Saint Apache WM

Saint Apache

Wolf Machine

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Saint Apache are a high octane alt rock quartet that hail from the coastal town of Eastbourne, UK. Their sound is informed by an array of influences, ranging from the venom of Every Time I Die, to the drive of Buckcherry, and the political potency of Rage Against The Machine, that is all served up with a healthy dose of punk abrasiveness and a rock sensibility to creature a turbo charged hybrid. The south-coasters churn out compelling full tilt guitar riffs, distorted driving basslines, hard-hitting drums, and an aggressive gritty edge, served up with a super charged vocal delivery.

Saint Apache are the kind of hard hitting alt rock band that you rarely encounter anymore, from the opening You’re Not A Slave it’s clear that this is a dirty distorted and angry version of alt rock that carries the spirit and defiance of punk, but it’s all delivered in a heavier and hard hitting style that has rock’s self assured swagger in spades. Every single cut on the four track Wolf Machine EP is delivered at full tilt with a hard aggressive approach and energy, this is grass roots alt rock that is a world away from the corporate side of a genre that has been increasingly heading to radio friendly territory. 

Whilst Saint Apache are not radio friendly the EP does have clean versions of the tracks You’re Not A Slave and Wolf Machine included, these make minor edits to the more explicit elements of the songs but you can’t mask their fury and I can’t really blame them for wanting to stand a chance of being heard by a wider audience. Wolf Machine is an EP of alt rock delivered exactly as it oughta be, there are no introspective moments, this is a full throttle adrenaline charged assault that contains all the fury and defiance of Rage Against The Machine in their prime.

Saint Apache‘s Facebook page can be found here

Tigercub To Release ‘Evolve Or Die’ EP On September 29th

Tigercub EODBrighton trio Tigercub have announced they will release a brand new EP titled Evolve or Die on 29th September via Alcopop! Records, the EP will be available on limited edition red vinyl and all good digital platforms. Tigercub will be releasing Evolve or Die as one of the first ever pay-what-you-want vinyl releases, together with Alcopop! Records the band are taking a bold risk to break the physical distribution mould.

The red vinyl edition of Evolve Or Die can be ordered via Tigercub here

The lead single from the EP, The Divided States Of Us, can be streamed here

Tigercub‘s UK festival appearances can be viewed below Read More…

Energy Release ‘Under The Mask’ EP

Energy UK Tour 2017Boston punks Energy have released their brand new EP, Under The Mask, today through Shadowland Productions, the new record features six tracks of signature Energy punk rock that combines the sombre, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics with infectiously poppy hooks to create a record that will demand repeat listens. Energy will be on tour in the UK from the 29th July with support from Miss Vincent.
The Punk Site review of Under The Mask can be read here
Under The Mask can be pre-ordered and streamed here
Energy‘s UK tour dates can be viewed below
Vault 51 Kid

Vault 51


Self Released

Rating: 3/5



Atlanta’s alternative rock quintet, Vault 51, were previously signed to Roadrunner Records but now the group has taken matters into their own hands with the release of their brand new six track EP, Kid, that is due to be released today, July 20th 2017. Over the years the band have faced many obstacles that would have forced many to disband and move on, instead Vault 51 chose to persevere and press on with what they set out to accomplish, with the Kid EP being the first step in achieving their goals.
Thirty Six builds up your expectations with a muted introduction that builds into some crunching atmospheric melodic alt rock, the massive hooks you’d expect are juxtaposed against a melodic undertone, and this marks an impressive beginning to the Kid EP. Sadly from this point Vault 51 slip into more familiar alt rock territory with We Don’t Care, Magnolia and Wildfire, until we get to Mourning View, a dark brooding number that stops the Kid EP becoming a repetitive and predictable exercise, and finally things are brought to a close with an anthemic radio friendly rocker in the shape of Sincerely Me.
The majority of the Kid EP doesn’t bring anything new to the table, for me it’s when they deviate from the alt rock standards that things become more interesting, the songs that offer a more atmospheric feel or play different styles off against each other are where Vault 51‘s strengths lie, and they seem to be under utilised on this EP. Vault 51 are a band who have ridden with the punches the music industry have dealt them, and they have come back all the stronger for it, but to truly deal a knockout punch they need to ensure they avoid being another predictable heavyweight that ends up claiming that they could have been a contender.
The Kid EP can be ordered via all major digital retailers including Spotify and Apple Music
Vault 51‘s website can be found here 

