Fox Face Sign To Dirtnap Records

Fox Face Promo Sept 17Witchy, twitchy and full of attitude, Fox Face is a fog-swirling, moonlit night where nothing’s as it seems. Blink, and they answer the question you didn’t even know you had. Both realized and reckless, Fox Face is an eerie musical force that would be just as much at ease holding a seance on a stormy nighttime beach as they would be throwing a rager in a dark beer-soaked basement bar. Fox Face will release their debut full length, Spoil + Destroy, via Dirtnap Records on November 3rd.

You can stream the track Clever Girl via New Noise Magazine here

Kevin Devine To Release ‘We Are Who We’ve Always Been’ LP

11183_JKTKevin Devine has just announced he will release We Are Who We’ve Always Been, a stripped down reimagining of his 2016 release, Instigator. The album was produced by longterm collaborator Chris Bracco and features guest performances from Swivs, The Mynabirds and Half Waif. We Are Who We’ve Always Been is set to be released on October 20th via Procrastinate! Music Traitors and Triple Crown Records

Pre-orders for We Are Who We’ve Always Been are available here

You can stream the track I Was Alive Back Then, that features Half Waif, here


Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve

Gunnar Records

Rating: 4/5




Sciatic Nerve are a band with a line up that is born of members of some of the scenes best loved bands, the outfit is comprised of members of The Swingin’ Utters, Nothington, Western Addiction and Cobra Skulls, but if you were expecting a recreation of the sounds from any of those bands you’ll be disappointed as Sciatic Nerve are not the result of a nostalgic trip into any of the members past or present recordings, they are a completely different beast from any of the members well known outfits. Sciatic Nerve will be released through Gunner Records on limited edition red and clear vinyl, as well as digitally, on the 29th September 2017.

The album’s title track kicks in with a forty nine second introduction that embodies the best of old school hardcore, and from this point we’re away into an album that owes a hefty debt to that scene, one that is done and dusted in a shade under twenty minutes. There are moments that veer away from the hardcore assault, Get Away has the feel of the best garage inspired bands and Things I Can Look At and With Who You Go slow the pace down but if anything up the intensity. For the most part Sciatic Nerve is a headlong blast of reckless hardcore inspired punk rock that any fan of the likes of The Bronx, Minor Threat and Black Flag will need to add to their collection.

It must be said that for a band that is formed from veterans of the punk scene Sciatic Nerve makes a pleasant change from the trend for acoustic albums that are veering towards Americana, country and introspection. Sciatic Nerve are living proof that you can grow old disgracefully without being dependent on your past glories and they have released an an album that bears no resemblance to any of the members former outfits, and for me that makes Sciatic Nerve an all the more impressive and original release from punk’s old school.

Sciatic Nerve can be pre-ordered via Gunner Records here

Girobabies Reissue First Two Albums

Girobabies SNW BSABefore the Girobabies released their 2015 album, Who Took Utopia?, there was this… for the first time the Social Not Working and Bus Stop Apocalypse albums have been mashed together onto one CD with additional bonus tracks. This is the first time either of these releases have been available as a physical purchase for at least 5 years.

You can pre order the Social Not Working and Bus Stop Apocalypse CD here

You can view the video for What Could Go Wrong? that is taken from Social Not Working below Read More…

All Tied Up BS

All Tied Up

Breaking Silence

Stack In A Box Records

Rating: 3.5/5




To date All Tied Up have released two EP’s and an album, it was this DIY attitude that led to their signing to Stack In A Box Records, now the nu-wave pop punk outfit are set to release their latest EP, Breaking Silence, with all the power pop thrusts and melodic hooks that we have come to expect from Milton Keynes quartet. Although All Tied Up draw from American influences, the band have a distinctly British sound and sensibility and as a result they have thankfully managed to avoid the predictable path that so many pop punk bands follow.

