Belako RMNTV


Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence

El Segell Del Primavera, Belako Records, PIAS

Rating: 3/5




Basque post punk outfit Belako are set to release their brand new album, Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence, on the 23rd February through Primavera Sound‘s in-house label El Segell, like all band’s that are influenced by the unpredictable post punk genre the album features a head twisting mix of influences, including elements of punk, techno, indie, folk and electro that is all delivered alongside a good measure of rock ‘n roll attitude.

Maskenfreiheit opens Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence with a syncoptated beat driven number before Lungs kicks in and takes the album into a dark new wave style, this in turn is replaced by the fuzzy stark Two Faced Simulation. The album continues to spread it wings with Over The Edge, that carries the feel of Joy Division in it’s DNA, and Nice Church that channels dance influences, the album’s centrepiece is the two part track Stumble, with each part possessing a very different character. Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence continues to veer between styles, ranging from dark post punk pop, brief instrumental intermissions and stark dance influenced elements, these sit alongside perfect post punk numbers such as Something To Adore (Arinau) and experimental explorations before the album comes full circle with a reprise of of Maskenfreiheit.

Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence is an album that ties an unprecedented number of influences together through a dark post punk sensibility, the album contains such a diverse range of influences and moments that, like many post punk albums, has moments that are challenging and introduce you to new influences and styles away from the safety of your comfort zone. Amongst the experimental elements that populate the album there are classic moments such as Lungs, Over The Edge and Something To Adore (Arinau) that are classic alternative anthems that will be resident on my playlist, but albums like this are meant to played as a whole and with Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence Belako have released a challenging and diverse album that doesn’t play by the rules.

Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence can be pre-ordered via El Segell Del Primavera here

Dirt Box Disco Confirmed For Great British Alternative Music Fest

Dirt Box Disco Great British Alternative Music Festival 2018Dirt Box Disco have been confirmed to appear at the 2018 Great British Alternative Music Festival along with Bad Manners, The Blockheads, The Boomtown Rats, The Members, New Model Army, Rezillos, Sham 69 and UK Subs with many more acts still to be announced. The Great British Alternative Music Festival takes place in Skegness, UK between the 5th and 8th October 2018 in heated indoor venues with onsite accommodation.

Dirt Box Disco‘s website can be found here

Tickets for the Great British Alternative Music Festival can be ordered here

Abraskadabra Release ‘Welcome’ Album

Abraskadabra WelcomeAbraskadabra are a ska punk band from Brazil, the ensemble’s new record Welcome has been released today, February 20th 2018, and delivers their own vision of the ska punk essence. Written as a whole band, they searched for a raw punchy sound while exploring the full capacity of melody, instead of recording in a traditional studio environment the group crammed themselves into an old house and captured everyone’s feelings and motivations in the moment. 

The Punk Site review of Welcome can be read here

Welcome can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here

Barely Civil To Release ‘We Can Live Here Forever’ Album

Barely Civil WCLHFBarely Civil has joined the Take This To Heart Records family and will be releasing their debut LP, We Can Live Here Forever, on cassette, CD and digital formats on March 2nd. Combining the spectral clarity of emo with the homespun storytelling of indie-rock, this first offering from these college undergraduates is a lesson in growth.

We Can Live Here Forever can be pre-ordered on all formats here

Barely Civil‘s US tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

‘Attention! A Wiretap Charity Compilation’ Now Available

Attention Feb 18Throughout the course of the term for the current US administration Wiretap Records continue to release ATTENTION! compilations quarterly, and the label will be donating 100% of the proceeds from these compilations to the American Civil Liberties Union. The latest ATTENTION! compilation, A Wiretap Charity Compilation, contains thirty three tracks donated by Asian Man Records, A-F Records, Deep Elm Records, Big Scary Monsters, Hidden Home Records, Take This To Heart Records, Open Door Records, La Escalera Records, Disconnect Disconenct, KROD Records, Death Protector and more.