Western Settings Working On New Full Length ‘Another Year’

Western Settings July 17 TourWestern Settings have begun recording demos this past weekend for their upcoming full length, Another Year, which will be the band’s first album since their debut, Yes It Is, and a Spring 2018 release is planned. Western Settings are currently on tour with Heartsounds and will follow this up with a tour supporting Swingin’ Utters, the band will be heading to Europe for a three week tour in September and October, as well as appearing at The Fest in Florida.

Western Settings webstore can be found on the La Escalera Records website here

You can view Western Settings tour dates below Read More…

Decent Criminal Sign To Dodgeball Records

Decent Criminal BloomCalifornia’s Decent Criminal have signed with Dodgeball Records, the newly founded label started by Showoff frontman Chris Messer, his wife Dani and Mike Felumlee of the Smoking Popes. Decent Criminal will release their debut album, Bloom, on October 13th, with pre-orders, including vinyl, launching on September 29th via Dodgeball Records.

You can stream Deviant, that is taken from their forthcoming album, here

Dodgeball Records Website is here

False Advertising Announce Extensive UK Tour

False Advertising IWBSMH Tour 17Manchester’s False Advertising, have announced the I Would Be So Much Happier… UK Tour with extensive headline dates running throughout September and October. The band have also revealed a new EP, I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring, which will be available exclusively at their forthcoming live dates on ltd edition cassette. The new EP is a collection of the standalone releases from 2017 and includes the track It’s Been A While (So Sick), whose lyrics were contributed by anonymous young people as part of Three Minute Heroes project.
The Three Minute Heroes compilation can be downloaded for free here
You can view the video for Honest, and False Advertising‘s tour dates, below

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VVomen MO


Moving On

Self Released

Rating: 2.5/5




Sacramento based expressive quartet VVomen will self release their debut EP, Moving On, in a few days time on July 21st. The six songs contained on the EP are a post hardcore influenced blast of discordant punk rock, but leave any expectations that description generated at the door as this not in any way, shape or form like any post hardcore or punk release I’ve been sent this year. Moving On is an eclectic mix of styles that is built on a identifiable foundation, but after this VVomen have built something that is strange and unique, and not exactly stable.

Catching Flies is a raw uncompromising discordant blast of post hardcore that is delivered with a hardcore attitude, which is followed by Cadence And Carousel that exemplifies the mix of contrasting styles and only goes onto cement the impression that VVomen are heading out into unexplored territory. The narrative style of Blueprint, that is underpinned by chiming guitar riffs, brings another element to the EP, Bad Grammar introduces elements of gruff punk before the math rock fuelled Lessons In Humility adds to the confusion until finally Crutch And A Stoma, which is about as close as you get to a coherent straight up punk track, brings things to a close.

This is post hardcore, but not as we know it, it carries the intense and raw delivery from the extreme end of punk rock, but it’s carried on a backbone of stripped down post hardcore that makes VVomen a band that’s impossible to pin down. At times Moving On is a challenging listen, and others it’s downright difficult, the mix of discordant styles keeps you guessing and VVomen never settle into a rut, comfortable or otherwise. An EP of this nature is never going to be a crowd pleaser, but what Moving On is is a unique amalgamation of punk styles, and that’s not something I get to say very often.

Moving On can be pre-ordered here

Trapped Under Ice Release Full Stream Of ‘Heatwave’ LP

Trapped Under Ice HeatwaveMaryland’s favourite hardcore renegades, Trapped Under Ice, have released a stream of their highly anticipated new full length, Heatwave, that is due out on July 21st via Pop Wig Records. Trapped Under Ice have also lined up a lengthy run of North American tour dates in support of Heatwave, including a just announced appearance at the Not Dead Yet Festival in Toronto.

You can stream Heatwave via Noisy here and pre-order the album here

Trapped Under Ice‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Bad Mary ‘Glitter Bomb’ EP Crowdfunding Campaign

Bad Mary GBBad Mary are a punk rock band that are all about being loud and having fun and they want you to join them in creating the Glitter Bomb EP, a little escape from any crap going on out there in the world, or anything that’s got you down or stressed. Things might look a little different for this campaign, Bad Mary are not using the usual crowdfunding sites, this means that none of the money you donate will get skimmed off the top, it also means you can choose as many rewards as you want, mix and match or get one for a friend!

