Sweeping Exits Release Stream Of ‘Bigotry And Barbecue’

Sweeping Exits Glitter And BloodPortland queer horror glam rock outfit Sweeping Exits have just released a stream their new single, Bigotry And Barbecue, the second song from their debut full length, Glitter And Blood, that is set to be released on June 9th via Matriarch Queen Records.

You can pre-order Glitter And Blood here

You can stream Bigotry And Barbecue via Bandcamp here

Singer Mira Glitterhound explains the story behind Bigotry And Barbecue below Read More…

Silk Of Stars Enemies of Art

Just Everywhere

Silk Of Stars

Ramber Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Just Everywhere is the work of just one man, Paul Baird, and Silk Of Stars is his debut release under the name, the album was released via Ramber Records earlier this month and is now available on limited edition cassette, although you’ll be lucky if there are any left by the time you read this, and digital formats. Silk Of Stars is an incredibly diverse collection of experimental shoegaze and indie with dreamy middles, corrupted dream pop and ambient moments that sit alongside noisy peaks and heavily distorted guitar riffs to create an album that defies description.

Silk Of Stars is an unpredictable fifteen track opus, it opens with a noisy distorted feedback laced track, This Is What We Do With The Horses, that recalls Psychocandy era Jesus And Mary Chain, but from here on in it’s a rollercoaster that veers between atmospheric shoegaze influenced indie, poignant piano led instrumentals and melancholy moments before it kicks back into a moment of scuzzy distorted rock ‘n roll with If You Do This, You Will Be Dead To Me, and then we’re off again into an unpredictable patchwork of styles and influences that defies categorisation.

Just Everywhere have released an album that contains a diverse and almost haphazard mix of styles, there will be no surprises that I prefer the noisier moments on the album, the two aforementioned tracks and the wonderfully titled You Will Live On A Beach And Smoke Pot are the stand out moments for me, but when you consider that Silk Of Stars is now available for streaming, or for purchase for the price of half a pint, you really have nothing to lose by giving Just Everywhere a spin. Whilst I doubt there’s anyone who will love all of Silk Of Stars I’m confident that there will be something on this unique album for pretty much everyone.

Silk Of Stars can be purchased and streamed via Bandcamp here

Bellevue Days Release Video For ‘Secret Love’

Bellevue DaysThe Croydon based sludge pop alt rockers, Bellevue Days, have announced the release of their new EP, Rosehill, on 4th July 2017. To celebrate the news, the band have revealed the video for Secret Love, the first single to be taken from the new record. The band have also announced tour dates across the Summer and into Autmun, including tours with Patrons and The Young Hearts. Further details of the release of Rosehill will be revealed over the coming weeks.

You can view the video for Secret Love, And Bellevue Days tour dates, below Read More…

Electric Century Confirm Release Of ‘For The Night To Control’ LP

Electric Century FTNTCElectric Century, the musical duo made up of Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) and David Debiak (Sleep Station and New London Fire) have announced the wide release of their debut full length, For The Night To Control. Previously only released as a highly limited CD in the UK, the album will be available to the public on vinyl and digital formats for the first time ever on July 14th via Panic State Records. To celebrate the highly anticipated release Electric Century have released a stream of the album’s first track, You Got It All Wrong.

Pre-orders for For The Night To Control are now available from Panic State Records here

You can stream You Got It All Wrong here

Trapped Under Ice Announce Release Of ‘Heatwave’ LP

Trapped Under Ice HeatwaveBaltimore’s boundary pushing hardcore heavyweights, Trapper Under Ice, have finally returned, the band have announced their long awaited new LP, Heatwave, that is due out on July 21st via Pop Wig Records. To celebrate the news of their first new album in six years, Trapped Under Ice have shared the first taste of new music from Heatwave, the aggressively groovy track, Do It.