So Enthusiastic opens with some mellow chords that make you think this is going to be just another pop punk EP but thankfully it comes to life in an unpredictable manner, it does contain the spirit of pop punk but they’re not trying to mimic their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic. There are clear influences from the obvious American stalwarts of the pop punk genre including Blink 182, Green Day and The Ataris but this is no pale imitation, All Tied Up have placed a distinctly anglicized take on the genre

Breaking Silence has all the break downs, hook laden riffs and energy to keep fans of the pop punk genre happy, but crucially it brings something new to the genre and All Tied Up bring their own character to the EP. This is a release that is returning to the roots of the genre, and it is one that is more punk than pop which for me is the way it should be, they’ve even skipped the obligatory acoustic number to close the EP, with the release of Breaking Silence All Tied Up have delivered a breath of fresh air in a genre that was very much in danger of becoming stale.

The Breaking Silence EP will be released on the 22nd Septmber and can be pre-ordered here

Honeymoon Disease Release ‘Four Stroke Woman’ Lyric Video

Honeymoon Disease PHMBSwedish rockers Honeymoon Disease have revealed a new lyric video for the new song Four Stroke Woman, the song is a salute to all the bikers out there, female in particular, who dare to live the lifestyle they desire without limits. The track is taken from their upcoming album, Part Human, Mostly Beast, which will be released on October 27th via The Sign Records

Part Human, Mostly Beast can be pre-ordered here

The video for Four Stroke Woman can be viewed below Read More…

Hodera Release Stream Of ‘Baltimore’ From Forthcoming LP

HoderaHodera have released a stream of Baltimore, a new song taken from their second LP, First Things First, which drops on October 20th, the band will also be hitting the road this fall in support of the album. First Things First will be released October 20th on vinyl, CD and Digital formats via Take This To Heart Records.

You can stream Baltimore via Impose Magazine here

First Things First can be pre-ordered here and Hodera‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Sweet Little Machine Reveal ‘Monsters’ Video

Sweet Little Machine Monsters Sweet Little Machine have revealed a brand new video for ‘Monsters‘, the title track from their new EP that is set for release on 6th October 2017. The band will be opening every night on the forthcoming Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour in October 2017 playing alongside Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Mad Caddies and The Skints.

The Monsters EP can be pre-ordered here

The Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour dates, and the Monsters video, can be viewed below Read More…

Lee Resistant Releases ‘Your Country’ EP

Lee Resistant YCOriginally hailing from London, England, Lee Resistant has a punk rock heart and a poet’s soul, and it all comes pouring out in his heartfelt songs of loss and hope, failure and redemption, bad times and worse luck. Lee Resistant has now self released his latest EP, Your Country, that is available on CD, cassette and digital formats.

Lee Resistant‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can stream and purchase the Your Country EP here

Save Face Release ‘Folly’ EP And Announce US Tour

Save Face Fall 17 TourSave Face have teamed up with Take This To Heart Records to bring you their latest EP, Folly. On Folly, Save Face takes their art to the pinnacle of the bands current evolution, mixing in smart, rollicking leads with intense vocal hooks that demand your attention. Akin to New Jersey scene godfathers Save The Day, Save Face take on personal examination to another level. Folly is out now on vinyl, CD and Digital formats via Take This To Heart Records in conjunction with Backpack Records and Open Door Records. Save Face will also be hitting the road with Secret Stuff on their way to play The Fest in Florida
Folly can be ordered here and Save Face‘s tour dates can be viewed below

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Role Models DM

Role Models

Dance Moves

Glunk Records

Rating: 4/5




Another year has passed and the Role Models have released their third album in three years, the album was originally launched via a Pledge Music campaign that hit it’s goal in less than four hours. Dance Moves takes you through a binge weekend with someone who has a lot to forget, or remember, the highs and lows, the exhilaration and the stinging guilt. The remembrance of loved ones past and the realization of friendships present, wanting to be lost and still yearning to be found, getting lost and being found. Dance Moves follows on from 2016’s critically acclaimed Forest Lawn album and is now available via Glunk Records.