The Glitter Bomb crowdfunding campaign can be found here

A video about Bad Mary‘s Glitter Bomb campaign can be viewed below Read More…

Energy - UTM


Under The Mask

Shadowland Productions

Rating: 4.5/5




Boston’s Energy will be releasing the Under The Mask EP on the 21st July ahead of their headlining UK tour that kicks of in Manchester on the 29th July, their latest release follows on from last years Apparition Sound album and their new material proves that even after over a decade together they are still moving forwards. The new record features five tracks of signature Energy punk rock that intertwines the sombre melancholy melodies, introspective lyrics and infectiously poppy hooks, creating a record that will demand, and deserves, repeat listens.

Under The Mask begins in ominous style with the creepy introduction to the lead single from the EP, The Witching Hour, before it launches into the finest slab of horror punk you’ll hear this year, the superb opening track is followed by the comparatively downbeat title track that keeps the eerie mood going, The Shape Retreats forms a brief atmospheric bridge before Under The Mask kicks straight back into life with A Prayer For Rain that brings a more straight up melodic punk element into the mix. I Killed Your Boyfriend veers into Masked Intruder‘s criminal territory, so much so that we now have another suspect for that band’s identity, and finally Leave Me Alone ends what has been a near perfect EP in fine style.

The Under The Mask EP represents a perfect blend of the styles of The Misfits, Masked Intruder and AFI that’s delivered in an accessible and perfect five track package that is amongst the very best releases I’ve encountered in 2017, the mix of pop and horror punk is perfectly pitched, settling in neither camp yet embracing both, and delivered in Energy‘s own unique style. Based on the Under The Mask EP, and their debut UK appearance on the Creeper tour that I encountered earlier this year, I can’t wait to catch Energy live again, happily I don’t have long to wait and a live review of their forthcoming UK tour will follow on The Punk Site shortly.

Energy‘s website is located here and their Bandcamp is here

Young Planetary Release New EP Via Hidden Home Records

Young Planetary IATNAYTSIdaho’s post hardcore punk quintet, Young Planetary, released their latest EP, I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise, via Hidden Home Records at the end of last month. The EP is now available on CD and digital formats as well as being available for streaming and download via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most major digital platforms.

Young Planetary‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can stream and purchase I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise here

Cold Reading Release New Single ‘Books & Comfort’

Cold Reading BACThe Swiss emo powerhouse Cold Reading have released their anthemic new single, Books & Comfort, that is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, Sojourner, that will be released on September 22nd on KROD Records. The quartet presents a shape shifting sound through their dynamic arrangements as delicate vocals intertwine with powerful guitars and driving drums that showcases a band with a passion for profound lyrics and an earnest yet unpredictable blend of timbres.
Books & Comfort can be streamed via Spotify here and Soundcloud here
The video for Books & Comfort can be viewed below

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88 Fingers Louie Confirm UK Tour Dates

88 Fingers Louie TYFBAF88 Fingers Louie hit the UK in two weeks time in support of the new album, Thank You For Being A Friend, that is out now via Bird Attack Records. The Chicago based skate punk legends, in their first trip to the UK since 1999, will visit Southampton, Birmingham, London, Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and Norwich. 

You can order Thank You For Being A Friend here

You can view the video for Advice Column, and 88 Fingers Louie‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Silverstein DR


Dead Reflection

Rise Records / New Damage Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Silverstein have now been with us for 17 years, despite the passing of the years this is a band that always retained their commitment to the spirit of their punk and hardcore roots, and now they have released their eighth full length, Dead Reflection, which came out on the 14th July via Rise Records and New Damage Records. Their latest release follows on from 2015’s I Am Alive In Everything I Touch and Dead Reflection is an album that indicates that Silverstein still have plenty of life left in them, despite approaching the end of their second decade together.

