundtrack. Metal Bear Stomp is the band’s first full length release, but it’s one that follows in the wake of their two mini albums, Hail To The Tsar and Vs The World, that were originally released on their own label before being repressed by their current imprint, Destiny Records.
The majority of the tracks on Siberian Meat Grinder are intense fist pumping crossover blasts that have echoes of Slayer and Sacred Reich in their grooves, but there are moments that stand out amidst the almost relentless assault on the senses, an assault that is characterised by heavy breakdowns, heavyweight riffs and breakneck guitar solos. I can guarantee that the aggressive chant of the album’s title track will be lodged in your brain for days, and alongside the expected crossover ingredients there are elements of brutal rap that are seamlessly thrown into the mix, most notably on No Way Back. The combination of these elements makes for a perfectly named album, as I can’t come up with a better description for this release than Metal Bear Stomp.
Siberian Meat Grinder are a band that will appeal to fans of old school thrash, the more brutal side of crossover and for fans of the likes of Bodycount, Fire From The Gods and Suicidal Tendencies, this an intense metal influenced delivery, but, and this is a big but, the unintelligible growls of many modern metal influenced acts are replaced with a rhythmic aggressive style that brings something new to the party. The metal influences are very much to the fore on Metal Bear Stomp and they are delivered in an aggressive hardcore style, yet somehow every single track on Siberian Meat Grinder‘s debut full length has a dancefloor bounce to it, something that makes this an another unique import from Russia that, along with the likes of Svetlanas and Messer Chups, proves once more that all is not so quiet on the Eastern front.
Metal Bear Stomp is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Destiny Records here

The Mons Release Full Stream Of ‘Trust No One’ Album

The Mons Trust No OneHardcore punk band The Mons have released a full stream of their new album, Trust No One, that is due for release this Friday via Triple Eye Industries. Trust No One is available for pre-order on black, and a very limited edition orange with black spatter, vinyl as well as digitally. Trust No One can be streamed in full via Scene Point Blank here

The Punk Site review of Trust No One can be read here

You can pre-order Trust No One via Bandcamp here

Big Heet To Release ‘On A Wire’ Album

Big Heet OAWBig Heet, the Tallahassee quartet led by former ex Breathers guitarist and vocalist David Settle, have released a full stream of their full-length debut, On A Wire, that is due out on October 20th via the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club. On A Wire shifts between agitated post punk and tangled post-hardcore whilst maintaining a social conscience, Big Heet rally against anxiety, environmental concerns, politics, anti-semitism, dead end jobs, assault, abuse and false activism, doing their part to create real change. You can stream On A Wire via Soundcloud here and pre-order the album here

You can subscribe to the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club here

At The Drive In To Release Record Store Day EP ‘Diamanté’

At The Drive In - DiamanteCapping off a triumphant year of live shows worldwide and the release of their critically acclaimed album, in • ter a • li • a, At The Drive In have yet another surprise in store for fans as available exclusively for Record Store Day‘s Black Friday the band will be releasing Diamanté, a three song EP on ten inch vinyl via Rise Records, out November 24th. Diamanté will only be available at exclusively at your local independent record store on Record Store Day‘s Black Friday, November 24th, and to find yours go here. At The Drive In will also be on tour in the UK next year with Death From Above and Le Butcherettes.
You can read more about Diamanté, and view At The Drive In‘s tour dates, below

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False Advertising Release New Single And Video ‘Hey You’

False Advertising HYManchester-based trio, False Advertising, have revealed another 100% DIY video for their latest single, Hey You, that can be streamed and purchased here. You can catch the band live on the I Would Be So Much Happier… UK Tour with headline dates running throughout October and November 2017, where their new EP, I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring, will be available exclusively on limited edition cassette ahead of the digital release on 27th October. The EP is a collection of the standalone releases which the band have so far dropped throughout 2017 and builds on their caustic, fuzz-drenched approach to alternative rock.