Dance Moves is a step away from the immediate impact that the punkier Forest Lawn album had, this feels like a more mature and refined release and there’s a heavier influence from their rock ‘n roll sensibilities. Dance Moves is a perfect third instalment in a trilogy that has had the same core influences of power pop, punk and rock ‘n roll, with each album bringing one of these qualities to the fore, whether this is intended is something that only the Role Models will know for sure. Dance Moves is another solid album with no moments that have you reaching to skip over any tracks, and embedded in it’ grooves there a few stone cold classics in the shape of the album’s title track, Covered In Mistakes and Wizard Van that prove the Role Models have lost none of edge, or their tendency to pump out guitar hooks that lodge themselves firmly in your brain.

Three album’s in three years is an impressively consistent output for any band, but this is all the more impressive when you consider that the Role Models have released three album’s that each have their own character, yet maintain the Role Model‘s trademark mix of power pop, punk and rock ‘n roll. Add to this that that Dance Moves also features an impressive roster of guest appearances, including members of The Boys, The Scott Sorry Band and Robin Black And The IRS, to bolster their impressive sound, then you have a recipe for a third impressive full length in as many years, making the Role Models one of the most consistent band’s out there at the moment.

Dance Moves is available on CD via Glunk Records here and digitally via Bandcamp here

Figure It Out Reveal ‘Silence Isn’t Golden’ Video

Figure It Out SIGKnowing when a relationship has run its course and realizing that it’s time to let go can be a difficult pill to swallow. The Arizona based pop punk quartet Figure It Out tackle this head on in their anthemic new single and video, Silence Isn’t Golden, a song which also serves as the title track of their latest EP. 

The Silence Isn’t Golden EP can be ordered here

The video for Silence Isn’t Golden can be viewed below Read More…

Cold Reading To Release ‘Sojourner’ EP On September 22nd

Cold Reading - SojournerAfter releasing their huge single Books & Comfort in late July, Swiss quartet Cold Reading are now set to release their new EP Sojourner on the 22nd September via KROD Records. The record consists of four heartwarming and inspirational tracks situated somewhere between contemporary indie rock and 90’s influenced emo.
The Sojourner EP can be pre-ordered via KROD Records here
You can read more about the making of the Sojourner EP below

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All Tied Up Reveal Track By Track Of ‘Breaking Silence’ EP

All Tied Up BSAll Tied Up are surging ahead with the release of their engulfing new EP, Breaking Silence, which lands via Stack In A Box Records on September 22nd. All Tied Up dispatch thumping power pop thrusts and melodic hooks that conjure up comparisons to All Time Low and A Day To Remember, as well as heavyweight luminaries such as Blink-182 and Green Day. In an exclusive for The Punk Site the band have revealed a track by track breakdown of the Breaking Silence EP.
Breaking Silence can be pre-ordered on CD and digital formats here
You can read the track by track breakdown of the Breaking Silence EP below

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Washer Release New Album ‘All Aboard’

Washer All AboardAll Aboard is Washer‘s sophomore album, it is built on a blend of aggressive pop music, off-kilter structures, earnest lyrics, and minimalist garage rock. They’ve described their sound as “trying to do a lot with a little,” contorting simple pop formulas into fuzzy punk hits. Built around themes of personal doubt, self-reflection, and being stuck in place, All Aboard is a dark record, but Washer continue to fight toward brighter days. With a never ending onslaught of ramshackle hooks, sing-a-long anthems, and unexpected shifts, Washer have made an album where every moment counts and every song is a single.