You can purchase the latest ATTENTION! compilation as a pay what you want download here

Rough Hands Reveal ‘Europlasticity’ Video

Rough Hands MTEuroplasticity is the first single from Rough HandsMoral Terror EP that is due out on Friday 13th April. Europlasticity it is as unforgiving as it is unwelcoming with its sheer abrasive power, the song is a crushing onslaught of sonic power that pulls in comparisons to acts like Code Orange, Neurosis, Deftones and Type O Negative. Created by Kris Lock, the video for Neuroplasticity isn’t an easy watch, it’s uncomfortable and it’s weird, but ultimately it’s brilliant.
You can pre-order the Moral Terror EP via Venn Records here
You can view the video for Europlasticity below

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KidBrother And The Young Hearts Announce March UK Tour

KidBrother Young HeartsUK emo rockers KidBrother are set to head out on a short co-headline tour with The Young Hearts next month, the tour follows KidBrother‘s single, Moon, which was released last year via SaySomething Records. KidBrother have a sound that sits somewhere between Citizen, Pinegrove and Balance & Composure and they have set their sights set on another successful year.

Kid Brother‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can view the video for Moon, and the KidBrother‘s co-headline tour dates, below Read More…

Abraskadabra Welcome



Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Abraskadabra are a seven piece ska punk band from Brazil, the ensemble’s new record Welcome is released today, February 20th 2018, and it delivers their own vision of the essence of ska punk. The album was written as a whole band, they searched for a raw punchy sound while exploring the full capacity of melody, instead of recording in a traditional studio environment, the group crammed themselves into an old house and captured everyone’s feelings and motivations in the moment. It isn’t just the fifteen years on the road that settle the power and unity of Abraskadabra, but also the energy and passion they put into the music they create.

Abraskadabra have toured all around Brazil and the US, sharing the stage with legends like Bad Religion, Rise Against, Goldfinger and Less Than Jake, whose drummer has publicly endorsed the band, and from the opening track, Nothing New, you can see exactly why, this is vintage ska punk that pays it dues to the bands they toured with and who influenced them. Welcome contains elements of pop punk, punk, ska punk and ska in varying ratios and, with the sole exception of the closing reggae number Empty Room, this album doesn’t deviate from the well established ska punk template laid down over the years, but crucially this doesn’t feel second hand, it feels as fresh and lively as Less Thank Jake‘s Borders And Boundaries or Goldfinger’s Stomping Ground did almost two decades ago.

If you’ve been paying attention it should come as no surprise that Welcome is an album that is just waiting to be discovered by fans of the likes of Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish, there is nothing on Welcome that is groundbreaking or that  brings anything new to the genre, but when it’s done this well does it really matter? Welcome is a blast from the past that reminds you exactly why you fell in love with ska punk in the first place, it’s an album that recaptures the energy and spirit of the original scene, and from my perspective that isn’t a bad thing.

Abraskadabra‘s Bandcamp can be found here and their website is here

New Model Army Confirmed For Alternative Music Festival

GBAMW 18New Model Army have been confirmed to appear at the 2018 Great British Alternative Music Festival along with Bad Manners, The Blockheads, The Boomtown Rats, The Members, Rezillos, Sham 69 and UK Subs with many more acts still to be announced. The Great British Alternative Music Festival takes place in Skegness, UK between the 5th and 8th October 2018 in heated indoor venues with onsite accommodation.

New Model Army‘s website can be found here

Tickets for the festival can be ordered here

Nerve Clinic Release Self Titled EP Via Hidden Home Records

Nerve Clinic STNerve Clinic, the solo project of Chase Griffis, has teamed up with Hidden Home Records to release his self-titled EP that contains four hard hitting rock ‘n’ roll pop punk songs that are as catchy and poppy as they are introspective and honest. Though Nerve Clinic may be a new name on your radar, Chase Griffis, the man behind it, may not be. A key member of acts such as Heartless Breakers and Reviver, Griffis has been involved in the Salt Lake City music scene and the DIY touring circuit for many years. Despite any unfamiliarity with the name, Nerve Clinic has been a project since 2012 and has been showcasing Griffis’ no-bullshit approach to songwriting since its inception.