Heatwave can be pre-ordered via Pop Wig Records here

Do It can be streamed via Spotify here and you can view their US tour dates below Read More…

99 Degree BHSC Cover

The 99 Degree / Mold / The Echo Rays

The Castle Hotel, Manchester, UK

12th May 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17Tonight The 99 Degree are playing a triumphant launch show for their debut EP, Boot Hill Surf Club, that was released today, the 12th May 2017 and is now available via all the major streaming services and digital retailers. Tonight The 99 Degree are accompanied fuzzed up noise merchants Mold and reverb heavy surf sounds of The Echo Rays along with a heady DJ set from the lysergic side of the street by Hip-No-Tyzed. We arrive early and already Hip-No-Tyzed are spinning a selection of sounds from the dark and murky history of garage rock and on a warm sunny Mancunian evening The Castle Hotel is already sweaty as hell and the denizens of Manchester’s underground are present for the launch of The 99 Degree‘s Boot Hill Surf Club EP.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 Echo RaysAmongst those present tonight are members of various bands as well as the curious and their established fans, and it appears that Manchester’s underground garage scene is embracing the DIY ethos ,which for me is the way forward for a scene that completely bypasses mainstream sensibilities. First up are The Echo Rays who channel the kind of distorted garage surf that belongs on the soundtrack to the best, and the worst, b-movies. Their sound sits somewhere between The Mummies and Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and they create a surf soundtrack that makes you wish Manchester wasn’t landlocked, the only thing they’re missing is go-go dancers and an ocean.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 MoldThe more I attend shows in Manchester’s underground the more I’m impressed with the originality and continued force of nature that’s on display by bands who are playing music that at best is appealing to a niche audience, but they’re up there and doing it regardless and to me that is about as punk rock as it gets. Mold take to the stage and visually appear to be cross between Alice Cooper, before his metal years, The Edgar Broughton Band and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, that assumption is swiftly dispelled as what they initially deliver is a stripped down primitive set of blues influence garage rock that descends into the insanity that the original garage rock bands delivered.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 Mold 2There is no thought whatsoever given to commercial viability, Mold are playing exactly the music they want to make, and like the bands the precede and succede them it’s clear that zero fucks are given, tonight is bands making the music they want to make. Their songs veer from hardcore intensity, through post punk and into psychedelia inspired grooves, often within the same song, and I don’t know what to make of Mold, but I’m pretty sure I liked their idiosyncratic set. The blend of psych, surf and strangeness that has been served up so far is the perfect warm up for The 99 Degree who are launching their impressive self released debut EP, Boot Hill Surf Club, tonight.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 1The Castle Hotel is rammed from front to back and they appear to be a band that are well on their way to writing their own unique chapter in Mancunian musical history, ever since I first caught them supporting Kid Congo And The Pink Monkeybirds last year there’s been an irresistible momentum that is born of self belief. The 99 Degree take to the stage resembling The Beach Boys disreputable cousins and they launch into Hey Bo Diddley with vocalist Joe Sartini resuming his role as a deranged preacher to a congregation of the converted in a rammed Castle Hotel. Tonight the sound is perfect and the underlying primitive beat of the rhythm section is perfectly balanced against the reverb and echo drenched guitar lead.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 2They launch into their deranged debut, the ode to preachercide that is Dead Or Alive, and to me The 99 Degree have achieved a bigger sound that allows the echo heavy Gretsch guitar riffs to stand out in a way that hasn’t previously been present at their shows, Joe Sartini seems in his element tonight whilst Phil Turner occupies an effortlessly cool position on guitar, whilst the rhythm section underpins the whole sound with a kind of spaced out detachment. To say The 99 Degree were on form tonight is an understatement as the sound, the crowd and the sweat soaked venue are the perfect showcase for The 99 Degree‘s brand of surf and garage inspired punk rock.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 4The 99 Degree to my ears have never sounded finer than they have tonight, they channel the original spirit of rock ‘n roll and combine this with psych, garage, punk rock and a suspicious influence that makes them a band that should be on the radar of anyone with a love for the rock ‘n roll underdogs, the bands that inevitably produce the music that makes life worthwhile. Joe Sartini shambles and shakes his way round the stage giving the impression he’s possessed of the original spirits of rock ‘n roll and you can’t help wondering if this Mancunian quartet have sold their souls and are destined to end up stood at a Crossroads with a horned character waiting impatiently in the wings.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 5Their new Boot Hill Surf Club EP gets is full debut, from the opening number to closing strangeness of The Pusher, the EP already sounds better than the recorded version, and it was only been released earlier today. The chaos that is The 99 Degree seem to strangely focused in their own shambolic way tonight, The Ballad Of Henry Brown was one of the highlights of the Boot Hill Surf Club EP, but it’s spaghetti western menace is amplified tonight and adds an edge to the song. The 99 Degree‘s new EP is a thing of wonder in it’s own right but for me they are band that are truly in their element live in front of an enthralled crowd in a sweat drenched venue, making tonight the perfect showcase for the new EP.