All Aboard is now available via Exploding In Sound Records here

Culture Abuse

Culture Abuse

David Kelling

By on 23rd August 2017 at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK



Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse Aug 17

I meet with Culture Abuse in the downstairs bar area of The Deaf Institute where the band are gathered ahead of their debut appearance in Manchester, as we end up conducting the interview outside the venue at the band’s request so they can enjoy a smoke it’s impossible to tell who’s answering the question when other members of the band chip in due to traffic and background noise, but the majority of the responses were from vocalist David Kelling, so in the inauspicious surroundings of the alley at the back of The Deaf Institute I find myself interviewing Culture Abuse

Thanks for taking time out to talk to The Punk Site, how’s the tour going so far?

we’ve been gone for almost three months now, it’s been good, it’s been rough, it’s been fun, there have been ups and downs you know, but it’s been good

You’ve been on the road for a while now, where have you been before you hit the UK?

We went to Hawaii and started with a couple of shows there then we flew to New York and did an East Coast tour then it was over the UK to play Hyde Park with Green Day, then we headed over to Italy and stayed there for a couple of weeks and played music before we went to Amsterdam and stayed there for three weeks. Now we’re back here after doing a few festivals such as Lowlands and Pukkelpop, finally it’s this tour with Tigers Jaw and it ends at Reading and Leeds, then we’re going to chill for a few days before heading back home

How do you feel about playing the Reading and Leeds Festivals?

We’re on about 5.30 and … (at this point we’re politely ushered away from the venue by security as Culture Abuse’s smoke cloud was creeping into the venue)

I can take that out if you want

No man, leave it in, fuck it

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 2 Aug 17Right now we’ve moved away from the venue, where are you all from and how did Culture Abuse come together?

We’re a west coast band, California from Bay Area, we’ve all been in other bands in the Bay Area music scene. We’re all kinda like the underdogs and outcasts so we all just grouped together and started this band

How long has it been since Culture Abuse got together?

it’s been going three or four years, when we first started the drummer that we had didn’t want to tour and I just wanted to play music, so I didn’t care, I mean like of course I want to be touring, this is what I want to be doing, but for the first couple of years we could barely even play outside of the Bay Area as our drummer just didn’t want to, and then we basically just had to get a new drummer and start hitting the road

Peach came out last year, which for me was one of the best album’s of 2016

Yeah, we were told we had to make that record, we didn’t even have a drummer at the time, so we got our friend in to do it, practiced four times and went into the studio to do it

I think that really comes across as Peach has a real live feel, what were the influences on the writing of the album?

Ramones, The Clash big time, Weezer, The Beatles, I mean we wanted to make a record that you could just put on regardless of the mood you were in, if you were like really happy or if you were fucking pissed, or if you were anything, we just wanted to make one of those records that you could you just put on in any situation

And now you’ve signed to Epitaph, which is a big deal

Yeah, Brett face timed me today just to talk about mixes of some songs we’re doing, it’s just crazy that the people we get to collaborate with and the people that are around us now are all so talented and insane in their own way, it’s so cool to think about where the future’s going to go. The person that we have to talk to about mixes, even when it’s oh fuck I’ve got to make a phone call, is Brett from Epitaph and Bad Religion, who also owns the fucking label, and he’s helped write, produce and engineer some of my all time favourite records, so yeah Epitaph, yeah it’s cool

Is there a new album or EP in the future?Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 3 Aug 17

We’re going into the studio at the end of September, we get back from this and we’re home for like ten days, then we fly to Riot Fest to play on the Jawbreaker day, we’re home for a little bit and then we go to LA and we start making the new record

Will you be coming back to the UK to play to tour or play any other festivals?

Yeah, We’ll be coming back to play Glastonbury for sure, if it doesn’t happen next year it’ll be happening the year after, maybe Rebellion next year then Glastonbury and then we’d like to come back and do Leeds and Reading again on the mainstage, then maybe Wimbledon and Wembley, yeah we’re playing Winbledon (chorus of laughter from the band)

Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Punk Site

Yeah, punk rock forever

Culture AbuseYou can read the live review of Culture Abuse at The Deaf Institute here

The Punk Site‘s review of Peach can be read here

Culture Abuse‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Live photography from The Deaf Institute by Dean Unsworth

Dean’s Instagram account is located here

Gruntruck To Release Lost Album On October 13th

Gruntruck lost lpSeattle grunge legends Gruntruck have announced the release of their lost third album, as well as debuting a live video for the lead single, Bar Fly. Due to legal issues with their label and the death of their lead singer Gruntruck only ever released two albums, a third album was recorded at the end of the nineties but it never saw the light of day, until this October 13 when it will be issued via Found Recordings.