You can download Nerve Clinic here and purchase the EP via Hidden Home Records here

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? Release Free ‘Flat Earth Theory’ EP

Who Killed Nancy Johnson FETPunk and post-punk band Who Killed Nancy Johnson? released their new EP, Flat Earth Theory, on the 16th February 2018 and their latest release is now available worldwide via all download and streaming sites, and for a limited period the Flat Earth Theory EP is available as a FREE download via the Who Killed Nancy Johnson? Bandcamp. The four tracks on the EP are Strip, Alien, Mouth And Trousers, plus the EP’s lead single Dark Horse
The Punk Site review of the Flat Earth Theory EP can be read here
The Flat Earth Theory EP can be streamed and downloaded for FREE via Bandcamp here
Pearl Harts GAS.jpg

The Pearl Harts

Glitter And Spit

Double Bang Records

Rating: 3.5/5



With less than a handful of releases under their belt The Pearl Harts have already made a name for themselves with their wild attitude, DIY spirit and incredible live shows, the band’s raw energy and intense delivery has won them fans across the UK and Europe. Now with the help of funding from the Help Musicians Emerging Artists Fund and a highly successful Pledge Music campaign the band are set to release their first full-length release, Glitter and Spit, via their own Double Bang Records imprint on the 23rd February 2018.
The opening track, Black Blood, hits you with a menacing dirty guitar riff that’s accompanied by vocals that convey a distinct attitude problem, Go Hard follows it up with a piledriving dark and dirty hit, this style dominates the album and marks Glitter And Spit out as an album that at it’s core carries the weight of the seventies proto metal bands that’s delivered with a punk attitude. There are exceptions to the rule, Lost In Time and Hurt offer some respite from pummelling guitar riffs, and my personal highlight from Glitter And Spit, Hit The Bottle, ups the ante and brings a punkier fuzzed up element to the album whilst Living’s Done harks back to the dawn of the grunge scene.
You can hear a variety of influences across Glitter And Spit, the likes of The Distillers, Black Sabbath, L7 and The White Stripes sit at the core of The Pearl Harts debut album, and with Glitter And Spit they’ve certainly created a memorable debut that acts as a serious statement of intent. The almost constantly present heavyweight guitar riffs are served up via a wide range of styles and influences, this combination along with the raw dual female vocals has created a unique and innovative barrage of sound that marks The Pearl Harts out as one to watch in 2018.
Glitter And Spit can be pre-ordered on CD, vinyl and digital formats here
The Pearl Harts website can be found here

Michale Graves Confirms European Tour Dates

Michale Graves Euro Tour 18Michale Graves is headed back out on the road with his band on The Beginning Of The End Tour. The set will include his most well known work from his days with The Misfits, Graves and Gotham Road as well as songs from his solo career. He has now confirmed the dates for the second leg of his European dates that sees Michale return to the continent after his first solo UK tour. 

Michale Graves official website can be found here

You can view Michale Graves European tour dates below

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Crimewolf ST



Head Of Chrom Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Crimewolf formed in 2015 in the Derby area of the UK, the post punk outfit defy classification but their chaotic sonic assault is one that will appeal to fans off The Fall, Minutemen, Wire, Gang Of Four, Fugazi, Pere Ubu and Shellac. Their self titled debut album is now available via Head Of Chrom Records, but only as a twelve inch black vinyl album, and as it’s one that is limited to only 300 copies you’ll need to be quick to get yourself a copy.

