Calling All Astronauts LTD

Calling All Astronauts

Living The Dream

Supersonic Media

Rating: 4/5




Calling All Astronauts are a London based politically charged trio that mix electro, rock, punk and post-punk into their sound, this eclectic range of influences has earned them an established fanbase in the alternative underground, this is all the more impressive when you consider that everything is done on their own terms via their own Supersonic Media imprint. Living The Dream is the band’s latest single, and the final release to be taken from their critically acclaimed 2016 album, Anti-Social Network, and the single is due for release on the 25th August 2017.

Living The Dream is dark political single that to me is what Johnny Cash would have sounded like had he been born into a different era, it has a dark electro punk delivery that encompasses the worlds of dance, industrial and punk, along with a slightly retro alternative feel from the early days of the gothic and alternative scenes of the late eighties, and unusually for a release that spreads it reach across so many disparate genres I can see Living The Dream appealing equally to fans of all of them.

The sprawling nature of Calling All Astronauts sound could be partially owed to the fact that their line up contains former members of punk and goth bands, Caffeine and Marionettes respectively, but for me Calling All Astronauts are a band that are far greater than the sum of their parts. Living The Dream is another example of just how strong an album Anti Social Network is, Calling All Astronauts latest single can be pre-ordered from iTunes, but my advice would be to invest a few more of your hard earned pennies and download the whole album instead. 

Living The Dream can be pre-ordered via iTunes here

Anti Social Network can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here

The Two Tens Release ‘On Repeat’ LP

Two Tens ORThe Two Tens have just released On Repeat, the follow-up to their acclaimed debut album Volume. Not only have the themes of heartbreak, heartache and depression reared their heads again on the LA based duo’s new studio LP, but the pile-driving rock that dominates these thirteen original tracks, along with a bludgeoning cover of the Unknown Mortal Orchestra track Nerve Damage, are an equal and familiar punch in the gut. On Repeat builds on the raw garage-punk that dominated their previous effort, the duo have also expanded their musical palette to include a poppier edge to some of the tracks.

The Punk Site‘s five star review of On Repeat can be read here

On Repeat can be ordered via Man Della Records here

Spider Release Self Titled ‘Best Of’ EP

Spider EPLike a swift kick to the head, Spider‘s limited edition EP delivers six blistering existential anthems from their out of print album, Youth Insurance. For fans of early Black Flag and The Damned, these songs are forceful blasts of pure punk rock DNA, the EP captures the essence of Spider as a visceral and rhythmic band firing on all cylinders. Broadcasting with a complete lack of pretense and no time for time wasters, Spider offers the best of classic punk with an unruly hardcore tinge.

Spider‘s self titled EP can be purchased here and the lead track PCE can be streamed here

Spider‘s tour dates and festival appearances can be viewed below Read More…

Rebellion 2017 April

Rebellion Festival (Friday)