You can pre-order Gruntruck‘s lost third album here

The video for Bar Fly can be viewed below Read More…

Sweet Little Machine To Release ‘Monsters’ EP

Sweet Little Machine MonstersMonsters is the new EP from Fireball’s Hottest Band 2017, Sweet Little Machine, that is due to be released on the 6th October. Monsters is an EP packed full of the kind of arena ready punk rock songs that were made for the big stage and the radio waves, and you can catch the band on tour throughout the UK with Reel Big Fish, Anti-FlagThe Skints and Mad Caddies next month on the Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour.
You can pre-order the Monsters EP here
You can view the Fireball – Fuelling The Fire UK Tour dates below

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Decent Criminal To Release ‘Bloom’ LP Via Dodgeball Records

Decent Criminal BloomCalifornia’s Decent Criminal have signed with Dodgeball Records, the newly founded label started by Showoff frontman Chris Messer, his wife Dani and Mike Felumlee of the Smoking Popes. The band are set to release Bloom, the band’s debut for Dodgeball Records that will be released on October 13th, with pre-orders, including vinyl, launching on September 29th.

You can stream Deviant, the first track to be released from Bloom, here

Dodgeball Records website can be found here

At The Drive In Announce 2018 UK Tour

At The Drive In 2018 Uk TourAt The Drive In have announced their first UK headline tour following the release of their critically acclaimed comeback album, in • ter a • li •a, earlier this year. Support will come from noise-rock duo, Death From Above and Le Butcherettes, the Mexican garage band who will also join At The Drive In for shows in Australia.
in • ter a • li •a is out now on Rise Records here and is also available via Spotify and iTunes
You can view At The Drive In‘s tour dates below

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Showoff MSS


Midwest Side Story

Dodgeball Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Before we get into Midwest Side Story we need to have a brief recap on the rise and fall of Showoff, in the late 1990s they self released their first album and EP, this led to the band signing to Madonna‘s Maverick Records and the release of their sophomore album, but changes within the label’s structure and subsequent tension within the band resulted in their dissolution, leaving a third album recorded but unreleased. In the mid 2000’s a brief reformation saw the release of their fourth album before the band once more dissolved, but now Showoff are back with their fifth studio album, the fourth to see the light of day, and this time they’re doing it on their own terms as Midwest Side Story is released on Dodgeball Records, a label owned and founded by front man Chris Messer, along with his wife Dani and Mike Felumlee of the Smoking Popes.

From the first chords of the opening track, Popular Kid, it’s clear that Showoff are back to doing what they do best, this is anthemic pop punk that packs all the hooks and catchy choruses that the best of the genre delivers. Midwest Side Story also carries those harmony vocals and the almost obligatory acoustic led tracks that were pop punk trademarks, but there are moments that break away from the pop punk style that dominates the album, in particular the frantic Falling Apart brings a brief punkier blast to Midwest Side Story. Showoff have delivered a consistent and well crafted album that should be lapped up by fans of pop punk luminaries such as Bowling For Soup, Weezer, Blink-182 and of course Showoff‘s original fans.

I’ll admit that I’ve been critical of a lot of recent pop punk releases for recreating a sound that predates many of those band’s members births, but I can’t exactly level that criticism at a band that were present at pop punk’s year zero. Midwest Side Story is a damn fine pop punk album, there’s nothing on the album that will come as a surprise, but there’s nothing to disappoint as this is a well crafted thirteen track album that carries all the finest elements of pop punk, every woah, guitar hook, lovelorn lyric and harmony vocal is everything you’d hope for, and if you’re a fan of pop punk’s glory days then Midwest Side Story is the album you’ve been waiting for.