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 3The 99 Degree are out there on their own, there are obvious comparisons to bands, but they have their own unique sound that possess the primitive spirit of rock n roll and garage, whilst at the same time embodying the fuck you attitude of punk. Something very special seems to be emerging from the primeval basements and rehearsal spaces of Manchester and The 99 Degree are amongst the most original of the denizens that occupy the alternative scene in Manchester. By the end of their set the sweat is dripping from the ceiling and the demons have been well and truly conjured from their resting places, no one is doing anything quite like The 99 Degree and for that I salute them

99 Degree Castle Hotel May 17 6The 99 Degree‘s Soundcloud Page can be found here and their Facebook page is here

The Punk Site review of the Boot Hill Surf Club EP can be read here

Mold‘s Facebook page is here

The Echo Rays website can be found here

Hip-No-Tyzed‘s Facebook presence is here

The Castle Hotel‘s website can be found here

Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Tigers Jaw Announce UK Tour And Release ‘Escape Plan’

Tigers Jaw Uk Tour Aug 17As the August 18th release date of their new album, Spin, approaches, indie-rock duo Tigers Jaw have announced details of a UK tour with Culture Abuse that same month. The tour includes a London show at The Garage on August 20th and culminates with sets at the Reading and Leeds Festivals. Pre-orders for Spin are now open at iTunes and from the band’s store for CD, limited edition blue vinyl and bundles, all pre-orders will receive instant downloads of the tracks Guardian and June.

You can pre-order physical formats of Spin here

You can stream the track Escape Plan here and view their UK tour dates below Read More…

Kamikaze Girls Release ‘Deathcap’ Video And Confirm UK Tour

Kamikaze Girls Nervus Tour May 17Straight off the back of a run of dates supporting Gnarwolves and a ferocious set at The Great Escape Festival, Leeds duo Kamikaze Girls have now revealed the video for Deathcap. The release of the video comes ahead of a further run of tour dates with Nervus and UK festival appearances over the summer, and the track is the latest to be taken from their upcoming debut full-length, Seafoam, that is due for release on the 9th June via Big Scary Monsters Records (UK) and Wiretap Records (US).

Seafoam can be pre-ordered here (UK) and here (US)

You can view the video for the track Deathcap, and Kamikaze Girls tour dates, below Read More…

Perception Release Video For New Single ‘Monolith’

Perception MonolithHot on the heels of last years Collapse EP, Perception headed back into Avenue Studios to craft their new single Monolith. The track is heavier, more atmospheric, expansive, and mature than Collapse, Monolith takes Perception’s sound to the next level. This new track is taken from the band’s forthcoming new EP and marks the rise of a band destined for greatness.

You can view the video for Monolith below Read More…

Manchester Attack: The Punk Site Response

Manchester We Own This CityAs a Mancunian writing for The Punk Site I felt compelled to post about the events that struck my city just 24 hours ago, an attack occurred on innocent people attending a concert that resulted in 22 people losing their lives, 12 were children under the age of 16, and dozens more were injured. Manchester‘s response to this event was not to give in to fear and hate, we united together, people opened their homes, restaurants and bars gave shelter and there was a unified and magnificent response from the emergency services. At The Punk Site we feel music matters, more than that it can unite people, the style, genre and venue are all irrelevant at times like this, like Paris we will break through the hate, we will continue to attend concerts, we continue to support live music and we will remember those we have lost and support their families. You can contribute to the appeal to support the families of the victims of the attack here

This Is The Place from tonight’s vigil, that sums up the Mancunian attitude, can be viewed below Read More…


Katie Ellen To Release ‘Cowgirl Blues’ Album On July 14th

Katie Ellen Cowgirl BluesBeloved Brooklyn band Chumped devastated fans with their sudden hiatus in 2015, seemingly on the brink of a mainstream breakthrough, the quartet called it a day right as they were getting started. But out of the remnants of Chumped, the band Katie Ellen was formed, featuring singer/guitarist Anika Pyle and drummer Dan Frelly. Today Katie Ellen announced the release of their debut album, Cowgirl Blues, on Lauren Records on July 14th 2017.