Blackpool Winter Gardens, UK

Friday 4th August 2017

Rating: 5/5



Rebellion 17 Heavy DrapesA meander from my hotel with twanging hamstrings and aching calves takes me through Blackpool’s faded glamour and back to the Winter Gardens where an enormous queue has formed to get in for Saturday’s impressive line up which means I’ve already missed Aerial Salad by the time I finally get in. My Friday opens with the Kenneths who blow away the cobwebs after last night excess on a sundrenched Casbah Stage, their set of high energy punk rock starts Friday off perfectly. The Heavy Drapes have made the leap from the introducing stage last year to the Empress Ballroom, and you can see why, they deliver an anthemic set of pulverising old school punk rock, that means Friday has kicked into gear early.
Rebellion 17 SvetlanasI catch the end of Sensa Yuma‘s heavyweight set as we head back outside to catch Maid Of Ace rocking the Casbah Stage, and they don’t disappoint the as the hyperactive all female quartet deliver a full tilt set of raucous punk rock, that I sadly have to cut short as Svetlanas are playing the Pavillion Stage, they are a must see as they have just released what looks like being my favourite album of 2017. Svetlanas are something to behold, carrying the energy of early Dead Kennedys and the Dwarves best recordings. Svetlanas lead singer Olga prowls the stage and the dance floor like a caged animal, her intense stage presence is matched by a frantic hardcore edged soundtrack, and all the expectations from their incredible new album, This Is Moscow Not LA, are exceeded. This is a band you need to see live as I doubt I’ll encounter a better live ever act this weekend, or this year, and I have to buy a new t shirt afterwards as the one I was wearing is now soaked as I was down the front throughout Svetlanas incredible set.
As I wander outside for a cigarette I catch John Robb, one of Manchester’s punk mainstays, playing an impressive set with The Membranes complete with a full choir, had it not clashed with Svetlanas this is something I’d have made a point of catching. Tagada Jones follow with a blast of hard edged Gallic street punk, to me bands like this are one of the joys of the Rebellion Festival. I would never have encountered these in my local punk scene, but the Rebellion Festival unites cultures and scenes in the punk community like no other festival, and along with Svetlanas I have encountered two incredible bands from mainland Europe. Behind me a moshpit forms of their hardcore fans who have made the journey across the channel and Tagada Jones are for me one of the best discoveries of the Rebellion Festival, and I recommend you investigate this band who prove that punk rock travels beyond the usual English and American borders.
Rebellion 17 TV SmithSeeing TV Smith is an essential part of rebellion, the former lead singer of The Adverts was there at the start and to see him playing with a full band,  The Bored Teenagers, is a temptation that is too good to resist. Tonight’s set with the Bored Teenagers is focused upon his post adverts solo material, and songs such as the Good Times Are Back and My String Will Snap sound as relevant as the day the day the day were written, if not more so. Further wandering finds another of punks old school, Vice Squad, sounding re-energised for the Rebellion Festival, and alongside their extensive back catalogue they close with the Motorhead classic, Ace Of Spades. A brief  break precedes a return to the Casbah Stage where The Real McKenzies are bringing their Celtic punk rock to Blackpool and they are celebrating 25 years together, another band I’ve intended to see for a number of years and however good you may think they are on record, live is where they are at their beer fuelled best and they bring a party atmosphere to the Friday night at the Rebellion Festival.
I’ve intended to see DOA ever since I bought 13 Flavours Of Doom a long long time ago, several farewell tours have meant that I thought it would never happen, but Friday night at the Rebellion Festival brings the legendary Canadian outfit to the Casbah Stage. There is nothing I can say about these Canadian punk legends that hasn’t already been said, but I’m going to say it anyway, the politically charged punk band deserves every accolade that’s thrown at them, they have been around for four decades and it’s been worth the wait to finally see them. Tonight the Casbah Stage has had a distinctly Northern exposure and when DOA play Already Dead, the first song I ever heard by them, I think I’ve peaked, but add to this songs such as General Strike, that’s dedicated to Theresa May, and Race Riot, then my day is utterly made. DOA return for an encore of Full Metal Jackoff, from their amazing album recorded with Jello Biafra, Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours, and the inevitable ending of Fucked Up Donald, this marks an incredible end to an amazing day that has mainly been spent on the Casbah Stage, they leave with the words “together we can, together we will, make the world a better place’.
Sometimes the Rebellion Festival holds secrets, such as F.I.L.F., which turns out to be an unheralded and unpublicised Macc Lads reunion, with original members Stez Styx, Mutley McLadd, The Beater and Chorley The Hord, with new addition Bammy, who between them were banned from more venues than any other British punk band, in fact probably more than the rest of them put together. Tonight they are mainly covering classic punk songs and the band are clearly enjoying being back together, but they close with a final encore of the Macc Lads obscene classic Blackpool, and what else would they choose for the Rebellion Festival, that’s thrown in for good measure the venue erupts, and this is the welcome return of another band I never thought I would see again.
The review of the Saturday at the Rebellion Festival 2017 will follow shortly on The Punk Site.
The Rebellion Festival wesbsite is here
Unofficial live photography courtesy of Froggy and Eloise Coone
You can click on any of the photos to view a slide show of the images
Energy UK Tour 2017