Crimewolf kick off their debut album with Wall, a track that features a strident off kilter post punk backing underscored by a vocal delivery that is borne of dissatisfaction with the current status quo, this is followed up by Dogs, a three minute blast of discordant noise rock that brings the closest thing you’ll get to a single from the album. From here Crimewolf explore their own dissonant sound with no thought given to commercial viability, this is the album Crimewolf wanted to make with no concessions or compromises made. This is chaotic, angular, abrasive and at times downright self indulgent, but there are few bands making anything even close to the post punk soundclash that populates this idiosyncratic self titled debut.

Like many of the post punk bands from the 1970’s this is not an easy listen, and like the early releases by the likes of The Fall, Basement 5 or Public Image Ltd this is an abrasive and challenging album, and it’s one that recaptures the essence of the original post punk attitude. With their self titled debut Crimewolf have released an album that stands alone from the releases I’ve encountered in recent years, and it’s one that mark’s a welcome return to the roots of the genre.

Crimewolf‘s self titled debut album can be streamed and purchased here

Crimewolf‘s Facebook page can be found here

The Blue Carpet Band To Release ‘Rock N Roll Carpet: Relaid’ LP

Blue Carptet band RARCR PromoThe Blue Carpet Band are a North London based powerhouse five-piece garage band that play dirty rock ‘n roll. They take their lead from classic blues-rock proponents such as The Yardbirds and early Rolling Stones and mix it up with New York punk and late 60’s proto punk, think big riffs, 12-bar boogie and unstoppable energy.  Now The Blue Carpet Band are set to unleash the re-mastered and expanded album, Rock And Roll Carpet: Relaid, with pre-orders now available.
Rock and Roll Carpet: Relaid can pre-ordered via Amazon Music here and iTunes here
The Blue Carpet Band‘s tour dates can be viewed below

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Johny Skullknuckles Releases A Free Manchester Love Song

Johnny Skullknuckles PGFAWJohny Skullknuckles of The Kopek Millionaires released a free song earlier this week especially for Valentines Day. This version of the song will not appear on any other release and is free because Johny Skullnuckles loves you, the song is only available as FREE download for a limited period so if you want to catch this you’ll need to be quick. Punk Girl From Another World (A Manchester Love Song) was written and recorded during 2017 about a crush from on Janet ‘the punkette’ who was the Punk Girl From Another World .

Punk Girl From Another World (A Manchester Love Song) is available for FREE here

Screaming Females Release ‘All At Once’ Album Next Week

Screaming Females AAONew Jersey DIY-punk luminaries Screaming Females are set to release their blistering seventh studio album All At Once, on February 23rd 2018 via Don Giovanni Records. The band will also be on tour in Europe in May, a tour which marks their first return to the continent since 2015. All At Once can be pre-ordered via Don Giovanni Records here

The Punk Site review of All At Once can be read here

Screaming Females Euopean tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Screaming Females AAO

Screaming Females

All At Once

Don Giovanni Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Throughout their lifetime as a band the Screaming Females have always moved against the prevailing winds, now with six albums under their belt and more than a decade of touring, they have always remained deeply individual and stuck to their DIY roots. Each new album from the Screaming Females has been a reaction to the last, a chance for the band to challenge and reinvent itself and its audience by switching course and subverting expectations. All At Once, Screaming Females seventh full length, will be released via Don Giovanni Records on the 23rd February 2018 on CD and double vinyl, and a limited edition triple vinyl, LP that captures the band at its most ambitious and expansive.

From the extended build up of Glass Houses that signifies the start of All At Once you can’t help but feel that Screaming Females have brought us something very special with this extended opus, Black Moon confirms this with a pounding anthem that kicks things off in earnest. I’ll Make You Sorry keeps the momentum going with a driven break up song, Dirt brings the pace down and eases a more sinister element into the album and Screaming Females continues to pick up and discard influences and styles almost at will, from the alt rock of Agnes Martin, to the stark indie of Deeply and onto the angular post punk rhythms of Soft Domination and End Of My Bloodline.