You can stream the first single from Cowgirl Blues, Lucy Stone, via NPR here

Cowgirl Blues can be pre-ordered here

The Homeless Gospel Choir To Release ‘Normal’ Single

Homeless Gospel Choir NormalDerek Zanetti, also known as The Homeless Gospel Choir, is a protest singer, author and artist based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The Homeless Gospel Choir have now announced the release of their new 7″ single, Normal, that is due out on June 9th via A-F Records. The single comes in advance of the band’s new album that is due out in the fall of 2017.

Pre-orders for Normal are available now via A-F Records here

You can view The Homeless Gospel Choir‘s tour dates below Read More…

Vukovi Confirm Headline UK Tour And Festival Appearances

Vukovi May Tour + FestivalsFollowing the release of their stunning breakthrough self titled debut album and a packed out headline tour across the UK, Vukovi are now heading out on another UK headline tour with dates beginning tomorrow, May 24th, which will be followed by a series of summer festival appearances, including Reading, Leeds, 2000 Trees and the Y Not Festivals.

The Punk Site review of Vukovi‘s debut album can be read here and a live review is here

You can view the video for the track Weirdo, and Vukovi‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Cult Of Dom Keller PIOF

The Cult Of Dom Keller

Paradiso Is On Fire

Cardinal Fuzz / Sky Lantern Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Paradiso Is On Fire is the first live album from The Cult Of Dom Keller, the album was recorded on a European tour at the tail end of 2016, the recordings are culled from shows that took place in Antwerp, Belguim and at the legendary Paradiso venue in Amsterdam as they toured in support of their latest studio album, Goodbye To The Light. Paradiso Is On Fire was released via a collaboration between Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records on double album and CD formats yesterday, the 22nd May 2017, and the album is now available if you hurry, as these are strictly limited pressings.

The band are clearly influenced by the likes of the Spacemen 3, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and in particular, at least to my ears, the often criminally overlooked Loop, but there’s also a heady influence from outsider psyche pioneers of the 60’s present in their DNA. From the extended trip of the opening number Behind All Evil Is A Black Hole, through the excellent driving keyboard heavy Nowhere To Land and the fuzz drenched Shambala Is On Fire, to the strangely disjointed Dead Seas, the echoing Eyes and the dark, almost gothic, Nothing Left To Stay For and the epic closing track Worlds, this is a hedonistic and unique album that indicates the ongoing resurgence of garage and psych influenced bands is still gaining momentum.

Paradiso Is On Fire encompasses The Cult Of Dom Keller‘s three studio albums, whilst the constantly echoing and heady feel of the album is heavily influenced by suspicious psych influences there’s a touch of post punk and alternative drive to the album that stops Paradiso Is On Fire from wallowing in the sea of the psychedelic strangeness that is at their core. Paradiso Is On Fire captures The Cult Of Dom Keller at the height of the powers delivering a hypnotic mind altering live set, and it appears that Cardinal Fuzz have unearthed another band from the dark and fuzzy underbelly of the UK’s alternative scene that, as with all of their releases, offers you a unique and heady experience.

You can order Paradiso Is On Fire via Cardinal Fuzz (UK) here and Sky Lantern Records (USA) here

Born Without Bones Young At The Bend

Born Without Bones

Young At The Bend

Devil You Know Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Massachusetts trio Born Without Bones released their third full length to date, Young At The Bend, a few days ago via Devil You Know Records. Their latest album has a much more personal and heartfelt approach than their previous releases, and lyrically this seems to be a much darker album as Young At The Bend was informed by a personal loss that vocalist and guitarist Scott Ayotte suffered shortly before the recording of the album. This event has fuelled the songwriting and makes Young At The Bend feel like a personal act of catharthis.