Last Looks kicks things off in full blooded post hardcore rush that continues throughout Dead Reflection, but this isn’t just an relentless assault, the album contains melody that is perfectly balanced against the intense and brooding soundtrack. Tracks such as the heartfelt Mirror Box, Secret’s Safe and the tortured closer Wake Up bring the pace down, whilst The Afterglow take things closer to their roots, but for the most part Dead Reflection is an authentic album of modern post hardcore that demonstrates that Silverstein aren’t content to carry on recreating the past and are determined to continue pressing forward.

Dead Reflection is an album that’s informed by personal loss and it carries a very real sense of darkness and isolation, but having said that it is not an album that allows itself to wallow in self pity and self doubt, Silverstein‘s latest album comes across as a redemptive and cathartic release that is written from a deeply personal perspective, and despite the dark subject matter it feels like this an album that has given the band a new lease of life. For those who already love Silverstein this will be an essential release, and for me Dead Reflection seems to be a positive and logical step forward for the band.

You can order Dead Reflection via Rise Records (US) here and New Damage Records (CAN) here

Washer To Release ‘All Aboard’ Album On September 15th

Washer All AboardBrooklyn’s Washer have announced that their new record, All Aboard, is set to be released on September 15th via Exploding In Sound Reords and the band is now streaming a new song, Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine. All Aboard is an album filled with fuzz, aggression, off-kilter rhythmic structures and mangled pop hooks, throughout the record Washer filter complex musical ideas into minimalist garage rock, creating a brilliant and bright sampling of DIY punk.

You can stream Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine here

You can pre-order All Aboard via Exploding In Sound Records here

Scout Killers Release ‘Keep Telling Me Lies’ Video

Scout Killers UK Tour Aug 17Rising alt rockers Scout Killers have revealed the video for Keep Telling Me Lies and have announced a UK tour in support of their new EP, Deception. Scout Killers have been burrowing away for the past five years shaping and honing their hugely captivating sound resulting in the alluring flow and melodic brilliance of their new video single, Keep Telling Me Lies, that just underlines their emerging supremacy, and with UK shows now announced for this August Scout Killers are primed to rise this year.
You can order the Deception EP here
You can view the video for Keep Telling Me Lies, and Scout Killers UK tour dates, below

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Milk Teeth Reveal Video For ‘Prism’ From ‘Be Nice’ EP

Milk Teeth Be NiceEverything is falling into place for Milk Teeth ahead of the July 28th release of their new EP and Roadrunner Records debut, Be Nice. Now Milk Teeth further build anticipation for the EP by sharing the video for the track Prism that combines unsettling and colourful imagery with an energised performance, the video neatly complements the track’s punchy mix of attitude, melody and aggression.

The Be Nice EP can be pre-ordered here

The video for Prism, and Milk Teeth‘s UK tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Culture Abuse Release ‘So Busted’ Video And Confirm UK Tour

Culture Abuse Aug UK TourSan Francisco’s Culture Abuse recently signed to Epitaph Records and have now shared a video for their summer anthem, So Busted. Culture Abuse released their debut album in late 2016, Peach is an eclectic album that sees the band lean full tilt into garage punk, throwing keyboards and even the occasional string arrangement on top of their distorted attack. With their music and fun-first approach, Culture Abuse just wants to spread their message of being free, enjoying life and sharing love.

The Punk Site review of Peach can be read here

You can view the video for So Busted, and Culture Abuse‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Honeyrude Release Stream Of ‘Flowers’ From ‘The Color Blue’ LP

Honeyrude TCBIf everything is truly bigger in Texas, than it must include the shoegaze swoon of Austin’s Honeyrude, their full-length debut, The Color Blue, is set for release of August 18th via Shifting Sounds Records and it’s enormous in every way. Honeyrude have created a stunning record of textural dream-pop and early 90’s fuzzed out bliss with an incredible attention to sonic detail, they have also released a stream of the track Flowers ahead of the LP’s release.

The Color Blue can be pre-ordered here and Flowers can be streamed here

Honeyrude‘s US tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Svetlanas TIMNLA


This Is Moscow Not LA

Rad Girlfriend Records / Subkultura Records

Rating: 5/5




Svetlanas have developed a reputation for being the most dangerous band in the world, and with good reason, they are considered enemies of the state in their native Russia, a status that has resulted in their exile in Milan, and anyone who has witnessed their confrontational live performances will testify that their reputation is more than deserved, now as they limber up for a fresh aural assault on the festival circuit Svetlanas have released their latest full length, This Is Moscow Not LA. There is also an added ingredient thrown into the mix as Svetlanas line up has now been bolstered by the inclusion of Nick Oliveri, a man who has his own hellraising reputation, and this should result in a match made in heaven… or hell, depending on your viewpoint.