All At Once is marked by the album’s centrepiece, Chamber For Sleep parts one and two, a two part view of the afterlife that is linked via a sound collage of improvisational techniques the band have developed over ten years on the road, this may sound self indulgent but it doesn’t come across that way and the experimental part one blends perfectly into the strident and focused second chapter of the song. The final five tracks return to Screaming Females picking and discarding styles, from the psychedelic influences of Bird In Paradise, the straight up punk rock of Fantasy Lens, the alt rock influenced My Body, the gentle almost nursery rhyme like Drop By Drop and the guitar torturing finale of Step Outside.

Releasing a double album can often be a self indulgent exercise, many times you end up wishing that the band had cut away the chaff and released a single volume instead, but that is certainyl not the case with Screaming Females latest release, All At Once is an expansive album that cuts a broad swathe across alternative culture and that seems to adopt and discard influences at will. At times this is part Patti Smith and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, at others it embraces punk and post punk, and there is an ever present feel of the less commercial side of grunge and alt rock, all of this combines to create an expansive, challenging, experimental and near perfect album that would appear to be either their White Album or Black Album, depending on your perspective.

All At Once can be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl formats via Don Giovanni Records here

Screaming Females website can be found here

Josh Mover And The Shakers Release ‘Into A Ghost’ EP

Josh Mover IAGJosh Mover And The Shakers have released their debut EP, Into a Ghost, and it is now available for streaming and download via Bandcamp. Josh Mover has culled together some good friends and talented Toronto rock alumni to record Into A Ghost, including members of Dilly Dally, The Sulks, Formalists and The Nutrients. The band will also be playing a release show for the Into A Ghost EP at Toronto’s Monarch Tavern on the 23rd February

The Into A Ghost EP can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here

Josh Mover And The Shakers website can be found here

Dearist To Release ‘Sonder’ Album Via Spartan Records

Dearist SonderWolverhampton, UK alt-rock band Dearist have announced that they have signed to Seattle, US independent record label Spartan Records, and the band are now set to release their second album, Sonder, on the 27th April 2018 on vinyl and digital formats. Dearist have also released a stream of their new single, Drowning, ahead of the release of their sophomore album.

Sonder is now available for pre-order here

Drowning can be streamed here

Shibby Pictures Release Baseball Punx Documentary

Baseball PunxShibby Pictures have unveiled Baseball Punx, a short documentary that draws attention to the often overlooked intersection of baseball and punk rock music. In Baseball Punx, independent filmmaker Jak Kerley bring his unique style to a documentary format, what he uncovers is a world where underdogs and outcasts find lessons in baseball and punk rock that help them to make sense of the world around them. We hear how artistic struggle finds parallels in sport and how the highs and lows of baseball mirror the battles that musicians wage in their creative pursuit.

You can download and stream the soundtrack for Baseball Punx here

You can view the Baseball Punx documentary below Read More…

The Macc Lads Reunite For 2018 Rebellion Festival

Macc Lads Rebellion 18Guess who’s ‘going down Blackpool’ at last? The Macc Lads have reunited for the 2018 Rebellion Festival where the infamous lads from macc will be playing a full set of their classics. The band will join the likes of Buzzcocks, Chaos 8, Dirt Box Disco, The Exploited, Hands Off Gretel, Jaya The Cat, Lagwagon, Michael Monroe, Peter Hook & The Light, The Professionals, Public Image Ltd, The Queers, Ramonas, Ruts DC, Stiff Little Fingers, Svetlanas, UK Subs and The Vandals at Blackpool Winter Gardens between the 2nd and 5th August 2018.