Musically Born Without Bones have always had their roots in DIY punk scene, but they’ve adopted other influences over the years, in particular the hooks of 90s alternative rock and the blue collar soul of heartland rock are present in the mix along with a distinctly pop sensibility. After a brief initial blast of white noise Young At The Bend starts in earnest with the charged opener, Takes Time, and across the whole of Young At The Bend the album remains a cathartic heartfelt blast the veers through gentler indie and emo elements that are delivered with a punk attitude, and the whole package is carried on a back bone of 90’s alt rock, this combination certainly makes Young At The Bend an unpredictable listen if nothing else.

The only time I felt That Born Without Bones truly bared their fangs on Young At The Bend was on I Am A Ruin, a track that takes the lead from the punk roots, but for the most part this is an album that has a distinct sheen of polished 90’s alternative rock influences. Born Without Bones have delivered a deeply personal album that exposes the emotional scars of personal loss, but it does this without being maudlin or self indulgent, the end product is a emotionally charged and diverse album that has managed to channel personal loss into the creation of a something positive.

Young At The Bend can be purchased on coloured vinyl and download formats here

Pallas Release Full Stream Of Self Titled Debut LP

Pallas STAtlanta’s Pallas will release their self-titled debut album this Friday, May 26th via Drop Medium Records, ahead of the release the band are streaming the record in full. The young Atlanta post punk quartet have created a unique and challenging mini album that shows the band’s strength in manipulated repetition, art-rock expanse, and abrasive rhythmic shifts.

You can pre-order the self titled debut album here

You can stream Pallas‘s self titled album here

Louise Distras To Release ‘Outside Of You’ On 26th May

Louise Distras Outside Of YouLouise Distras channels her anger, hopes and fears into hymns of love and fury for another let down generation with her new single, Outside Of You, that is set for release via Street Revolution Records on 26th May. Louise’s path from hardship to heart-felt anthems began when she ran away from home, aged 16, armed with a guitar and the few chords she knew, Louise turned her back on the bullying that had made her life unbearable and decided to play music for anyone who’d listen. These days Louise Distras has more than an acoustic guitar, Outside Of You comes with the added dynamics of a full band, but she insists that the ethos remains the same, a focus on ‘nu-punk’ for the new generation.

Outside Of You can be ordered here and the video can be viewed below Read More…

Amplifier To Release ‘Trippin With Dr Faustus’ LP On June 30th

Amplifier TWDFAmplifier have returned with their sixth and most definitive album to date, Trippin’ With Dr Faustus, that is due for release via Rockosmos on June 30th. The first track to be released, Kosmos, instantly delivers Amplifier‘s calling cards of massive riffs with lyrical sentiments that reach far beyond space, time and the limitations of ones, zeros and polycarbonate manufacturing. Trippin’ With Dr Faustus will be available via all digital outlets and will also be available on double 180g gatefold transparent vinyl, collectors edition mediabook CD and on standard CD.

You can pre-order Trippin’ With Dr Faustus here and view the video for Kosmos below Read More…

Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag And Mad Caddies Announce UK Tour

Reel Big Fish Anti-Flag Mad Caddies October TourAcademy Events in association with Fireball have announced the line up for the second annual Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour which hits the road in the UK throughout October 2017. The run of dates will feature a star studded line-up of the best in punk and ska, headlined by California’s legendary ska punk outfit Reel Big Fish, with support from Pennsylvania punks Anti-Flag and California based ska punks Mad Caddies. In addition to the announced line up, Fireball’s Hottest Band 2017 winners, Sheffield quartet Sweet Little Machine, will take the opening slot on the 2017 leg of the tour. Yet again, tickets are eye wateringly cheap at just £10 each and go on general sale on Friday 26th May with O2 priority tickets on sale at 10am on Wednesday 24th May.

You can view the dates for the Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour below

Read More…

Left Lane Cruiser Claw Machine Wizard

Left Lane Cruiser

Claw Machine Wizard

Alive Naturalsound Records

Rating: 3/5




Indiana based duo Left Lane Cruiser released their seventh studio album for Alive Naturalsound Records, Claw Machine Wizard, a few days ago, the latest full length follows on from their last album of new material, 2015’s Dirty Spliff Blues and their 2016 compilation, Beck In Black, and it sees the band return to being a duo, as opposed to the expanded line up that featured on their last full length of new material.