You can view the video for Hey You, and False Advertising‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Bullet Height Announce UK Winter Tour With Courtesans

Bullet Height Winter Tour 17Berlin-based duo Bullet Height have announced they will be bringing their live show to the UK this winter on a run of tour dates supporting London doompop quartet Courtesans, with further dates to be announced. The pair will be playing tracks from their recently released debut album, No Atonement, which is out now on Superball Music. The album is comprised of ten tracks of dark, primal conviction, pulped with the avant-garde, fusing industrialised electronica, heavy guitars and heartbreakingly sweet melodies. No Atonement can be purchased on CD and petrol green LP here
You can view Bullet Height‘s tour dates below

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Silverstein Release ‘Lost Positives’ Video & Announce 2018 Tour

Silverstein Jan 2018 TourCanada’s post-hardcore veterans, Silverstein, recently released their eighth full length, Dead Reflection, on Rise Records, and have already spent much of 2017 on the road in support of the album. Now the band has announced yet another massive run of shows with a full US tour on the books for early 2018. To celebrate the announcement the band have now released their new music video for the track Lost Positives, an explosive cut from Dead Reflection.

Dead Reflection can be streamed and purchased here

You can view the video for Lost Positives, and Silverstein‘s tour dates, below Read More…

By Gods Move On

The By Gods

Move On

Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5



Nashville’s The By Gods were born from a potent blend of musings on small town religion, depression, terrorist attacks, celebrity deaths, global politics and the social media reaction to all those events, Move On is the sound of a band trying to come to terms with their own ever-changing and strange reality, the album was written during the last presedential election which acted as a backdrop for Move On. The disturbing political events of last year that inform the album are paired with an impressive hybrid soundtrack that encompasses grunge, alt rock and the noisier side of the indie spectrum, with a faint touch of The Velvet Underground in the album’s low key finale.
The post grunge influences are evident from the first chords of the album’ title track, the rumbling bass line gives way to a crunching overdriven guitar riff, every track on Move On recalls the sonic assault that characterised the best bands from the grunge and alternative scenes of the late eighties and early nineties. The By Gods are a band whose influences are worn proudly on their sleeves, the haunting elements that characterised some of the Pixies finest recordings are present along with dissonance and energy of Nirvana and the hooks of the Foo Fighters early recordings, but whilst the album’s inspiration is obvious The By Gods have taken this soundtrack and produced something that is very much their own.
It could be argued that Move On is something of a throwback, but when an album is this accomplished I don’t care in the slightest, I haven’t encountered a band that delivers this kind of energising high energy slacker soundtrack in a long long time. With their third album The By Gods have undoubtedly produced their finest release to date, with Move On they seem to have perfected the sound that they have been developing over their first two albums. Dark and tumultuous political times are often said to inspire some of the best music, The By Gods are living proof of this as Move On is an album that sits amongst the best releases I’ve heard this year.
Move On is set for release on the 20th October and can be pre-ordered here
The Mons Trust No One

The Mons

Trust No One

Triple Eye Industries

Rating: 3/5



Chicago has always been a city that has been at the forefront of the American punk rock scene, and the five members of The Mons have been there for the better part of it. The Mons are comprised of ex-members of bands such as Apocalypse Hoboken, The Arrivals, The Mashers and Lynyrd’s Innards, and they are now set to release their sophomore album, Trust No One, that follows on from their 2015 debut album In The Original It’s Red, on the 20th October via Triple Eye Industries.
Trust No One melds Dead Kennedys intensity with Black Flag‘s attack and Adolescents drive to create a hybrid that has a distinctly old school feel, almost every track flashes past in an instant before the next one kicks in at full throttle. The lead single Alarm Clock captures the spirit of early 80’s hardcore perfectly and my other personal highlights from Trust No One include the tracks Silent Majority and Party Down, these are sandwiched between the constant barrage of short hardcore blasts and intense old school punk riffs that populate the fifteen track album.
The Mons have released an album that manages the recreate the intensity of the early American hardcore scene, the album also embraces a few metallic and later punk rock influences along the way, and as you’d expect from that decription this album is a little on the short side as all fifteen tracks are done and dusted in just over twenty minutes. Trust No One is something of a throwback, had this album been released in the early eighties it would be hailed as a classic, but it’s 2017 and enjoyable as Trust No One is this is an album that brings nothing new to the party, but whilst it’s not an original release this is a fast, furious and intense album that briefly resurrects the ghost of punk’s past.
Trust No One can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats via Triple Eye Industries here