Energy / Miss Vincent / Cascade

Satan's Hollow, Manchester, UK

29th July 2017

Rating: 4.5/5



Energy Satans Hollow Venue July 18Satan’s Hollow is an eccentric venue located on the edge of Manchester’s Gay Village that is done out on early Hammer Horror chic complete with Devils, a Frankenstein’s Monster and numerous ghouls and creatures lurking in the venue, it also boasts the stickiest floor I’ve ever encountered in a live venue and over the DJ booth lurks Satan himself overseeing the tunes, and this bodes well for tonight, after all he is famed for having all the best tunes. I’ve not been to Satan’s Hollow for about ten years, but my memories of it being a unique venue are not just hazy nostalgia, aside from it’s decor the bands play in the centre of the venue, granting you unique perspectives for live shows that no other Manchester venue provides.
Energy Satans Hollow Cascade July 18By the time we’ve had a confusing meander through the construction zone that central Manchester has become and we finally locate Satan’s Hollow it’s too late to catch opening band Sonder, but on the plus side we managed to catch the end of up and coming local outfit Cascade‘s set.  The Manchester quartet are already mid way through their set as we arrive but the brief exposure to Cascade reveals a band who deliver an earnest and down to earth blend of post and melodic hardcore that is the perfect start to tonight’s line up, and as their debut single, Sarracenia, is available as a free download you have nothing to lose by checking out this promising outfit.
Energy Satans Hollow Miss Vincent 1 July 18Miss Vincent are supporting Energy across their debut headline tour of the UK, and you can see why they landed the support slot as they deliver a welcome blast of melodic hardcore tinged punk rock that hits the spot nicely, and it explains the hype that’s building up behind this up and coming UK outfit. The early start for tonight’s show has not done any of the support bands any favours as Miss Vincent have hit the stage before 8pm, a time when many gig goers are still usually enjoying a pre show pint, but this is what venues have to do to survive so I’m not complaining, but I suspect a lot of those with tickets for tonight’s show haven’t checked the stage times prior to attending.
Energy Satans Hollow Miss Vincent 2 July 18Miss Vincent are a band I expect to hear a lot more of, the blend street punk, melodic hardcore and good old fashioned punk rock to incredible effect, and despite the early start they deliver a full tilt set to those who have arrived early enough, and to the steadily growing slightly confused crowd who arrive mid set. Amidst the full tilt punk rock there are moments that break the set up with moments of more heartfelt rock ‘n roll on steroids that befit the band’s moniker. Miss Vincent are authentic muscular punk rock, and I would have been happy just to see them tonight such is the passion and energy behind their set and I can’t recommend Miss Vincent highly enough, on the basis of tonight’s set they stand out as another rising star born of the UK’s grass roots punk scene.
Energy Satans Hollow 1 July 18Energy kick off with The Witching Hour, the impressive lead single from the freshly released Under The Mask EP, that marks a perfect start to their headline set and for a band with a ten year back catalogue demonstrates the strength of their new material. For me Energy‘s sound and attitude is better matched to the intimate venue of Satan’s Hollow, and the demonic theme of the venue, much better than the characterless venues they were playing on the first UK visit earlier this year as support to Creeper. Energy are for me the natural heirs to The Misfits crown of horror punk, but that’s not to say they are a copy of New Jerseys finest, they bring their own character and well, Energy, to the set.
Energy Satans Hollow 2 July 18Energy carry a different feel from many of Boston’s better known sons as there’s no reference to Irish heritage or bagpipes, instead tonight they have delivered a set that is influenced by the last four decades of punk rock, from The Misfits through to AFI and beyond, and to underpin this towards the end of the set they deliver The Misfits classic Hybrid Moments exactly as it was meant to be delivered. Throughout tonight’s set Energy enjoy an intimate interaction with an enthusiastic crowd and they happily mingle with the audience after the show, until the venue is cleared to make way for the following club night. For me this is a tour that represents a showcase of two bands that are deservedly gaining the recognition they deserve.
Energy Satans Hollow 3 July 18Tonight Energy are playing their Under The Mask EP in full for the first time, on their first headlining set in Manchester, on the first date of their first UK headlining tour, and it’s their first show with new drummer Eric Molloy. On a night of numerous firsts I feel privileged to have been here as Energy now sit comfortably amongst my favourite live acts after tonight and my first exposure to them earlier this year. Energy are making significant inroads into the UK with two tours in the last 6 months, and I’m wondering why it took then so long as their brand of horror infused punk rock is well received by the attendees at Satan’s Hollow, and I hope Energy make a return to our shores in 2018.
Energy Satans Hollow 4 July 18Energy‘s Facebook presence is here and the Under The Mask EP can be ordered here
The Punk Site Review of the Under The Mask EP can be read here
Miss Vincent‘s Facebook page can be found here and their Bandcamp is here
Cascade‘s Facebook is located here and their Bandcamp is here
You can enter Satan’s Hollow online here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images
CH3 PEU Final