The full line up for the 2018 Rebellion Festival can be viewed here and tickets can be purchased here

Who Killed Nancy Johnson FET

Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

Flat Earth Theory

Self Released

Rating: 4/5



Post punk rockers Who Killed Nancy Johnson? have released their new EP, Flat Earth Theory, today, the 16th February 2018, and the EP is now available worldwide on all download and streaming sites. The Flat Earth Theory EP follows on from last years Cops And Robbers EP, that marked their return from a lengthy hiatus with a new vocalist, and for me it’s a release that indicates that Who Killed Nancy Johnson? are a band whose time is coming, as for me the Flat Earth Theory EP marks their finest release to date.
Strip kicks off the Flat Earth Theory EP with an energetic guitar hook that encompasses a driving punk dynamic, but it’s also a track that also possesses a raw and ragged garage feel, this is followed up with the dark post punk of Alien that brings another element into play. Mouth And Trousers carries on with the post punk feel, with a track that practically spits venom at it’s target, until finally you get the EP’s lead single, Dark Horse, that for me is the EP’s finest moment, and I would say my favourite song by Who Killed Nancy Johnson? to date, that carries twisted spiky riffs that compliments the band’s dark punk energy
The Flat Earth Theory EP feels more like a true representation of what Who Killed Nancy Johnson? are about than it’s predecessor, the EP has a distinctly live feel to it that gives it a more immediate impact and draws you in and makes the Flat Earth Theory seem like a very appealing prospect, but like all good conspiracy theories you should never believe what you read and I’d recommend you investigate Flat Earth Theory and draw your own conclusions, the truth is out there.
The Flat Earth Theory EP can be streamed and purchased here
The Who Killed Nancy Johnson? official website can be found here

Calling All Astronauts Reveal ‘Metal Guru’ From Influences EP

Calling All Astronauts Influences 2West London based electro punk trio Calling All Astronauts have announced that they will be releasing the Influences EP via Supersonic Media, a quadruple A-side single that will contain four songs that have influenced their love of music. Every second Friday one of the A-sides will be premiered on YouTube and Spotify, with the EP being available to download from all sites on March 30th. Today sees the second track from the EP unleashed, a dark, stripped back, atmospheric version of T-Rex‘s Metal Guru.

You can stream Metal Guru via Spotify here

The video for Metal Guru can be viewed below Read More…

Sly Antics Reveal New Single ‘Sunday Fear’

Sly Antics SFSly Antics are a trio that make a noise that feels like being hit hard in the face with a box of stale cereal, they have been pioneering their dirty pop rock sound ever since releasing their debut EP, Captive City, along the way receiving a massive response from fans, national radio and press. Today, Friday 16th February, Sly Antics release their new single, Sunday Fear, on all streaming channels. Sunday Fear tells the story of beer fear and hangxiety via hard hitting rock ‘n roll riffs, along with sentimental catchy choruses and indie chants. An accompanying video for Sunday Fear is due to be released on Friday 2 March.

Sly Antics official website can be found here

Sunday Fear can now be streamed though Spotify here and all good digital retailers


Jeff Rosenstock Releases ‘Melba’ Video And Announces US Tour

Jeff Rosenstock POSTJeff Rosenstock certainly knows how to start 2018 the right way, he surprise released his brand new album POST- on New Year’s Day for free download on Bandcamp via Quote Unquote Records. He also announced his new label home, Polyvinyl Records, who will give POST- a physical release on vinyl, cassette and CD on March 23rd 2018.

You can pre-order POST- here

You can view the video for Melba, and Jeff Rosenstock‘s US tour dates, below Read More…

Jetty Bones Announce Vinyl Release And US Tour

Jetty Bones Vinyl Feb 18Take This To Heart Records have announced they are putting both of Jetty Bones EP’s together on vinyl, their first EP Crucial States set the tone and opened the doors to the addictive sound that is Jetty Bones, while Old Women perfected their infectious tunes. You will be able to catch Jetty Bones on the road in the US all next month with Knuckle Puck, Boston Manor, Free Throw and Hot Mulligan.