Midwest Side Story will be released on the 22nd September and the album can be pre-ordered here

The Sandells Release ‘Forwards!’ Album

Sandells Forwards!The Sandells were formed in Manchester in 2006 by Tim Lyons, a mainstay of the Manchester scene in The Things, Harvey’s Rabbit and Red Turns To, the band have comprised a number of musicians over the years before settling on the current line up featuring Brian Benson on drums and Johann Kloos on guitar. It is this line up that has evolved to take up the challenge posed by a near vacuum that was once the Manchester music scene. Three guys who are old enough to remember those days… but with the will to create something new and different, in their own way.

Forwards! can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here

Buffalo Go Cave In

Buffalo Go!

Cave In

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Up and coming UK pop punkers Buffalo Go! released their new EP, Cave In, earlier this month, their latest release follows on from their debut single Fifty/Fifty that was released back in 2015 and the style of their debut single is carried through to their latest EP, but everything feels more focused and refined than on their initial release. The end product is an EP that is another example of a band that is moving away from the pop punk template and bringing something fresh to a genre that was in danger of becoming stale and predictable.

Lead single Caught Up launches the Cave In EP with a bruising delivery, that was whilst pop punk at it’s heart has a lot more muscle than bands from the genre usually possess, Mantis confirms that the opening number was not a one off, as this is another intense dose of pop punk. Light Patrol sees the intensity upped with an almost crossover feel to the delivery, but the best is saved almost for last in the form of the impressive track Fight Milk that combines everything the EP has thrown at us in three near perfect minutes, finally Just Call Me Circuit Breaker brings the Cave In EP full circle with another muscular dose of pop punk.

The Cave In EP is an emotional heavyweight that is a unique EP in pop punk terms, the song structures are unmistakably born of the genre’s heyday, but the way they are delivered is a distinct shift away from the more predictable styles that many adopt. The EP contains heavyweight drum beats and crunching guitar riffs that are combined with melodic vocals to deliver an EP that is an original and welcome addition to the ongoing renaissance that pop punk seems to be enjoying this year.

The Cave In EP can be streamed and purchased, on CD and digital formats, here

Orchards Release ‘The Grey’ Video

Orchards Promo Sept 17Orchards have released the official music video for the track, The Grey, that will appear on the band’s debut EP, Idle, that is due out on December 8th 2017. Idle follows on from Orchards debut single, Vile Me, that was released last year and is available as a pay what you feel download via Bandcamp.

You can download Vile Me via Bandcamp here

The video for The Grey can be viewed below Read More…

Cherry Release ‘Forever Overhead’ Video

Cherry DumbnessCherry have released their new song, Forever Overhead, that is taken from the band’s debut album Dumbness, that is set to be released on September 29th via Lame-O Records. The Philadelphia indie rock project features members of Kite Party and Three Man Cannon, as well Lame-O Records owner Eric Osman on drums. 

Pre-orders for Dumbness are now available physically here and digitally here 

You can view the video for Forever Overhead, and Cherry‘s US tour dates, below Read More…

She Makes War Announce December UK Tour

She Makes War Dec 17 TourShe Makes War have announced three very special shows in December, that will be the only UK headline gigs of 2017. These will be intimate affairs with a solo performance plus a full band set that will be previewing songs from She Makes War‘s forthcoming album that is due out next spring. A signed ltd edition art print of the tour poster, that features artwork by Phie Hackett, is now available for pre-order here

She Makes War‘s website is here and her Bandcamp is here

You can view She Makes War‘s UK tour dates below. Read More…

Sciatic Nerve Release First Single From Self Titled Debut LP

Flight13_LP_coverBay Area punks, Sciatic Nerve have shared their first self titled video and single, that is taken from the bands self titled debut album. Sciatic Nerve features members of Swingin’ Utters, Nothington, Western Addiction and Cobra Skulls, their debut album is set for release on the 13th October and is packed full of minute long bursts of dangerous rock n’ roll that come heavy, fast, high in energy and low on bullshit, the music is hard, but also melodic, creative, and fun.