Put 'Em Up

TKO Records

Rating: 4.5/5




It’s best to start with a brief introduction for those who aren’t familiar with CH3, they are a band have been around since 1980 who are contemporaries of fellow So Cal legends such as Social Distortion, Bad Religion, TSOL and Circle Jerks, the release of their latest full length represents the bands first complete album of new songs in over 15 years. CH3‘s recording career had been on hiatus until recent political events stirred them back into writing, which is pretty much the only positive I can think of to come from recent political developments, and now the seminal So Cal punks are set to unleash their latest album, Put ‘Em Up, on August 18th via TKO Records.

Put ‘Em Up comes straight out of it’s corner with Model Citizen, a classic slice of CH3 punk rock that shows they’ve lost none of their fire, something that is underpinned on Not That It Matters and All The Night. The anthemic Fire And Water has a distinct feel of The Clash about it, and in that spirit the album’s title track is a politically charged number against the divisive policies of the current American administration. But it’s not all punk and protest, She Never Wanted It This Way and Blue Skies bring the album’s poppier moments, but with punk rock still firmly to the fore just as it oughta be, whilst Half The Way reveals a distinctly softer side to CH3. The God That You Deserve hits you with a melodic hardcore blast against organised religion and Take Me To Your Leader is a fine blast of punk rock that brings Put ‘Em Up to a rousing finish.

Put ‘Em Up places CH3 straight back in the heart of the current punk rock scene with a hard hitting and political slice of So Cal punk rock, there are moments that are influenced by the band’s that informed their sound, but the whole impact is of an original band who have lost none of their energy and rage after over 15 years in the wilderness. Put ‘Em Up is an album that could only have been made by a band with a long history, it revisits everything from the school of ’77 to melodic hardcore via power pop, and after listening to Put ‘Em Up my only regret is that is took them this long to return to recording.

You can pre-order Put ‘Em Up via Bandcamp here

The Homeless Gospel Choir Release Full Stream Of New LP

Homeless Gospel Choir Normal LPThe Homeless Gospel Choir are now streaming their new record, The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal, in full on Bandcamp. The album, which features guest vocals from Frank Turner and Frank Iero, is set to be released tomorrow, August 18th, on A-F Records. The Homeless Gospel Choir will be touring the US and Europe in the coming months with AJJ, Frank Iero & The Patience and Beach Slang and tickets for all tour dates are available here

You can stream The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal via Bandcamp here

The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal can be pre-ordered via A-F Records here

Casey Release New Single And Video ‘Ceremony’

Casey Love Is Not EnoughEmotional hardcore upstarts, Casey, have revealed their new single and video, Ceremony, the harrowing track comes from the band’s debut full length, Love Is Not Enough, which was released late last year on Hassle Records. Typically heart wrenching, Ceremony exemplifies Casey‘s emotionally driven, cathartic approach as the band masterfully utilizes the contrasts between aggressive hardcore and melodic atmospherics.