The title track kicks things off with a punked up blues number that boasts an infectious amped up distorted blues riff, and from this point in you’re in for a trip that has it’s origins in delta blues, but crucially it takes in additional influences along the way, there are elements of psyche and garage in the mix that are combined with a raw punk attitude to the delivery. Tracks such as Booga Chaka are closer to their blues origins whilst Still Rollin’ and Lately bring a touch of rock swagger to proceedings. But it’s not all swagger and boogie, Indigenous ushers in a sinister element, whilst Liquor Store closes Claw Machine Wizard in a suitably smoky and bourbon drenched manner.

Claw Machine Wizard is an album that will appeal to Left Lane Cruiser‘s established fanbase, and to those who have an appreciation for the bands that populate the roster of labels such as Abattoir Blues Records, their return to the stripped down approach that has been present on the majority of the albums is one that will be welcomed. Whilst there are moments on the album that don’t quite hit the mark this is largely an album that’s born of the blues and is delivered in a down and dirty manner, and the occasional misfire aside this is a another solid album from Left Lane Cruiser.

You can pre-order the limited edition starburst vinyl edition of Claw Machine Wizard here

The Damned To Release ‘Smashing It Up’ Book Via Pledge Music

Damned Smashing It UpThe Damned were one of the originators of British punk rock along with The Clash and The Sex Pistols, in 1976, they were a three pronged attack on the self satisfied rock elite and the inspiration to a new generation of music fans. Putting The Damned in context for the first time, Smashing It Up is the history of this important band and their original members, it’s also packed with their encounters with Marc Bolan, America, members of Pink Floyd, and their always strained relationship with the music business. Smashing It Up draws on interviews by the author with the original band members, as well as its associates and eye witnesses to their chaotic journey, and it contains previously unseen pictures from their original drummer, Rat Scabies.

You can order Smashing It Up via Pledge Music here

Tricot 3



Big Scary Monsters Records / Top Shelf Records / Bakuretsu Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Japanese trio Tricot released their third album, 3, yesterday, the 19th May 2017, on Topshelf Records in the US, Big Scary Monsters in the UK and their own Bakuretsu Records label in Japan. Japan is a country that has form for unique bands, whether it’s the insanity of Mad Capsule Markets, the sugary punk of Shonen Knife or the bubblegum pop metal of BabyMetal, and I would certainly add Tricot to that list with their pop tinged combination of math rock and punk

Opening track Tokyo Vampire Hotel hits you with frantic math rock beats combined with a pop sensibility and punk intensity and from this point on you have no idea what to expect from Tricot. 3 varies constantly in style and approach, from the full tilt punk influneced blasts to mellower melodic moments that incorporate an almost jazz influenced style, all the while possessing the complex structures that are associated with math rock, but it’s all delivered in such a way that you don’t find yourself lost in an endless interchangable array of timing changes and technical exercises. The album is sung entirely in Japanese but oddly the language barrier doesn’t impact on your enjoyment of what is a bubbly and effervescent interpretation of math rock.

If three is indeed the magic number then the Japanese trio have certainly banked on that, with 3 being their third album and it being released simultaneously via three record labels on three continents. 3 is an infectious effervescent and original variation on math rock, this is usually a genre that I struggle to warm to as the band’s are frequently obsessed with turning their recordings into lengthy technical exercises, but that isn’t the case with 3, this oddly infectious and charming release is a perfect example of how to take a collection of random ingredients, including a few that I normally find unpalatable, and create something irresistible.

Tricot will be appearing at the ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol on 17th – 19th August with further UK tour dates to follow

3 can be ordered via Big Scary Monsters Records here (UK) and via Top Shelf Records here (USA)

Choir Vandals To Release ‘Dark Glow’ LP On July 14th

Choir Vandals Dark GlowSt Louis’s Choir Vandals have signed with Animal Style Records and will release their debut full-length, Dark Glow, on July 14th, ahead of the album’s release the band have released a video for the track Holiday Girls. The Choir Vandals have also confirmed that they will be on tour in the US with Moose Blood later this summer.