This Is Moscow Not LA kicks off with an introduction to Putin On Da Hitz that is The Munsters by way of the of The Misfits, after this things kick spectacularly into life and from this point onwards you’d best buckle up. There are no brakes on This Is Moscow Not LA and for me this is an album that is the definition of defiant, hedonistic and destructive hardcore infused punk rock that proves that there is no one else out there quite like Svetlanas. Tell Me Why channels and amplifies the Dwarves, this is followed by Let’s Get Drunk and Vodka ‘N Roll that are a pair of full tilt tributes to the joy of getting trashed, throughout the album there are perfect moments of hyperactive punk rock in the form of Lose Control, Negative Approach and Put Your Middle Fingers Up. There is a tribute to the godfather of rock ‘n roll excess in the form of Speed Freak, a frantic rendition of Motorhead‘s ode to amphetamines that sounds as if it’s played on an overdose and Where Is My Borscht and People Suck are an intense closing duo that prove that all is not quiet on the Eastern front.

Sometimes you hear an album that just makes you want to attack your booze supply with self destructive abandon, and this is one of those albums, few bands manage to deliver this kind of full tilt fuck you, and fewer still can deliver it live with any sense of authenticity. Svetlanas have always had a reputation as a band that should be experienced live, but now they’ve delivered an album the bottles the essence of what makes them such a compelling live act. For me this sounds like the album Svetlanas were born to make, and come this years Rebellion Festival I will be down the front for Svetlanas set on Friday 4th August.
This Is Moscow Not LA should be ordered here and you need to stream it via Spotify here
Svetlanas website can be found here

The Punk Site ‘Rebellion Festival 2017’ Preview, Part Two

Rebellion 2017 April2016 saw the Rebellion Festival celebrate its 20th year alongside the 40th anniversary of punk with a spectacular sold-out event. Over four days at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, iconic bands from every aspect of punk across the world shared stages with new and emerging talent, and the 2017 Rebellion Festival looks set to be no different. Returning to Winter Gardens in Blackpool from the 3rd to the 6th of August, the line-up is shaping up to be another punk genre defining event. The Punk Site is fortunate enough to be covering the Rebellion Festival again this year, as this is Europe’s largest punk festival and it boasts a bewildering array of bands, acts, art and temptations, we’re going to be looking ahead at what this years Rebellion Festival has to offer

The full line can be viewed here and tickets for the 2017 Rebellion Festival can be purchased here

The 2017 Rebellion Festival preview for Friday 4th August can be viewed below Read More…

Louise Distras Kickstarter Campaign Update And EU Tour Dates

Louise Distras Scotland Aug 17Louise Distras‘s Kickstarter campaign is approaching the 70% mark and there are still two weeks left for the crowdfunder to hit the 100% mark. Louise Distras is an independent artist and she wants to make music history through the power of people, not record labels. This campaign is all or nothing, the album will only be funded if the Kickstarter reaches 100%, so if you haven’t pledged yet now is the time. Louise Distras will be on the road throughout 2017 and so far there are tour and festival dates that take in England, Scotland, Wales and Germany planned for the remainder of the year.

You can view Louise Distras‘s tour dates and book tickets here

You can pledge to the Kickstarter campaign for the new album here

The Damned Announce ‘Evil Spirits’ 2018 UK Tour

Damned Evil Spirits Tour 18Punk legends The Damned have announced a UK tour in support of their forthcoming new album, their first in a decade, always the most entertaining of the original punk bands The Damned have gained a reputation as a band who always deliver an accomplished live set. The Damned continue to wave the flag for originality, stick two fingers up to mediocrity and celebrate a DIY punk ethos in the face of plastic entertainment and scripted reality.