You can order Love Is Not Enough physically here and digitally here

The video for Ceremony can be viewed below and the single can be streamed via Spotify here Read More…

SONS Added To Reading Festival Line Up

Sons ZealotHaving already notched up memorable live performances including the Tramlines Festival opening party in Sheffield, Camden Rocks and The Great Escape, SONS will now play the This Feeling stage at the 2017 Reading Festival . Their new single, Zealot, will drop on DIY label Till Deaf Do Us Party as a tote bag DL bundle on 25th August.

You can pre-order Zealot here

The video for Zealot can be viewed below Read More…

Siberian Meat Grinder Release ‘No Way Back’ Video

Siberian Meat Grinder - MBSMoscow crossover outfit Siberian Meat Grinder have announced the release of their long awaited second album, Metal Bear Stomp, that is set to be released via Destiny Records on the 13th October 2017. Siberian Meat Grinder are Bringing their cross genre game to the next level, the band have delivered an explosive sonic mix over the twelve tracks of Metal Bear Stomp that will have you headbanging, slam dancing, finger pointing and throwing down throughout. Ahead of the album’s release Siberian Meat Grinder have released a video for the track No Way Back.

You can view the video for No Way Back below Read More…

Two Tens OR

The Two Tens

On Repeat

Man Della Records

Rating: 5/5




The Two Tens are set to release their new album, On Repeat, on the 18th August via Man Della Records, there’s a theory that a band’s second album is the hardest as they’ve previously spent years developing and refining the material that populates the debut release, and as a result making the process of delivering a sophomore album that lives up to their debut an impossible task. If this theory is correct then no one has told The Two Tens, I adored their 2016 debut Volume and I will admit to some trepidation as On Repeat has followed so quickly on it’s heels, but any concerns I had were blown away as they haven’t equalled their stunning debut, they’ve surpassed it.

From the opening fuzzed out garage of the title track I start to get the feeling that this album is going to be something very special, this is borne out as every single track carries the infectious hallmarks of their debut, but it all sounds more focused and polished but crucially this is achieved without sacrificing their relentless energy and enthusiasm. Tracks such as Keeping Hope Alive, Stuck In My Head, Burden and Streetlight are perfect rough edged pop gems that no one else does as well as The Two Tens, but these sugar rushes are counterbalanced by fuzzier darker numbers and frantic blasts that carry the insistent hooks and infectious choruses that have become The Two Tens trademark.

The Two Tens are a perfect blend of old school punk energy, snotty garage attitude and sweet sixties pop, and it would seem the duo that make up The Two Tens, Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx, have formed a perfect partnership as they have now released two flawless albums in as many years. The Two Tens have delivered an album that I can’t fault on any level, and I doubt that I’ll hear a better album this year, On Repeat is a prophetic album title as that’s exactly what has happened since I first played it and if The Two Tens keep up their current trajectory then I’m going to have to add another star to our rating system for their next album.

You can pre-order On Repeat via Man Della Records here and Bandcamp here

The Spinoff Release Debut Single ‘Something Buried’

The Spinoff LogoMontreal’s The Spinoff are a fast paced melodic blast of nostalgia drawing upon inspiration from the late 90’s and early 00’s to forge a unique contribution to the second coming of pop-punk. Focusing on a blend of modern punk and 90s alt rock similar to bands such as Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Everclear and Lit. The Spinoff have now released their debut single, Something Buried, and the band are currently working on their debut album, that will merge well-crafted and meaningful songs with a fun and ferocious punk rock energy.

You can stream Something Buried here

Thin Lips Announce US Tour With Worriers

Thin Lips Worriers Tour 17Philadelphia shredders Thin Lips have announced a tour this fall with Worriers, including dates at The Fest in Gainesville, FL. Thin Lips are touring in support of their 2016 release Riff Hard, that is available on physical and digital formats via Lame-O Records, Thin Lips are currently working on their new album that is slated to be released in 2018.