The vinyl release of Jetty Bones first two EP’s can be purchased here

Jetty Bones US tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Professor And The Madmen DM

Professor And The Madman

Disintegrate Me

Fullertone Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Southern California’s Professor And The Madman are ready for the curtain to rise on the group’s world debut. Inspired by Universal horror movies, the literature of Edgar Allan Poe, and the chaos of the world around them, the four veteran musicians who comprise Professor And The Madman are co-frontmen and songwriters Alfie Agnew (Adolescents, DI) and Sean Elliott (DI, Mind Over Four), who are joined by the legendary rhythm section of drummer Rat Scabies (The Damned, The Mutants) and bassist Paul Gray (The Damned, Eddie And The Hot Rods). The group’s new album, Disintegrate Me will be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats by FullerTone Records on February 23, 2018.

Paul Gray‘s unmistakable bass style marks the introduction to Nightmare, a track that contains all the vintage punk fury you could ask for, but from this point the album heads off into a distinctly different direction. Tracks such as Space Walrus, Demented Love Song, Electroconvulsive Therapy and The Mirror are more akin to The Beatles at the height of their psychedelic high than the band’s the followed a decade later. The psychedelic and post punk influence are complimented with the sprightly sixties influenced pop of Wishes, Useless and Faces, but it’s not all a trip back to the sixties, as Machines reminds you exactly where the band’s origins lie.

If you were expecting something that reflects the quartet’s punk pedigree you might be in for a shock, as much of the album is more akin to the likes of The Beatles, The Who and XTC with it’s light touches of pyschedelia, in fact the only recognisable element is from some of The Damned‘s more experimental moments, but don’t take this as a criticism as it isn’t one, this just isn’t the album you might be expecting. If you’re a fan of The Damned‘s more psychedelic offerings, Rat Scabies recent work with The Mutants or you just like your punk rock to be unpredictable, then this is an album worth investigating, I doubt all of it will be anyone’s tastes but I can guarantee you won’t leave empty handed.

Professor And The Madman‘s website can be found here

Vulpynes Release ‘Sublingual’ From Forthcoming EP

Vulpynes EPDon’t let looks deceive you, Vulpynes may only be a duo but with their fusion of low end riffs, melodic hooks, snarling vocals and visceral rhythms they make a lot of noise, their sound weaves together elements of punk and garage rock, that is all delivered with an infectious sound that is inimitably their own. Their recent signing with UK label Headcheck Records, and with plans to tour the UK, Germany and beyond, all suggest that this will be their busiest year yet, and the release of their debut self titled EP on March 1st looks set to kick start 2018 for Vulpynes.
The Vulpynes EP can be pre-ordered now via Headcheck Records here
The video for the track Sublingual can be viewed below Read More…

Forgotten Sons To Release New Single ‘Ragged Sails High’

Forgotten Sons RSHSince their birth in 2015, Forgotten Sons have been fine tuning an unmistakably heavy sound that is fuelled by gratifying punk melodies with the band citing influence from the likes of Alkaline Trio, The Gaslight Anthem, Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters. Secluded amidst the rough waters of the North Sea, almost five hundred miles North East of the Scottish border, the heavy riffs and hooky melodies of Shetland quartet ring out louder than nature’s elements around them. The band will release their new single, Ragged Sails High, on Friday 23rd March, via Animal Farm.

The Forgotten Sons website can be found here

Chicken Diamond To Release ‘Skeleton Coast’ Album

Chicken Diamond SCSkeleton Coast, end of the Namib Desert, last home of ship wrecks and their iron bones, that’s the name of the fifth Chicken Diamond LP, with this new record, the musical journey of the eastern one man band goes south, in arid and desolate territories. Even if he remains faithful to his blues roots, Chicken Diamond is always willing to explore different landscapes, taking Bowie’s Cracked Actor on a rocky road, but it’s mostly the influence of The Stooges that can be felt on this record that is due out on the 26th February.

Skeleton Coast can be pre-ordered via Chicken Diamond‘s website here

You can view the video for Outsider below Read More…