Sciatic Nerve is available for pre-order in Europe via Gunner Records here

You can view the video for Sciatic Nerve below Read More…

Role Models Release ‘Dance Moves’ LP

Role Models DMAnother year has passed and the Role Models have released their third album in three years, Dance Moves was originally launched via a Pledge Music campaign that hit it’s goal in less than four hours. Dance Moves takes you through a binge weekend with someone who has a lot to forget, or remember, the highs and lows, the exhilaration and the stinging guilt. The remembrance of loved ones past and the realization of friendships present, wanting to be lost and still yearning to be found, getting lost and being found. Dance Moves follows on from 2016’s critically acclaimed Forest Lawn album and is now available via Glunk Records

Dance Moves is available on CD via Glunk Records here and digitally via Bandcamp here

False Advertising Release New Single And Announce UK Tour

False Advertising IWBSMH Tour 17Manchester based DIY trio False Advertising have released their new single, Hey You, which is now available via digital retailers. The band are set to release their forthcoming EP I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring on limited edition cassette, that will be available exclusively on the band’s forthcoming UK tour that runs over 19 headline dates across September and October, before going on general release on October 27th. 

I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring can be pre-ordered here

You can view False Advertising‘s UK tour dates below Read More…

Zebedy STP


Set The Pace

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




North Wales based angular alt rock quartet Zebedy have self released their new EP, Set The Pace, today, the 15th September 2017. Zebedy‘s roots go back almost a decade when an embryonic version of the band first emerged as a live jamming trio, over the years they have steadily refined their sound and incorporated new members and influences, all the while building their fanbase with a commitment to live shows. Their latest four track EP follows on from their sophomore album, 2013’s Marionette, and showcases their latest material that has shifted into a more slightly more aggressive style away from their straight up rock roots. 

The tile track possesses the energy and attack of Rage Against The Machine, but it is blended with a slicker rock approach that incorporates technical elements that are transplanted from the metal and rock influences. After the impressive blast of the opening track we get Of Revelations, this heads off into a more straightforward metal direction before the brief instrumental, In, bridges the gap to the EP’s closing number, Bloom, that blends the rage of the opening track with every other element in the band DNA, and as a result it veers wildly across the alt rock spectrum.

Zebedy incorporate the rage of metalcore and distil this with melodic influences from the parallel world’s of rock and metal, but they largely, but not completely, avoid the self indulgent excesses of those genres to keep the energy flowing throughout the Set The Pace EP. The title track is easily the outstanding track from this release, it set the bar high for the rest of the EP so it’s not really a surprise that the tracks that followed don’t quite hit the same heights, having said that if your tastes lie more toward rock than alt rock you won’t be disappointed by Set The Pace.

Set The Pace is now available via digital platforms including Zebedy‘s Bandcamp which can be found here

Fuzzbox Launch New Pledge Campaign

Fuzzbox WGAFFuzzbox have launched a Pledge Music campaign for their latest single, WGAF…. AWGUI!, that translates as We’ve Got A Fuzzbox… And We’re Gonna Use It!, the original rallying cry when Fuzzbox started out in the 80’s. WGAF…. AWGUI! is a fuzzy nostalgia trip back to the 80s and to underline this the band are reuniting with Andy Richards, who produced their hit album Big Bang. As usual with any Pledge Music campaign there are unique opportunities, including the chance to appear in the video or have Fuzzbox perform at your house, as well as WGAF…. AWGUI! being available on CD, download and vinyl.

You can pledge to WGAF…. AWGUI! here