You can still sign up to the Pledge Music campaign for The Damned‘s new album here

Tickets for the Evil Spirits Tour can be purchased here and the tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Tunic Release Stream Of ‘Boss’ EP

Tunic BossTunic, one of Canada’s noisiest new punk bands, will self-release their latest EP, Boss, on July 21st, a corrosive and volatile record that takes the best moments of Metz and The Jesus Lizard and works them into their own artistic brilliance. Loud, aggressive and often punishing, the Winnipeg trio thrive on chaos, feedback, and manic bursts of slurred shouting, Boss is deliberately primal, a sludgy blend of abrasive bellows, caterwauling guitars, and massive rhythms that pummel with a hypnotic fury

You can pre-order Boss here and stream the EP here

Tunic‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

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Sam Smith WAW July 17

Sam Smith / Ben Corry / Andy Adams

Wine And Wallop, Manchester, UK

1st July 2017

Rating: 4/5




Sam Smith July 17 IntroThere’s a trend amongst a fair few artists to strip things down and get back to basics, since writing for The Punk Site I’ve encountered a number of artists better known for their plugged in performances, including TV Smith and Louise Distras, perform acoustic shows, and now it seems this that a number of Manchester artists are following this trend, whether it’s by choice or enforced by circumstances. Sam Smith has made the decision that this is the direction he will take from now on, whilst Ben Corry is performing an acoustic set as The Madding Crowd are on a hiatus from live performances whist they seek out a new drummer and Andy Adams has always followed this path, regardless of the reason this line up has been enough to ensure that tonight’s show at the Wine and Wallop is completely sold out.

Sam Smith Andy Adams July 17Salford City Radio‘s Stephen Doyle, host of the Punk Show and Sonic Diary, is DJ and MC for tonight’s show, he introduces Andy Adams who occupies the opening slot at tonight’s stripped down showcase, his delicate picked style is the polar opposite to recent gigs I’ve covered but he delivers a brief accomplished set that sets a mellow tone and his accomplished guitar style and dark lyrics are a welcome introduction to tonight’s line up. His introspective reworking of Joy Division‘s Disorder captures the spirit and paranoia of the original perfectly, despite lacking the volume, but for the most part he delivers his own material in a confident, unassuming and distinctly dark style that you can’t help but be slightly chilled, charmed and impressed by.
Sam Smith Ben Corry July 17

The informal style of tonight’s show blurs the line between artist and audience and there’s an interactive feel to the sets. Ben Corry is playing a solo set purely with acoustic guitar, his opener You Got It is a stripped down punk anthem and this is followed by Death Is Not An Option, that brings a dark melancholy feel that is reminiscent of some of Michale Graves finest solo work. Dom Corry, guitarist for The Madding Crowd, joins him mid way through the set to make this almost a full band show, with only the bass player, Claud Corry, missing from the current line up. Ben Corry is almost exclusively debuting new material tonight that will undoubtedly end up in a noisier incarnation with The Madding Crowd, and on the strength of tonight’s set the future looks bright for one of Manchester’s most idiosyncratic bands. 
Sam Smith July 17 1Sam Smith is delivering two sets tonight, he’s starts with a keyboard compositions and continues with the melancholy feel that has dominated tonight’s show before the acoustic guitar is brought out and we’re in for a run through of this unheralded Manchester songwriter’s career that encompasses his solo material, Sam Smith And Company and The Parish Church Fire. Amongst his self penned material there are covers thrown into the mix including a rousing rendition of The Clash‘s Safe European Home that has the entire venue acting as backing vocalists, add to this James, Motorhead, Radiohead. Bruce Springsteen and even Lionel Richie and you have a bewildering and varied array of influences.
Sam Smith July 17 2Sam Smith seems to have gained a new level of confidence since he made his decision to fly solo, tonight his vocals have never sounded finer, varying between a raw punk style and a blues howl and the mix of heartland rock and punk roots remains something to be treasured, and he is someone that deserves to be heard beyond the confines of Manchester. Acoustic music has received a bad press lately, mainly due to the lacklustre and unoriginal chart acts, but nights like tonight redress the balance. The emotive set by Sam Smith, the stunning set by Ben Corry, including one of the best new songs I’ve heard this year, and the impressive opening by Andy Adams have combined to produce a night that’s been as enjoyable as many of the more raucous nights I’ve attended.
Sam Smith July 17 CreditsSam Smith‘s Facebook page is here
You can order the Bad Water single from German Shepherd Records here
The Madding Crowd‘s Facebook page can be found here
The 78th Bridge On The Rochdale Canal EP can be purchased here
Andy Adams Facebook page is located here
Stephen Doyle‘s Sonic Diary and Punk Show’s can be heard via Mixcloud here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