Sorority Noise Release New Single ‘Alone’

Sorority Noise AloneSorority Noise have just released Alone, a brand new two song single that features the songs Week 51 and Fermeta, that is now available via Triple Crown Records, the single can be purchased on vinyl, on clear and clear with blue spatter variants, here and digitally here. Alone is also available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and via all other digital platforms. Alone is the follow up to Sorority Noise‘s critically acclaimed full length, You’re Not As _____ As You Think, that was released earlier this year on Triple Crown Records.
Sorority Noise‘s tour dates can be viewed below

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All Them Witches Sound Control Oct 17

All Them Witches / The Ghost Wolves

Sound Control, Manchester, UK

1st October 2017

Rating: 4/5




It’s almost a year to the day since All Them Witches last appeared in Manchester, since their last appearance they’ve unleashed their finest full length to date, Sleeping Through The War, and are currently touring in support of the album, and they’ve bought The Ghost Wolves along for the ride on their latest European tour. It’s always a good sign to walk into a venue to hear The Cramps being played, standing at the bar you realise they’re playing a good chunk from the Off The Bone album, this is followed by a selection of dark and twisted psyche and alternative which sets the tone nicely for tonight’s opening act. The Ghost Wolves hail from the capital of the most unhinged elements of American garage and psyche, Austin Texas, and they are a worthy successor to the illustrious list of bands from that city, one that includes The 13th Floor Elevators, Butthole Surfers and The Black Angels.

I’ve not encountered The Ghost Wolves before, which is not that surprising given that this is their first UK tour, but knowing Austin’s pedigree for producing some of the best and original alternative bands makes them an intriguing prospect. The Ghost Wolves are a duo comprising drummer Jonathan Wolf, who hammers out the primitive rhythms, and the other element is the primal guitar and vocals of Carley Wolf, their music is borne of The Cramps, Link Wray and delta blues, to create a sound that is the bastard offspring of the dark and dirty elements of rock n rolls history. “Do you like to be good or do you like to be bad” asks Carley Wolf and the answer is obvious, The Ghost Wolves deliver the perfect start to the evening with a set of distorted blues haunted garage punk that is stripped to the bone, and judging by the crowd that are held captivated by The Ghost Wolves set they’ve converted more than a few Mancunians to their cause tonight.
Prior to All Them Witches the soundtrack switches to a more eclectic mix, and as befits a band from Nashville there’s an element of unhinged country thrown into the mix. Sound Control is absolutely packed on this Sunday night, and there is evidence that more than a few of those present are throwing caution to the wind ahead of the working week starting over in a few short hours. Prior to their appearance the Black Sabbath classic War Pigs gets an outing and receives a raucous singalong from a good section of the crowd, which only adds to the atmosphere that is building up in Sound Control, and is starting to make it feel like a Saturday night rather than the end of the weekend, this gives way to an atmospheric and headier introduction that signifies the arrival of All Them Witches.
All Them Witches kick things off in signature style with a hypnotic riff that steadily builds before they launch into the signature southern psyche. Compared to The Ghost Wolves their stage presence is one that is more restrained and reflects that nature of the haunting soundscapes that populate their set. All Them Witches sound lies somewhere between Hawkwind, when they were in their prime, and The Doors. All Them Witches represent part of the resurgence in psyche, who along with bands such as Evil Blizzard And The Great Machine are rescuing the scene from self indulgence. All Them Witches might deliver a set of extended psychedelia but there’s something captivating about their southern psyche. All Them Witches last played in Manchester almost a year ago to the day, and there’s something about their sound that makes them the perfect soundtrack to a season when the nights start drawing in and Halloween is on the horizon.
All Them Witches are not the kind of band I’d normally take to, but there’s something about them that draws me back, and there’s a reason they’re now an annual fixture on my schedule, as I don’t think there’s anyone else delivering this kind of authentic psychedelia out there. I’ll admit It takes me a few songs to tune in what is a very different kind of live set to those that usually attend, but once you slip into their hypnotic grooves you find yourself in a trance and then you’re just along for the ride. Tonight’s show has featured two very different sides of the garage and psyche scene, between Austin’s brash unhinged primitive garage duo The Ghost Wolves and the heady psyche of All Them Witches, but it’s a welcome contrast and one that has made this corner of Manchester the only place to be tonight.
The Punk Site review of Sleeping Through The War can be read here
All Them Witches website is here
The Ghost Wolves website can be found here
Sound Control‘s website is located here