Riff Hard can be purchased digitally here and physically here

You can view Thin Lips tour dates below Read More…

Honeyrude Release Full Stream Of ‘The Color Blue’ LP

Honeyrude TCBHoneyrude will release their full length debut album, The Color Blue, on August 18th via Shifting Sounds Records, ahead of the release the record can now be streamed in full. With The Color Blue the shoegaze revivalists have created a stunning record of textural dream-pop and early 90’s fuzzed out bliss.

You can stream The Color Blue via Soundcloud here

The Color Blue can be pre-ordered via Shifting Sounds Records here

Silverstein Release Video For New Single ‘The Afterglow’

Silverstein DRCanada’s post hardcore pioneers Silverstein have released their brand new music video for The Afterglow, the single is a choice cut from their recently released eighth full length, Dead Reflection. To compliment the infectious hooks of The Afterglow Silverstein paired the track with a video chronicle of their time on the entirety of the 2017 Vans Warped Tour, from the raucous live show to the backstage camaraderie, the music video is a behind the scenes glimpse into a long summer of sweat, stage dives, and Silverstein

You can pre-order Dead Reflection via Rise Records here

You can view the video for The Afterglow, and Silverstein‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Tigercub Release New Single ‘It’s Only Love’

Tigercub EODAhead of their appearance at Reading & Leeds Festivals next week, Brighton trio Tigercub have announced yet another upscaled headline show that is set to take place on 18th January 2018 at The Scala, London, tickets will go on sale 10am on Friday 18th August 2017. The band have also just revealed their new single, It’s Only Love, the latest track taken from their brand new EP, Evolve Or Die, that is set for release on 29th September via Alcopop! Records, the EP will be available on limited edition red vinyl and via all good digital platforms.
You can stream It’s Only Love here and view Tigercub‘s tour dates below

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Future Teens Sign To Take This To Heart Records

Future Teens HFTake This To Heart Records have announced that they have signed Boston’s Future Teens and will be releasing their stellar debut LP, Hard Feelings, on September 29th. This album is coming hot on the heels of their latest EP, Bored And Alone, which was released earlier this year and the label has released a stream of Future Teens latest single, Sleep Schedule.

You can stream the new single Sleep Schedule here

You can pre-order Hard Feelings here

Debt Neglector Atomicland

Debt Neglector


Smartpunk Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Florida’s Debt Neglector will release their debut album, Atomicland, on August 18th via Smartpunk Records, the album is a blast of catchy, grungy, aggressive tunes dealing with anxiety, depression, paranoia, abuse, and other warm and fuzzy subjects that is the soundtrack of a band that is hoping to enact some positive change. Over the course of half an hour Debt Neglector manage to showcase their dynamics with speed, heaviness, and attack, all while not giving up on the infectious guitar melodies and vocal harmonies that embed themselves firmly in your frontal lobes and are just impossible to pry out.

From the second you drop the needle you’re hit with the instantly infectious blast of politically charged melodic punk rock, the title track is the perfect introduction, but this is not an album that relies solely on an opening hook, Atomicland is as finer debut punk album as you’re likely to hear this year. Every single track brings the kind of manic punk rock that it’s impossible not to love, the off tempo timing changes keep you guessing and the whole package just fizzes with an energy that is fuelled by a sense of injustice, this combination makes Atomicland a near perfect delivery of punk and hardcore that sits distinctly on the melodic side of both styles.

If you’re a fan of Bad Religion, Dead To Me and Guttermouth then Debt Neglector will be a more than welcome addition to your collection, Atomicland is the rare kind of album that reminds you exactly why you fell in love with punk in the first place. Normally I’d mention my stand out tracks in a review, but doing that on this album would just result in a track listing, there isn’t a moment on Atomicland that doesn’t hit the spot and as a result I have to say that this is one of the best punk albums I’ve heard this year, and Debt Neglector sit amongst the best new bands I’ve discovered in 2017.

Atomicland can be pre-ordered via Smartpunk Records here

Pop Warner Release Self Titled EP

Pop WarnerUtah punks Pop Warner have released their latest EP via Hidden Home Records, the self titled EP is now available on CD and cassette via the label, and for download and streaming via Bandcamp. 