You can view the video for Holiday Girls via Paste Magazine here

Dark Glow can be pre-ordered here and Choir Vandals tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Hundredth Release Stream Of ‘Suffer’ From Forthcoming ‘Rare’ LP

hundredth rareHundredth have revealed a third new track from their bold new album, Rare, that is due out on June 16th from Hopeless RecordsSuffer is the latest indicator of the band’s profoundly different new direction. The dense swathes of sound on Suffer speak a different language of heaviness than the band’s hardcore past yet retain Hundredth‘s innate sense of energy

Rare can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

You can stream Suffer via YouTube here and via Spotify here

Hundredth‘s US tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Two Inch Astronaut Release Stream Of Title Track From New LP

T2 Inch Astronaut CYPNHwo Inch Astronaut have released a stream of the track Can You Please Not Help, the title track to their upcoming LP that is due out on June 2nd via Exploding In Sound Records. Two Inch Astronaut have created a record of songs described by the band as “sometimes tricky, sometimes poppy, with a range in mood from playful to suffocatingly, uncomfortably serious” that shifts between sugary sweet pop hooks and tangled punk in a moments notice. 

You can stream the title track from Can You Please Not Help here

Pre-orders of Can You Please Not Help are available here

Prong To Release New Album ‘Zero Days’ On July 28th

Prong Zero DaysThe new Prong Album, Zero Days, will be released on July 28th on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The album is another monster release that is another step towards refining their sound and another album that lacks any filler or lacklustre moments. Musically, it hits home from the first bars of the opener, However It May End, to the last bars of the albums closing track, Wasting Of The Dawn, every track on Zero Days is it’s own emotional rollercoaster ride, chock-full of massive riffage, ironclad grooves and topped off by Tommy Victor‘s vocal delivery.

Prong‘s European tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Left Lane Cruiser Release ‘Claw Machine Wizard’ Album Today

Left Lane Cruiser Claw Machine WizardLeft Lane Cruiser have released their new album, Claw Machine Wizard, today on limited edition vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats via Alive Naturalsound Records, the art on the album sleeve is a nod towards MC5’s Back In The USA and Dr. Feelgood‘s Down By The Jetty.

The limited edition starburst vinyl edition of Claw Machine Wizard can be ordered here

Left Lane Cruiser‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Bullet Height Release ‘No Atonement’ LP Today

Bullet Height NABerlin based UK electronic-rock duo Bullet Height release their debut album No Atonement today via Superball Music on petrol green vinyl, CD and download formats, and to mark the occasion they have revealed a special track by track video run down of the themes and inspirations behind the songs on the record.

No Atonement can be streamed via Spotify here and purchased here

You can view the track by track rundown of No Atonement below Read More…

Brick + Mortar Release ‘Dropped Again’ EP

Brick And Mortar Dropped AgainNew Jersey’s Brick + Mortar have released their new EP, Dropped Again, and it is now available on iTunes and SpotifyDropped Again is a re-release of the band’s 2015 EP Dropped, including two new tracks and a remix of the track Move To The Ocean. The band is also premiering the final new song from the record, Great Escape.

You can purchase Dropped Again via iTunes here and stream the EP via Spotify here

The Great Escape can be streamed here

Donnie Willow Reveal ‘Toys’ Video And UK Tour Dates

Donnie Willow ExhibitionGlaswegian alt-rockers Donnie Willow have today revealed the stop motion video for Toys, the track is taken from Donnie Willow‘s forthcoming EP, Exhibition, that is set for release on 9th June 2017 via Sunbird Records, the EP will be released digitally and on limited edition 10″ vinyl, and is now available for pre-order.

You can pre-order the Exhibition EP here

You can view the video for Toys, and Donnie Willow‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Redwood Release ‘Night Garden’ Single

Redwood NGLate last year Redwood released their sophomore EP, Blood Moon, that swells in and out of post-rock sensibilities whilst leaning heavily on a mid-west emo sound. Redwood have now released their new single, Night Garden, on the surface it sounds like a lush and positive song with punishing guitar sounds and beautiful vocal harmonies, but under the surface their is substance as it covers the serious issue of domestic violence. Blood Moon is set for a vinyl release through DIY label Blindreader Records in July that will be limited to 300 copies and will feature the two tracks from the Night Garden single, as well as a fold out A3 lyric sheet.

You can order and stream Night Garden here