Henri Herbert And The Fury Announce Album Release Show

Henri Herbert LAGHHenri Herbert And The Fury will be playing an album release show for their debut album, Live At Gypsy Hotel, on the 8th November at The Old Blue Last, London with Suzie Stapleton as support. There are only a limited number of tickets left for this show and they can be purchased here. Live At Gypsy Hotel will be available at the show on both CD and vinyl formats.

Live At Gypsy Hotel can be pre-ordered here

Henri Herbert And The Fury‘s tour dates can be viewed here

Hi-Fi Spitfires To Release New EP ‘Doors To The USA’

hi Fi Spitfires DTTUHi Fi Spitfires have announced they will release their new five track EP, Doors To The USA, next month, the new EP is the first new material from the band since the release of their critically acclaimed Nightraid LP in 2014. The official launch party for the EP will take place at the The Doll at the Black Bull, Gateshead on the 30th December with support from Loaded 44 and Pitbull. Doors To The USA will be available at their live shows and direct from the band, Hi-Fi Spitfires will also be releasing a numbered limited edition red vinyl edition of their debut album, England Screaming, later this year.

The Punk Site review of Nightraid can be read here

Hi Fi Spitfires website can be found here and their Facebook page is here

Louise Distras Brings ‘Nu Punk’ Shows To London & Manchester

Louise Distras Nu Punk Oct 17Louise Distras is bringing her ‘Nu Punk’ shows to London and Manchester next weekend. The two shows aim to break down barriers by bringing punk and grime acts together with one common voice, the two special shows will feature Louise Distras, Riskee And The Ridicule, Kenneths, The Collective Grime Crew and Witchfever. Tickets can be purchased for the ‘Nu Punk‘ shows here (London) and here (Manchester)

Louise Distras‘s website can be found here

You can view a preview trailer for the ‘Nu Punk‘ shows below Read More…

The Creature Comfort Announce New Single & Launch Party

Creature Comfort Oct 17The Creature Comfort have announced they will release their first new material since 2013, their new single, What We Want (Power Corruption & Lies), will be released on Friday 1st December and will be available via all the usual digital platforms. The release is being celebrated at the official launch party on Saturday 2nd December, with The Creature Comfort headlining Manchester’s legendary Night & Day Cafe. You can order tickets for The Creature Comfort‘s Launch Party here

The Creature Comfort’s website can be found here

You can watch a sneak preview of What We Want (Power Corruption & Lies) below Read More…

Makthaverskan Stream New Album ‘Ill’ Via Bandcamp

Makthaverskan IllDeep at the heart of Makthaverskan‘s new album Ill lies a burning desire, a longing to find compassion against a global backdrop where love in all its forms feels as if its being sucked from our lives. Led by vocalist Maja Milner‘s barbed wail, Ill is Makthaverskan turning their sights on the world at large, chasing hope and understanding in a time when it can seem impossible to find either. Makthaverskan are now streaming their third full-length, Ill, via Bandcamp in advance of the album’s October 20th release on Run For Cover Records and Luxury Records. Physical pre-orders for Ill are now available and the album can be purchased digitally for $5 via Bandcamp ahead of the album’s release. US tour plans will be announced shortly.

You can pre-order and stream Ill via Bandcamp here