You can stream and purchase Pop Warner‘s self titled EP here

The EP can be ordered on CD and Cassette via Hidden Home Records here

You can view Pop Warner‘s US tour dates below Read More…

Converge To Release New LP ‘The Dusk in Us’

Converge TDIUConverge have announced the upcoming release of The Dusk In Us, the first album in five years from the Boston based heavy music innovators. Due out on November 3, The Dusk In Us will be released via Epitaph Records and Deathwish. The Dusk In Us follows 2012’s acclaimed All We Love We Leave Behind and today also marks the premiere of Converge‘s new single, Under Duress, a track that merges his tortured howl with pounding rhythms and abrasive guitar riffs. You can pre-order The Dusk In Us here and you can stream Under Duress here

Converge‘s European tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Makthaverskan Release Stream Of ‘In My Dreams’ From New LP

Makthaverskan IllRun For Cover Records have announced that they will release Ill, the third full-length from Swedish post-punk legends Makthaverskan on October 20, 2017, the band are currently streaming In My Dreams, a track taken from the forthcoming album. Deep at the heart of Makthaverskan‘s new album Ill lies a burning desire, a longing to find compassion against a global backdrop where love in all its forms feels as if its being sucked from our lives. Led by vocalist Maja Milner‘s barbed wail, Ill is Makthaverskan turning their sights on the world at large, chasing hope and understanding in a time when it can seem impossible to find either.

Ill can be pre-ordered via Run For Cover Records here and you can stream In My Dreams here


The By Gods Release Stream Of ‘Wait Up’ From New LP ‘Move On’

By Gods WUNashville trio The By Gods have revealed Wait Up, another new track from their forthcoming new album, Move On, that is set for release on 20th October 2017. Straight off the back of a lengthy US tour, The By Gods have also announced their first ever run of UK headline tour dates for October 2017 with support from Ravens on all dates.
You can stream Wait Up via Souncloud here and Spotify here
You can view The By Gods tour dates below

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At The Drive In Release New Video For ‘Call Broken Arrow’

At The Drive In InteraliaContinuing to build on the feverish momentum of their new album in • ter a • li • a, that was released on May 5, 2017 on Rise Records, At The Drive In has proudly unveiled the new video for Call Broken Arrow. At The Drive In return to the UK this coming August Bank Holiday weekend for their hugely-anticipated set on the mainstage of the Reading and Leeds Festivals, before returning in November for an arena tour with Royal Blood.

The Punk Site Review of in • ter a • li • a can be read here

you can view the video for Call Broken Arrow, and At The Drive In‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Marmozets Announce Headline UK Tour

Marmozets Promo Aug 17After some time away working on new material, Marmozets incendiary live show is back on the road this week as they embark upon a warm-up tour ahead of their sets at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals. With their current warm up dates entirely sold-out in advance, the band have now announced details of a headline tour that commences in October as Marmozets prepare to launch their eagerly anticipated second album.

Marmozets website is here and you can view their tour dates below Read More…


Black Beach Release Stream Of ‘No Place For Me’

Black Beach PLD2Boston garage punks Black Beach are set to release Play Loud Die, Vol. II in September, an EP that they recorded as the follow up to the band’s recent split with Nice Guys. The trio have pulled back from their “always at 10” approach to blown out fuzz, opting for more dynamics while making their sound all the more visceral in the process. One of the Boston underground’s best and most explosive new bands have added nuance to their menace, and they are only getting better in doing so.
You can stream the track No Place For Me here
Black Beach‘s tour dates can be viewed below

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Puppet Kings Release ‘Otherside’ Video

Puppet Kings VCAGHard-hitting, groove filled three piece Puppet Kings matriculate from the vibrant cornucopia of Brighton’s ever-expanding music scene, the rock ‘n’ roll newcomers hurl out gigantic alt rock, soaked with adrenaline fuelled riffery and huge choruses. The band will unveil their new EP, Very Cool & Groovy, through all platforms on Friday 1st September, however, before the EP is released the trio have released the video for the track Otherside.