The Homeless Gospel Choir Release Video For ‘Everyone’

Homeless Gospel Choir Normal LPThe Homeless Gospel Choir have just released a lyric video for Everyone, a new track that is taken from their new album The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal. Everyone flows seamlessly between biting condemnations on police brutality and tongue in cheek political satire and manages to be both entertaining and fiercely relevant, The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal is set to be released on August 18th via A-F Records.

The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal can be pre-ordered via A-F Records here

The video For Everyone can be viewed below Read More…

Sons Release Video And Stream Of ‘Zealot’

Sons ZealotSONS fuse face melting noise and relentless attitude, with influences spanning from Slaves, Blood Red Shoes and No Age to Death From Above 1979 and Lighting Bolt, the Brighton duo take the timeless power duo dynamic and throw away the rulebook, adding an amount of sheer velocity, energy and volume to an already towering sound. The hard hitting Brighton two piece have now unveiled the video for their new single, Zealot, that is due for release on the 25th August via Till Deaf Do Us Party Records with the single available now via Spotify

The Zealot bundle can be pre-ordered here and the single can be streamed via Spotify here

The video for Zealot, and Sons UK tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Reckless Intentions Lights

Reckless Intentions


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




I’m starting to get the impression that there isn’t anyone left in Brighton that isn’t in a band, over the last few year I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the number of bands from that southern coastal town, and now we can add Reckless Intentions to their number. The band have spent the time since their formation in 2016 developing their material and building up a local fanbase, now they have self released their debut five track EP, Lights, and are looking to spread their wings beyond the confines of the thriving scene that exists in their home town.

Ghost Town kick starts the Lights EP with a hit of high energy pop punk that carries touches of old school punk rock, an important element that marks them out from the pop punk herd, after this we’re headed into more familiar pop punk territory with Stitches, but it’s still delivered with their own approach and stops them being just another cookie cutter band that blends pop with punk. The EP’s title track takes you into a darker place with a distinct post punk vibe whilst Outcast carries more of a feel of the more ragged edge of indie rock, it has the infectious quality that bands such as The Wannadies have perfected, finally the Lights EP finally bows out with the inevitable soulful reflective number that seems to be almost compulsory for any pop punk band.

Reckless Intentions are a band that owe as much to the likes of The Clash as it does to New Found Glory and Green Day, each track on the Lights EP reflects a different facet of their influences, yes this is at the lighter end of the punk spectrum, but for me that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some predictable elements to this release, in particular the closing ballad that slowly builds to a crescendo, but Reckless Intentions largely avoid the pop punk by numbers cliché’s and incorporate different strands into the EP, the end result is a diverse and enjoyable EP that indicates that Reckless Intentions have a bright future ahead of them.

Lights is now available via iTunes here

Katie Ellen Release ‘Cowgirl Blues’ LP Today

Katie Ellen Cowgirl BluesShortly after the disbandment of their critically acclaimed indie punk band Chumped in early 2016, lead singer Anika Pyle and drummer Dan Frelly started Katie Ellen as a fuzz pop two piece. Today the duo have released their debut full length, Cowgirl Blues, via Lauren Records, the new album is ten songs of twangy, pop forward indie punk with subtle country underpinnings, showcasing their knack for punchy, melodic songwriting familiar to fans of Chumped while exploring more dynamic and intimate arrangements. Katie Ellen will play a sold-out record release show in NYC tonight, with more tour dates to be announced soon.

You can stream Cowgirl Girls via Spotify here and order the album via Lauren Records here

Fights And Fires Release ‘Live Life Like A Tourist’ LP Today

Fights And Fires LLLATWorcester based punk rock quartet Fights And Fires have released their new album, Live Life Like A Tourist, through Lockjaw Records today, the 14th July 2017. The new record features eight tracks of melodic hardcore infused punk rock and is now available on vinyl, CD and digital formats through all usual online platforms.

You can stream and purchase Live Life Like A Tourist via Bandcamp here

Fights And Fires tour dates can be viewed below Read More…