Very Cool & Groovy can be pre-ordered here

You can view the video for Otherside below Read More…

Slaughter Beach, Dog Announce New Album And UK & US Tours

Slaughter Beach Dog BirdieSlaughter Beach, Dog, has just announced their new record, Birdie, will be coming out October 27th on Lame-O Records and the band are now premiering the first single from the record, Gold and Green. Pre-orders for Birdie are available physically here and digitally here via Lame-O Records, in the UK/Europe via Big Scary Monsters Records here, and in Australia via Cooking Vinyl here. Slaughter Beach, Dog have also announced a headlining US tour this fall with support from Shannen Moser, and Jake Ewald will also be playing a few solo dates in the UK this September.

You can view the video for Gold And Green, and Slaughter Beach, Dog‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Homeless Gospel Choir Normal LP

The Homeless Gospel Choir

The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal

A-F Records

Rating: 4/5




The Homeless Gospel Choir are poised to release their new album, The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal, that follows on from the thankfully more consicisely titled lead single, Normal, that acted as a taster for the full length. The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal is an album that flows seamlessly between biting condemnations of the current political climate and tongue in cheek political satire, and manages to be simultaneously entertaining and fiercely relevant, which is nothing less than you’d expect from Derek Zanetti, the protest singer, author and artist who is the man behind The Homeless Gospel Choir.

Sixth Grade offers a brief opening flashback that is followed by Depression, a rapid fire slice of folk punk that is about being the sense of being an outsider that suddenly bursts into life with the a full band for the final verse. Crazy and Normal are fine slabs of punk rock that are counterbalanced by more downbeat numbers, such as Sometimes and Don’t Know, and Fear brings the strangest moment on the album, a disturbing psychotropic multi voiced dose of mental illness. The likes of Everyone and 1983 blend satire and punk rock perfectly whilst Alright is a heartfelt autobiographical protest song, and finally the album closes with the satirical and not exactly reverential take on religion, Holy Shit.

The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal is set to be released on August 18th via A-F Records and this album is one that has a tendency to grow on you, with each listen you’ll pick up a new lyric or hook that will make you spin the album again until you find yourself repeating this process until you’re caught in an endless loop. This is a unique album that has something that will appeal to everyone who has a love of punk rock, there are fine moments of defiant noisy punk that sit alongside the folk punk and moments of insight and strangeness, this is all delivered with a wit and sincerity that makes The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal a unique and deeply addictive album

The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents: Normal can be pre-ordered via A-F Records here

CJ Ramone Confirms UK Tour Dates

Isotopes CJ Ramone tour 17Only seven men have been lucky enough to be gifted with the Ramone surname, of these is CJ Ramone, who was part of the family from 1989-1996, and he will be touring the UK in support of his latest album. CJ Ramone’s new solo album, American Beauty, is a twelve song effort that crackles with the spirit of ’77, the album also features guest appearances from members of Big Eyes and Mariachi El Bronx.
You can purchase American Beauty via CJ Ramone‘s Bandcamp here
CJ Ramone‘s UK tour dates can be viewed below

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High Down Release ‘Life Lessons’ Video

High Down Moving OnPortsmouth born High Down arrived on the music scene last year, and are quickly amassing new fans and gathering firm momentum with their highly contagious brand of hard-hitting pop punk that is reminiscent of Blink-182, State Champs and New Found Glory. High Down will unveil their explosive new EP, Moving On, on Friday 1st September, but before then the pop-punkers have released a new video for the track Life Lessons.

Moving On can be pre-ordered on CD here 

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Gold Phoenix Release New Single ‘Lotion’

Gold Phoenix LotionGold Phoenix are a soundclash of raw and riff heavy garage rock, their new single, Lotion, is released today, the 14th August, and it is an energetic tongue in cheek three minutes that boasts a unique video. Lotion follows on from last year’s acclaimed single, Oh So Hard, and see’s the band return to both recording and touring, with the remainder of 2017 to be spent touring the UK with European dates to follow in 2018.

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